Faster. Lighter. Better. Faronics AV 3.0

IT security is a difficult job. Malware is becoming more sophisticated. And cybercriminals are working overtime to find ways to hack into your network. The Internet is overflowing with threats and security risks lie at every corner. To make matters worse, new malware is emerging daily. It can make for a lot of sleepless nights. A solid Anti-Virus solution is essential to protect your organization. Get the best protection you can find — with Faronics Anti-Virus 3.0. Not only does Faronics Anti-Virus integrate seamlessly with Deep Freeze, but it offers the most effective malware detection and remediation on the market. It’s received top marks for the best performance. It’s single engine combines multiple-tiers of protection in a single component. And it’s lean too! It’s extremely lightweight and offers the most efficient use of memory, disk and CPU resources. Faronics Anti-Virus just got better with 4 hot new features:

  • Email protection against phishing
  • 3 Types of active protection
  • Centralized deployment & management
  • Web and ad filtering
  • Firewall protection with IDS & HIPS