Montgomery County Department of Job & Family Services was experiencing a number of problems with the computers that were made available for the public to use. We have eight public labs in total, and these labs were only supposed to take up about 25% of our time in terms of maintenance and support. The reality was that we were spending about 75% of our time fixing workstation problems such as spyware, viruses, users deleting icons and files, etc. It was almost a full-time job for one of our staff members. We tried to use Windows Group Policies to lock the computers down, but it didn't work very well. We discovered Faronics Deep Freeze after speaking with a neighboring training center. Since deploying Deep Freeze, things have been great! We were able to reduce our trouble calls on these computers by 90%. Downtime has become virtually zero – the only time we need to deal with those computers now is if there is a hardware problem. This leaves us free to focus on our strategic projects and support the 450 employees that we have.
— Barbara Copas, CNA, IT Specialist Montgomery County Dept. Job & Family Services Montgomery County, OH