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Library Management System powered by Faronics
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Library Management System powered by Faronics

Computers in a public library or any community space are susceptible to multiple cyber threats and system issues. Community users may accidentally end up changing system’s registry or running malicious applications. Even if a single machine gets infected, other machines in the network can become victim instantly. Faronics’ solutions like Deep Freeze which are designed for Library Management Systems are built to protect such networked environments from these problems and other similar issues. With the patented Reboot to Restore technology, it makes your system indestructible. You get the ultimate protection as this public computer management software preserves your desired machine configuration and settings. Every time your computer restarts, Faronics’ Deep Freeze restores it back to the frozen configuration. Since inception, thousands of IT professionals are using this technology to manage millions of computers with minimal effort.

With library management tools from Faronics like Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Customization, you can now enable much more granular control and security than ever before. With features like Application Whitelisting, Application Control, Desktop Lockdown, Kiosk Mode, Browser Restrictions and so much more, you can make sure that your computers are performing only the necessary functions and also prevent unauthorized usage.

Library Management System
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Public and School Library Management System

Benefits of Faronics solutions for Public and School library management system

No more computers with slow performance or malware

A publicly available computer lab is prone to numerous malware breaches and system errors. A traditional antivirus is not enough to keep the machines up and running. People tend to get less cautious when the machines they are using are not personal. By empowering your library with Faronics‘ solutions like Anti-Executable, IT team can automate which programs should run or not run on their computers. Having application whitelisting feature in your library management system has proven to be one of the biggest life savers for public libraries. It enables them to set a catalog of safe programs and protect themselves from known and unknown viruses as well as other online threats. This automation also reduces the burden on IT manager or staff and they are free to work on strategic objectives rather than technical support tasks. With no more slow, virus-filled or machine downtime, the library staff feels better about

Complete Protection for Lab Computers

Complete Protection for Lab Computers

With Deep Freeze by Faronics, complete protection for IT computers in public libraries can be ensured. It guarantees 100% recovery upon reboot making your workstation configurations indestructible. Along with protecting partitions or hard drives, it also prevents any accidental system misconfigurations or workstation drifts. This library computer management software enables easy license compliance across all machines. It automatically removes any installed software, open source applications or harmful executables upon reboot. It comes with password protection and offers absolute security across workstations from any unauthorized changes with just a click of a button.

Library Computer Management Software
Library System Software for Security & Control

Public Access Kiosks with Security and Granular Control

Inbuilt enhanced security is a must for any library computer management software. Faronics Deep Freeze protects the Operating System and prevents rootkit injections in the Master Boot Record (MBR). Unauthorized admins cannot access or tinker with a computer running Deep Freeze as it uses a unique customization code for all the program components. Using command line control, preset multiple passwords for systems can be set with different activation and expiration dates as well. Access to mouse and keyboard can also be disabled when needed or during the thawed period to make persistent changes. This can also be done for touchscreen devices. You also have the ability to perform an immediate reboot from the products local interface window and also using Stealth Mode, you have the option to conceal the system tray icon of Deep Freeze.

Manage Browser Restrictions for Lab Computers

Manage Browser Restrictions for Lab Computers

Having total control to manage the browser is a must for and computer library software. With Faronics’ WINSelect, implementing browser restrictions becomes very easy. It allows you to create a secure lab environment for your library computers. You just need to create a small list or database of allowed or restricted websites and network locations and it will help in preventing data theft by ensuring that malicious websites are not allowed to be opened at all. For increasing security further, you can restrict browsers or disable browser features as per your requirements to control user actions.

Manage Browser Restrictions with Library Management System
Library System Software to Manage all Lab Computers Centrally

Manage all your lab computers centrally

If a digital library software has centralized console functionality, it can help save a lot of time. Therefore, Deep Freeze comes with a simple web-based console which can be used to centrally manage systems in Public Labs, Schools, and Campuses across the globe. One comprehensive dashboard is all it needs to monitor all your IT assets and to manage all your computers. Using this powerful console you can perform Windows updates, update popular/critical products, ensure license compliance, deploy custom packages of software, manage incident reports, receive alerts, and even create a public kiosk machine within minutes. All the features you need to protect your computers are available within a single web-based interface which has resulted in reducing IT Support Tickets by 63% for many public community libraries.

Enhance Learning with Non-Restrictive Computer Protection

Enhance Learning with Non-Restrictive Computer Protection

Benefits of non-restrictive technology in a school library management system far outweigh the cons. It is an enabler rather than an obstacle and ensures that students have complete freedom which results in enhanced learning. While experimenting with technology without obstacles, students can focus on learning. Educators can eliminate system with a simple reboot without calling for IT support all the time and focus on teaching with unrestricted access to educational tools. Thus, comes improved performance due to optimum utilization of system resources. Deep Freeze ensures that cons are brought down to zero. It eradicates any need for cleaning up hard drives as it freezes the most pristine configuration of the OS and installed programs. In case of any system error, this frozen state can be achieved by simply rebooting the machine, thus ensuring a consistent learning environment. This makes it possible for a multi-user environment with complete access and without complex restrictions while ensuring security. It saves time by eliminating restrictions management and the need to fix software problems, which in turn reduces Total Cost of Ownership.

Enhance Learning with Non-Restrictive Computer Protection
Library System Software for Customized Configuration

Customized Configuration Options for Training Computers

Unlike a public computer  library, at Schools, training sessions are almost routine. Customized configuration options are a life-saver when you set up Deep Freeze as a part of library management system for your organization. Using Configuration Admin, you can enable multiple passwords specification, have frozen drives to reverse data changes, ThawSpace creation for retaining user data, and workstation task for automatic maintenance scheduling. Other central management features include scheduling automatic wake-on-lan, shutdown or restart, and also automating Windows update installation. You can create multiple installers which can be customized with different configurations. With an option to schedule multiple Thawed periods to disable Deep Freeze on a periodic basis, IT teams maintaining library management system can perform Windows updates using third-party software or through the Microsoft website, or use an inhouse Windows Server Update Services if available. Alternately, they can also update other software by running custom batch files. Helping IT teams to perform all of this from a central location and schedule during non production hours avoids any disruption during regular hours.

Key Functions of Faronics’ solutions as a Library Management Software

Key Functions of Faronics’ solutions as a Library Management Software

  • Web-Based Console
  • Reboot to Restore
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Browser Lockdown
  • Printer Restrictions
  • Desktop Lockdown
  • Application Control
  • Schedule Windows Update
  • Power Management
Library Management System by Faronics
Library System Software

Salient Features of Faronics’ solutions empowering Library Management System

  • Patented Reboot to Restore Technology
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • 100% System Availability
  • No Dependency on On-Site IT Support
  • Automatic Software Updates via Cloud
  • Software Asset Management
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