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Deep Freeze is Rated #1 by Customers

Deep Freeze is Rated #1 by Customers

Deep Freeze is the best way for transportation companies to reduce interruptions to their dispatch, warehousing and fleet management operations without the need for IT support.

Faronics Deep Freeze offers:

  • More up-time, reduced need for IT support and consistency of your operations.
  • Seamless vehicle routing and tracking activities when installed on  dispatchers’ computers.
  • Smooth back-end operations when deployed on warehouse computers
  • Resolution of computer issues as soon as they happen on computers used for fleet management and maintenance with a simple reboot.
  • Elimination of the need for IT support when installed on computers at  truck terminals.
  • Reduction in the cost of handling support tickets by an average of 63%.
Recommended for all computers

Recommended for all computers

Deep Freeze is designed to work on almost any existing computer system, so you’ll never need to upgrade your hardware. Whether you are using it on computers used by your dispatchers or those in your warehouse, Deep Freeze ensures you’re never at a loss due to a system crash, so you can focus on your core business of providing transportation services.

Designed to Work On:

  • Dispatch Computers
  • Office Computers
  • Warehouse Computers
  • Fleet Management Computers
  • Computers at Terminals
  • Thin Clients with Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft, etc.
  • And More!
Deep Freeze Technology Facts

Deep Freeze Technology Facts

Faronics Deep Freeze makes computer systems indestructible. It protects endpoints by Freezing the desired configuration set by the IT Admin and removing any unwanted changes or malicious software from the system with a simple reboot.

Our reboot to restore software ensures 100% computer system recovery with every restart, resulting in an average reduction in support tickets of 63%. Read the following facts and see how Deep Freeze keeps properties running without costly IT hangups.

Customized Configuration

  • Configuration Administrator makes setting up for your unique transportation management environment a simple matter.
  • Specify multiple passwords, select drives to be Frozen and create ThawSpaces to save data.
  • Create workstation tasks, schedule maintenance and set advanced networks.
  • Even create multiple customized installers with different configurations for different transportation management functions.

Easy Deployment

  • Deploy Deep Freeze system restore software as part of your imaging solution.
  • Or deploy it as a Silent Install natively, either as an .exe or as a .msi by using our Deep Freeze MSI Packager.
  • You can also use the Enterprise Console to deploy.

Central Management

  • Easily deploy, configure, and manage Deep Freeze across your transportation management environment with Enterprise Console or Core Console, included free of charge.
  • Use the built-in Command Line Interface to manage Deep Freeze from within the most popular desktop management systems (Microsoft SCCM, Dell KACE, Spiceworks, and Symantec Altiris.)
  • Check out our Integration Page for more information.

Enhanced Security, Compliance and Privacy

  • Complete protection for the master boot record (MBR) from rootkit injections and key loggers makes security and data bulletproof.
  • Customization Code ensures that unauthorized administrators are prevented from accessing or controlling a computer that runs Deep Freeze.
  • Administrators can assign up to 15 passwords or create One-Time passwords that will expire after a single use on the workstation.

Windows Updates

  • Automatically download Windows updates even when machines are Frozen.
  • Cached updates are applied as soon as the machines are Thawed, which means Windows Updates are much faster.
  • Forego setting maintenance window completion times and detect when updates are complete and automatically return the computer back to a Frozen state.

Retain Critical Application Data Across Reboots

  • Redirecting both user and application data to storage space on non-system or network drives.
  • Create virtual storage drives called ThawSpaces.

  • Data retained in a ThawSpace or a Thawed drive is not erased upon system reboot, even if the computer is in a Frozen state.
  • Or try using the complementary Faronics Data Igloo that allows you to redirect data for storage.

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