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Faronics MDM Product Data & Privacy

COPYRIGHT © 1996 - 2024 Faronics Corporation.

Faronics Corporation (“Faronics”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and wants you to feel secure when visiting our website (the “Website”) and using our products. This Privacy Policy sets out our policies concerning the collection, use, and disclosure of personal identifiable information (“PII”) we receive from your use of the Website or the Products..

All personal information held or collected by Faronics is protected by either the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”) or the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act (the “PIPA”). “Personal information” means all information about an identifiable individual.

Faronics may update this Privacy Policy from time to time without notice to you, therefore it is your responsibility to periodically review this Policy for the most current version. If this Privacy Policy is updated, your continued use of this product or the Services and any subsequent submission of personal information by you will be deemed your conclusive acceptance of the most recent version of this Privacy Policy.

Why the software collects data

  • Faronics’ products enables our customers to monitor and control user computers and mobile devices, and as part of this process, our software collects and analyzes data regarding hardware and software configuration, and user activities. The data collected by the software is essential to its operation and its continued improvement. Simply put, Faronics software requires a fair degree of knowledge of the current and intended states of target systems to safely execute commands on them, and requires knowledge of user actions to effectively monitor what target systems are doing. This data is also used to help inform decisions regarding future improvements to the software, including how to improve user experience, what new features to develop, and what issues require correction. Faronics does not use system configuration or user data to create targeted advertisements. Faronics software also collects data regarding our customers, which is used to maintain our relationships with those customers. Customer data is not used to create targeted advertisements.

Who analyzes and stores the data

  • Faronics MDM and its services are deployed using a cloud model, where software is deployed on a cloud and maintained by Faronics staff. While the customer has control over the configuration and actions of the software, Faronics acts as the data processor on the customer’s behalf. Data is collected, processed, and stored using our servers, and is subject to Faronics data security and privacy policies. That said, customers have access to the processed data and much of the raw data, and can export some data types to their own system if they choose.

Who is responsible for getting consent

  • Although Faronics software is used to collect data, Faronics itself does not interact directly with the end users, who are the customers of Faronics’ customers. Rather, the software is managed by Faronics at the customer’s behest. It is therefore the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they have consent to collect data from the end users.

Faronics data retention policies

  • In addition to our regulated responsibilities, Faronics is committed to following best practices in privacy and data protection. Faronics retains a subset of the data it collects, and will retain your data for as long as necessary to provide our services to you. When the data is no longer required in order to deliver services, and after suitable notice to you, we will delete your data from our system. Generally, this is within 12 months to 2 years of you no longer using our services. This delay meant to provide you with ample time to safely remove the cloud clients from your environment, as the clients cannot be removed after we have erased your data. Note that you may request that Faronics remove your data sooner if you choose. For more details, please see our Terms of Service.

Faronics privacy policies

  • Faronics respects your privacy; we will not use your data to target you with advertisements. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

What data is collected

  • Faronics MDM products do not have the same data for all systems and users—what data we collect depends on which applications and services the customer has elected to use. In addition to identity, version, licensing, and configuration information of the Faronics products in use, our products have access to the following information according to each service:
  • Faronics MDM (iOS)

    Mobile Device Management (iOS) is an iOS app that enables the Cloud Console to communicate with, monitor, and control iOS devices. To perform its duties, the software requires the following data:
    • Information that helps to unambiguously identify the device, including its name, model, serial number, build version, and UDID.
    • OS version information to help determine what capabilities the device possesses.
    • Location data used to track the device’s whereabouts.
    • Information regarding device configuration, including whether the device is supervised, whether it has an active iTunes account, and which of the following features are enabled: voice roaming, data roaming, personal hotspot, device locator, do not disturb, activation lock, cloud backup, and passcode protection.
    • Information regarding installed apps, including name, version, ID, app size, and the size of any app data files.
    • Security information required to send the device push notifications, including its token, unlock token, and push magic.
    • Additional information including battery level, phone number, last backup date, Wi-Fi MAC address, IMEI number, available cellular technologies, current and home carrier networks, roaming status, hardware encryption capabilities, and device capacity.
  • Faronics MDM (Android)

    The Faronics MDM (Android) companion app serves as an extension to our mobile device management (MDM) solution, empowering administrators with a comprehensive tool for device management and security. To perform its duties, the software requires the following data:
    • Information that helps to unambiguously identify the device, device name, model, system name, system version, and Android ID, Device ID, Reg ID (a unique identifier assigned by Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications).
    • OS version information to help determine what capabilities the device possesses.
    • Location data is used to track the device’s whereabouts.
    • Information regarding device configuration, including which of the following features are enabled: Bluetooth enability, device locator, do not disturb.
    • Check Restrictions applied for Bluetooth enabled, Bluetooth configuration enabled, and hotspot enabled.
    • Additional information includes battery level, battery state, last rebooted, country code, device language, OS type, screen size, screen scale, and total uptime.
    • Information regarding things like carrier name, cellular technology, and IP address.
    • Hardware-related information like processor count, total memory, available memory, total disk space, free disk space, and used disk space.
    Below are the list of permissions used by this application:
    • The specific permissions MANAGE_CA_CERTIFICATES and MANAGE_DEVICE_POLICY_CERTIFICATES are required for the installation of certificates.
    • The specific permissions ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION and ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION are required to access the device's location even when the app is in background, for functionalities like geofencing or location tracking.
    • The specific permission RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED is required for initializing certain functionalities or services upon device boot-up.
    • The specific permission SET_WALLPAPER enables the app to set device wallpapers as set by the admin user from the Faronics web console.
    • The specific permission READ_PHONE_STATE is required for obtaining device information and identifying unique device identifiers.
    • The specific permission POST_NOTIFICATIONS enables the app to notify users about important events or updates.
    • The specific permission QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES enables the app to query information about all installed packages on the device, which is necessary for accessing the other apps for certain functionalities or features.
    • This app uses Device Admin permissions to lock devices and install certificates and keys on the device.
    • All other permissions are specifically used for the functionality of the app.

Accountability and Responsibility

Faronics is accountable for the protection of all personal information under our control. The responsibility of ensuring compliance with policies and practices set forth in this Privacy Policy has been assigned to a “Privacy Officer”. All questions, access to personal information, and complaints may be directed as follows:
Privacy Officer,
Faronics Corporation,
Suite 1400 - 609 Granville Street,
Vancouver B.C. V7Y 1G5 Canada
Tel: 604-637-3333
Fax: 604-637-8188

For more details please visit the privacy section on our website.

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