Reduce the cost of providing education to student while guaranteeing zero disruption

Empower your IT department with 100% guarantee of workstation recovery with every restart. reduce IT tickets by 63%

Stop worrying about your software updates: let our platform manage the install and update of third party products.

Control, Collaborate and Communicate with one platform that takes
Teacher Student learning ecosystem to the next level.

Allow Students to anonymously report bullying incidents on computers
managed with our platform.

Keep peace of mind knowing that computers are always complaint with software licensing and protocol. Gain control of your IT asset inventory.

Enable teachers to leverage BYOD environments to create a flexible yet rstrained learning ecosystem by
monitoring student’s
personal systems.

Faronics Anti-Virus privides comprehensive protection with a combination of
Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit and Firewall.

Differnt learning environments demand different IT setups. From managing application control to applying desktop lockdown can be implemented.

Recommended For All Computers
Deep Freeze is designed to work on almost any existing computer system, so you’ll never need to upgrade your hardware. Whether it’s a stationary library or lab computer, or a student’s laptop, or even a laptop on a laptop cart, Deep Freeze ensures that these can quickly restore computer from a system crash, so you can focus on your core activity of imparting education
Designed to Work On:
  • Lab Computers
  • Library Computers
  • Student Laptops
  • Laptops on Laptop Carts
  • Thin Clients with Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft, etc.
And more!
Recommended For All Computers
Perfect Score for the IT Team at GCSD
Perfect Score for the IT Team at GCSD

Operating 3,000 Windows workstations across two towns with only three team members is no easy feat. With having to support so many students, teachers, and administration, maintenance and update times were becoming common concerns for Aaron and his IT team. They also found it challenging to keep the computer labs at each school up-to-date due to regular updates from programs like Flash and Shockwave, and bi-weekly updates from Java.

"I describe the Cloud Connector as one place to rule them all. It has been vital to our environment and my team could not do without it. I have and would recommend it to everyone. At the end of the day, our investment has been very worth it and a great decision."

Aaron Wiley
Director of Instructional Technology
Gilchrist County School District

Seamless Aviation Operations
Seamless Aviation Operations

SkyWest needed a solution that could help them manage 700 computers remotely and perform maintenance easily. With Deep Freeze, their aircraft maintenance personnel could themselves fix malware or accidental misconfigurations with a quick reboot. In addition, their IT staff could remotely carry out configuration changes when required from the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console.

“The IT staff used to travel at the drop of a hat when something broke at remote sites, now they don't have to do that. With Deep Freeze, we are able to centrally manage all our IT assets.”

Michael Howes
SkyWest Airlines

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