Ultimate Workstation Protection with Deep Freeze

Whether it is about managing single PC or multiple workstations connected over a network, users need effective system recovery solutions to fix common system-related issues. Problems like outdated software, sudden configuration changes, and external threats can also play havoc on the system, and users need considerable tech support to resolve such issues. Depending on the severity of the damage, IT administrators have to engage in time-consuming tasks, such as rebuilding workstations and troubleshooting. This results in mounting IT tickets, which affects user productivity and results in prolonged system downtime.

The patented Reboot to Restore technology of Deep Freeze offers simple solutions for such complex system configuration problems and ensures 24*7 system availability with minimal tech support.

How Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore Works?

Deep Freeze creates a frozen snapshot of the system configuration as desired by the user/IT admin. When the system crashes, users just need to restart their computer and Deep Freeze will restore the system to that frozen pristine state. Thus, it provides 100% workstation recovery each time the system is rebooted.

Benefits of Deep Freeze

Important Data Retention: Deep Freeze allows users save important data in a desired location on the computer, or over the network.

Reduced IT Tickets: It’s simple-yet-effective Reboot to Restore solutions help users to resolve multiple system issues independently. This reduces their reliance of IT stuff and boosts up the productivity. After using Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore, institutions with public access computers have reported a 63% reduction in IT service tickets.

Maintaining License Compliance: Deep freeze removes all unauthorized software downloaded by users upon restart, thus helping organizations to achieve and retain license compliance.

Deep Freeze is also available in a 30-day trial package. Visit here to know more about the product.