“Deep Freeze has really simplified our lives. Now, there are two choices for each malfunctioning workstation: it's a hardware problem, or we simply need to reboot. All workstations return to their initial trouble-free state upon a reboot.”

Jeff Morehart, Network Technician for Freedom First Credit Union

Efficient day-to-day Credit Union Operations

Freedom First’s IT team was searching for a solution that minimized the lost IT and employee productivity that occurred when PCs were compromised and required a rebuild. Deep Freeze fit their criterion to a tee - it helped resolve IT challenges and helped in compliance efforts as well.


Minimized Support Calls

The users quickly noticed that with Deep Freeze on their PCs, they were able to fix any IT challenges instantly by rebooting their machines. Since deploying Deep Freeze, the credit union has grown their arsenal of PCs while reducing troubleshooting time by 50%.

Reduced IT Cost

The credit union has extended the lifespan of their PCs, further reducing hardware costs. Before Deep Freeze, the PC refresh cycle was three years; now it is five years. Deep Freeze eliminated the need for hiring additional IT staff which helped the credit union further decrease their costs.

Increased Productivity

Deep Freeze has allowed the credit union to grow, be proactive, and have more time for strategic IT projects, instead of fighting fires. Deep Freeze has really simplifed their lives. Now, for each malfunctioning workstation, it’s either a hardware problem, or they simply need to reboot.

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