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  • Faronics Core is a remote management tool that allows you to centrally manage workstations without disrupting end-users
  • Using a single pane of glass, you can save countless hours by managing Faronics, Windows, and 3rd party software
  • Set it and forget it – by scheduling tasks, like installs and updates, to run long after you’ve gone home

Centralized Management of Faronics Products

Faronics Core is a multi-tool for IT professionals. It’s a simple remote management tool that makes it easy to centrally manage your endpoints. Equipped with enterprise-level deployment and management capabilities that can be customized for your organization, Faronics Core offers to save you time and money. And it’s hard to believe, but Faronics Core comes standard with all Faronics solutions – yes, that means free.

A Single Console

With a large number of workstations to administer, IT professionals appreciate the simplicity of managing multiple solutions in a single pane of glass using Faronics Core. All workstation information such as name, online status, operating system, and more is easily visible from the Core Console. For even easier management you can create custom workgroups to organize workstations in a way that makes sense to you. Faronics Core can host multiple product loadins at the same time to help you realize the value from your Faronics software investments faster.

Forget the Heavy Lifting

Reclaim your time and let Faronics Core do all the heavy lifting. Using Faronics Core you can perform software deployments with a few clicks of a mouse. Or you can or schedule them so they occur automatically after hours. Simply set it and forget it. You can also create customized policies to configure your Faronics products exactly how you want them. Your policies will be re-usable and will simplify the rapid configuration of new workstations. Faronics Core makes it easy to install and configure Faronics software but you aren’t limited to only that. You can also install third party products, update Windows and execute your own custom configuration scripts.

Install with Confidence

Faronics Core makes software even easier since you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own desk. And it’s really smart too. The Active Task feature ensures that all configuration changes are applied to a laptop, even if it’s not plugged into the network. Tasks will wait until the target workstation becomes available.

Knowledge is Power

Faronics Core offers invaluable insight and intelligence with its built-in reporting abilities. You can run detailed reports on a workstation, group of workstations or even globally across multiple Faronics Core Servers. Faronics reports are exportable and can be easily published to the web or modified in spreadsheets. And each Faronics product has a full range of canned reports designed to give you the big picture of your workstations.

Faronics Core consists of four components – Core Console, Core Server, Core Database and Core Agent. This tiered architecture allows for more flexible management and a more scalable system.

Multiple Consoles

Multiple Servers

Enterprise Scalability

Workstation Requirements

  • Disk Space: 35Mb (800Mb if Deep Freeze is installed)
  • Windows Operating System: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2003/2008

Important Features

  • Deploy .bat, .exe or .msi files remotely to one or many workstations simultaneously
  • Automate tasks with built-in scheduler
  • Deploy Windows Updates from WSUS or locally
  • Remote into a computer using RDC technology
  • Wake up/Shut down/Restart workstations remotely
  • View online/offline status
  • Powerful task processing engine completes IT actions efficiently
  • Create custom groups of workstations
  • Intuitively search workstations by attributes via Dynamic Filters 
  • Communicate directly with workstations
  • Manage your environment intelligently with robust reporting
  • Integrate with Active Directory and eDirectory
  • Full security measures with certificates, password protection, and encrypted communications
  • Configure network traffic frequency
  • Suppress workstation reboots to minimize end-user disruption

“Faronics Anti-Executable is a bulletproof solution when trying to prevent rogue software installs, malicious code, and other unsavory happenings. Unwanted programs are prevented at the start by simply preventing them from even running.

Installation is quick and easy, and when integrated with Faronics Core Console the management overhead is reduced even further. I would greatly recommend this product to anyone wanting to control their computer environment.”

Aaron Hurt,
Information Security Officer,
CoVantage Credit Union


“WINSelect has empowered our Instructional Technology teachers at each site with centralized control of the computer lab and classroom computer functions. Since WINSelect does not require the administrator to have a high level of technical knowledge, it has also reduced our technical support workload in the instructional environment. Due to the simplicity of WINSelect, our technology teachers can quickly and intuitively create a custom environment for their buildings through Faronics CoreConsole without any help.”

Matt Quick,
Network Engineer,
Newburgh Enlarged City School District