The world of IT security is constantly shifting. Keeping up with the latest trends and practices is a vital defence strategy. To take a pulse of today’s IT realities and identify the most urgent risks, the Ponemon Institute has conducted a study on The State of IT Security. We’ve teamed up with the renowned Dr. Larry Ponemon to reveal emerging trends, threats, and obstacles to achieving better security.

With cyber threats on the rise, data breaches are affecting organizations of all sizes and industries. Attacks are on the rise and most organizations are being attacked multiple times. The impact of an attack extends beyond simply repairing the breach and the road to recovery is long dealing with reputation damage and distressed customers. It delivers a hefty blow to the bottom line.

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  • current security trends & strategies
  • biggest risks & common frustrations
  • realities and costs of today’s data breaches
  • long-term effects of reputation damage

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