Faronics PRO-Serve

Controlling your computing environment is getting harder. We can help.

From PC security to reducing energy consumption, Faronics offers the technology solutions to meet your business needs. Once you have invested in leading-edge technology for your organization, you need it to solve your business challenges quickly and demonstrate its value.

To help you get your Faronics software solutions up and running faster, we’ve assembled a team of experts, The Faronics PRO-Serve Team, to work closely with you to shorten the cycle between time of purchase and maximizing your ROI.


The PRO-Serve Approach


Faronics PRO-Serve provides organizations with the expert skills and knowledge they need to implement a painless and efficient enterprise-wide rollout.
Why do customers choose PRO-Serve? Using a proven formula, our team offers expert project management combined with excellent product knowledge to support and guide your IT Teams through the implementation process. Success also depends on proper configuration and sizing, along with optimal integration with your existing infrastructure, which we have learned through years of best practices.


Let our experienced Systems Engineers identify and document your project goals and milestones that work for you and your business, while discovering your unique infrastructure.
Working closely with your Project Leaders, our Systems Engineers design a deployment plan tailored to your unique environment and provide training for your internal teams.
Our Systems Engineers provide a single point of accountability for all of your technical support needs delivering priority support to ensure your issues are resolved quickly keeping your project on-time and delivering value sooner.
Measure twice, cut once. Our System Engineers implement a test deployment to ensure everything goes as planned. Once the test phase is complete we rollout enterprise-wide.


Organizations that use Faronics PRO-Serve experience faster project implementations that require fewer customer resources. They also enjoy a smoother rollout process with technology solutions configured for optimal integration with their existing infrastructure. PRO-Serve gives customers the confidence they need to implement Faronics software solutions correctly and easily. Our customers see noticeable business results sooner and benefit from our technology solutions right away.

To learn how Faronics PRO-Serve can help you to ensure a quick and successful rollout, email us at sales@faronics.com