Power Save Mac Release Notes

Version 3.70.2200.0455 (September, 2018)

New Features

  • Supports 64-bit architecture

Known Issues

9281 Cannot add more then 21 Power Save Mac tasks without resetting all settings to default values. (Case No: HQY-551-46526)

11977 On OS X 10.9.5 and 10.10: Display goes to sleep even after computer is active as per definitions set in ‘Inactivity Definitions’ tab.

24669 Power Save Report Generator ‘Group’ error messages are not localized.


Version 3.63.2200.0414 (12 May, 2017)

New Features

  • Compatible with Sierra (OS X 10.12.x)
  • Added Energy Consumption Profiles (ECP) for the late 2016 MacBook Pro models.


Version 3.62.2200.0410 (20 October, 2016)


14768 Resolved an issue when OS X starts up automatically after a power failure, the Energy Saver option did not work on OS X 10.10.5. (Case No: OAS-233-20036)

17501 Resolved an issue where Power Save Mac did not install the saved tasks in Apple Remote Desktop. (Case No: QZC-845-35859)

16562 Resolved an issue where Power Save Mac Apple Remote Desktop tasks (ARD 3.8) could not be installed on OS X 10.10.x or later. (Case No: CTZ-623-17034)


Version 3.61.2200.0408 (03 November, 2014)

New Features

Compatible with Yosemite (OS X 10.10.x)


Version 3.60.2200.0405 (May 2014)

New Features

  • Compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9)
  • Compatibility with Deep Freeze Mac Maintenance mode (version 5.7 or higher)
  • Updated Energy Consumption Profiles for new Mac hardware


Version 3.50.2200.0404 (October 2012)

New Features

  • Compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion.


2803 Resolved a cosmetic issue in Report Generator installer.

2946 Resolved an issue where the Power Save Mac UI stopped responding on entering an invalid port and changing Report To setting to Do not report.

4371 Resolved an issue where Power Save Mac did not update property in Faronics Core on uninstall, leading to Mac computers with no Power Save Mac still being displayed under Power Save.

6141 Resolved an issue where the displaySleep command erroneously changed the computer’s sleep settings when it was set to Never.


Version (March 2012)

New Features

  • Significantly faster performance when sending Power Save events to Report Generator or Faronics Core.
  • Improved accuracy when sending events to Report Generator or Faronics Core.
  • Power Save settings are more reliable as it now overrides the Apple Energy Saver’s settings. Modified the sliders in ‘Inactivity’ and ‘Inactivity Definitions’ tabs to mimic Energy Saver’s sliders.
  • Added ‘Test Connection’ button when reports to ‘Power Save Report Generator’ is selected to confirm connectivity.
  • Added 64-bit compatibility for System Preference pane.
  • Changes in any tab will be automatically saved when you switch to another tab.
  • When ‘Shutdown after XX minutes of inactivity’ option in Inactivity tab is checked, the computer sleep setting is set to ‘Never’, therefore reducing conflict.
  • Added ‘Keynote’ and ‘Microsoft PowerPoint’ as default applications to the application list in ‘Inactivity Definitions’ tab.
  • When scheduling events, the event date and time will use the current user’s preferred date format (set under Language and Text settings).
  • Added Support for Subscription Licenses (Subscription, Subscription Evaluation, Subscription Not For Resale).
  • Added authentication dialog in Report Generator before Preferences can be modified.
  • Groups can now only be added to the Report Generator when a database file has been created.


FB1596 Resolved an issue where Power Save Mac was unable to add or dismiss the Group Name dialog after the first launch of Report Generator when database was not created.

FB1664 Resolved an issue where applications were in plural when removing applications from the list.

FB1667 Resolved an issue where if the user added one extra character to the end of their valid license key, Power Save workstation and Assistant accepted it.

FB1668 Resolved an issue where the Status_ExpiryDate field in the FCC db doesn’t get updated properly when applying the evaluation license to your PSM workstation.

FB1670 Resolved an issue where, upon system startup, the first try of sending a power-off event (ID 9032) failed every time on some OS X 10.6.2 systems.

FB1672 Resolved an issue where the computer did not shutdown if ‘Shutdown after XX minutes of inactivity’ is enabled and XX higher than number of minutes/hours sleep.

FB1675 Resolved an issue where the Energy Saver’s sleep settings take priority over Power Save’s.

FB1820 Resolved an issue in the user guide. You cannot create the Power Save Administrator using the addUser command unless you use ‘NEWUSER’ and ‘NOPASSWORD’.

FB1822 Resolved an issue where a scheduled shutdown won’t be cancelled if you sleep and wake up the system after you’ve cancelled it by clicking Cancel button.

FB1826 Resolved an issue where if you import a different database, the main Report Generator window did not display computers and groups until you reopen the Report Generator.

FB1827 Resolved an issue where Power Save will not close the shutdown warning window when a scheduled shutdown event is cancelled.

FB2091 Resolved an issue where changing the Power Save Mac workstation’s NETBIOS name will not update the workstation name that appears on and stored in Faronics Core.

FB2397 Resolved an issue where the Status_LicenseExpiry in the Faronics Core database is not updated when you apply a non-evaluation license to PS Mac workstations.

FB2468 Resolved an issue where installing Power Save may cause the Startup Items folder not to have the proper security settings.

FB2578 Resolved an issue where the Status_LicenseExpiry in the FC database shows 1981 as the expiry date of unlicensed workstations.

FB1596 Resolved an issue where the user was unable to add or dismiss Group Name dialog after first run of Report Generator when database not created.


Version 3.04.2200.0177

Improved Features

  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Fixes


711 Resolved an issue where the bookmarks in the user guide for Spanish, German and French were not translated.


Version 3.03.2200.0173


681 Resolved an issue that could prevent workstations from reporting to the Report Generator in certain circumstances.

682 Resolved issue that could cause the Power Save daemon to crash and prevent workstations from reporting to Faronics Core.


Version 3.02.2200.0170

Improved Features

  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Fixes


673 Resolved an issue that could cause Power Save Mac to crash when the Service Name in the Reports tab was blank.


Version 3.01.2200.0166

Improved Features

  • Added hardware identifiers for mid-2009 Macintosh models.


669 Resolved an issue that could prevent Power Save Mac from accepting PSK License Keys (distributed when a Kit of Windows and Mac licenses are purchased together).


Version 3.00.2200.0164

New Features

  • Consolidated Reporting
    Power Save now features the ability to generate one Power Save report for both PC and Mac deployments through Faronics Core Console. Also, Energy Consumption Profiles are now pre-populated in the Power Save Loadin.
  • Improved Power Save Mac Report Generator
    The Power Save Mac Report Generator can now communicate via TCP/IP in addition to Bonjour, which means workstations can now communicate to the Report Generator across subnets.
  • Licensing
    Users can now purchase and enter a license key to convert their evaluation deployment into a purchased deployment.
  • Enhanced Reporting
    Power Save Mac’s report template has been updated to match the Power Save report generated by Power Save for Windows. This also means the Power Save Mac report features the Eco- Savings box.


441 Resolved issue where the Report Generator daemon is not restarted when a new version of Report Generator is installed over a previous version; restart the system after upgrading  the Report Generator or issue the command sudo SystemStarter  restart pscollectord.

443 Resolved issue where the Power Save Administrator User Name and Password fields appear blank in Power Save Assistant, on navigating to the Power Save Administrator screen.

446 Resolved issue where the displayWake and displaySleep events are not sent to the Report Generator after installing Power Save and after Service Name changes.

449 Resolved issue where some applications, when listed in the auto-cancel list, may not prevent the display from sleeping.

455 Resolved issue where the Report Generator failed to check if the SQL file imported was valid.

460 Resolved issue where the Inactivity Definitions are inaccurate since the data rate unit bit is used instead of byte.

461 Resolved issue where the Service Name could not be manually set in Power tab in the Power Save pane only in German on Tiger.

470 Resolved issue where scheduled tasks take place on expired trial version of Power Save Mac if the computer goes to Sleep mode and you wake up the system.

471 Resolved issue where Your evaluation will expire in XX days counter at upd.faronicslabs.com does not properly check whether Power Save Mac has expired.

480 Resolved issue where displaySleep 0 does not turn off displaySleep although one of the command displays the output that it has turned off displaySleep.

481 Resolved issue where the output message 181 minutes instead of Never is displayed when you run displaySleep 181 and set displaySleep to Never.

482 Resolved issue where any negative number can be used as the argument for displaySleep and CPUSleep commands.

483 Resolved issue where running the setServiceName command with no argument results in a bus error.

484 Resolved issue where you could add a new schedule task to a computer Frozen using Deep Freeze, if you send the add event command to it using ARD.

487 Resolved issue where the Add User dialogue should include instructions and not just expect a User Name and Password with no explanation.

490 Resolved issue where running the edituser command with no arguments causes a bus error.

491 Resolved issue where running the adduser command with no arguments causes a bus error.

498 Resolved issue where attempting to set an extremely long service name using the setServiceName command results in a segmentation fault.

499 Resolved issue where getting service name information using the status command from a workstation whose service name is extremely long results in a segmentation fault and CLI crash.

508 Resolved issue where if there were double zeros in workstation MAC address, one of the zeros was omitted and was not displayed in Report Generator and Faronics Core Console.

515  Resolved issue where there was incorrect information in the Power Save Report Generator installer.

543 Resolved issue where the Group Name window in Report Generator was re-sizeable.

568 Resolved issue where the Data File Location field does not show the path to the data file.

578 Resolved issue where, on uninstalling Power Save using ARD, com.faronics.powersaveQueue. plist was not removed from the computer.

582 Resolved issue where the computer shut down in x minutes if Shutdown after x minutes of inactivity was set under the Inactivity tab, when CPU / Network / Hard Disk usage checkbox was selected and the usage was above the threshold.

583 Resolved issue where scheduled shutdown actions were executed while the mouse and/ or the keyboard were being used when Cancel scheduled actions if the computer is active option was selected.

598 Resolved issue where the Verify text field in the Preference pane was not updated with the new password on running the editUser command to edit the User Name and Password.



Improved Features

  • Improved French, German, Japanese, and Spanish localizations
  • Added additional machine/display types


448 Resolved issue where the display type of an iMac Core 2 Duo is not properly recognized and shows up as a generic LCD Display

458 Resolved issue that caused no scroll bar to appear on the Welcome to Power Save Installerscreen on Panther (preventing the user from reading the complete text)




  • Resolved issue  where  the  ARD  command dontCPUAutoCancelIfAboutThreshold  was incorrectly named; the name is now dontCPUAutoCancelIfAboveThreshold
  • Resolved issue that could cause a system slowdown due to a failure to clear the event queue file on systems that were not connected to a Report Generator
  • Resolved issue that could cause Bonjour to timeout before the network stack was fully configured after a system start or wake; this could prevent the power on or wake event from being sent to a Report Generator until some other event that didn’t timeout was successfully sent
  • Resolved issue in the Power Save Assistant that could cause Service Names to be duplicated in the Service Name drop-down list



New Features

  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
  • Compatible with Deep Freeze Mac 4.x
  • Central network reporting capability


  • Resolved issue that could cause CPU sleep settings to be incorrect after installation if it is automatically set to be the same as Display Sleep settings in Power Save Assistant
  • Localized the following error message in Power Save Assistant: Another event is already scheduled for this time
  • Resolved issue in German and French localizations where the word minutes was missing when the Inactive CPU/Display Sleep settings were set to be greater than a certain value
  • Resolved issue in non-English localizations where scheduled events added through the UI could not be deleted via ARD command removeEvent
  • Resolved issue on Leopard where scheduled shutdown action was not cancelled when the machine is active if user sets Hard Drive Usage for inactivity settings
  • Resolved issue that could cause a scheduled shutdown in Power Save to occur during a scheduled Deep Freeze Maintenance Period.
  • Resolved issue that could cause the Warn users message to display when there is not enough time left for displaying the message.
  • Resolved issue that would allow a user to be able to schedule an event within a scheduled Deep Freeze Maintenance Period.
  • Resolved issue that could cause the Make sure workstation is running before Deep Freeze Maintenance feature to not function correctly.
  • Changed option Cancel scheduled sleep and shutdown actions to be Cancel scheduled shutdown actions since scheduled sleep cannot be cancelled.
  • Resolved issue that could cause the levels of Network/Hard Drive Usage to be displayed inaccurately when running ARD command status to retrieve current status.
  • Resolved issue that could cause the Power Save Workstation application to crash under certain circumstances (if the crash occurred, Power Save would not take any action and changes to settings could not be saved).




  • Resolves issue where logout hooks would not run if Power Save Mac shut the system down
  • Resolves issue where the computer could shut down even though Retrospect was performing a backup (this issue also could have occurred with other applications that were not being run in a system user context)
  • The date is now correctly retained in the Date field after double-clicking a scheduled one-time action in the Power Save Mac preference pane
  • Resolved issue where the ARD editUser command would accept an invalid parameter for NameOfUser
  • Resolved issue in Power Save Mac Assistant where a string of non-unique characters were incorrectly accepted as valid input when creating a one-time schedule
  • Resolved issue in Power Save Mac Assistant where error messages could display twice in some circumstances
  • Resolved issue on Panther where installation of a new version would not remove the old version’s receipt from /Library/Receipts
  • Resolved issue where the ARD commands CPUAutoCancelIfAboveThreshold, networkAutoCancelIfAboveThreshold, and HDAutoCancelIfAboveThreshold would incorrectly accept negative numbers as the parameter value
  • Resolved issue where a scheduled shutdown might not occur if the machine had gone into deep sleep
  • Resolved issue that could cause the Date column to be missing from the Schedule list after upgrading Power Save Mac from one version to a newer version
  • Resolved issue (in Power Save Mac Assistant and the Power Save Mac preference pane) that incorrectly made it possible to edit an existing action to be identical to another existing action




  • Resolves issue where the Check for Updates feature could cause a crash on localized versions of Mac OS X (other than English, Japanese, French, Spanish, or German)



New Features

  • Computer, display, and hard drive sleep setting options
  • Intelligent inactivity settings based on CPU usage, network usage, hard disk usage, and important applications
  • Scheduled start-ups, shut downs, sleeps, and wakes
  • Auto-cancel of scheduled events if computer is active
  • Customizable user warning times
  • User-cancellable shutdowns option
  • Multiple-user auto-cancel of shutdown option
  • Automatic start-up prior to Deep Freeze maintenance window
  • Check for updates capability
  • Additional Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) tasks


  • Resolves issue where Power Save would shutdown computers prior to the Deep Freeze maintenance window
  • Resolves issue where user would not be notified if an event was being scheduled in an already existing time slot
  • Resolves localization errors



New Features

  • Additional Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) tasks
  • User-override option that gives administrators the choice to either execute Power Save Mac tasks regardless of user activity, or to allow users to override scheduled actions to avoid losing changes when multiple users are logged in or documents are left open or unsaved on the desktop


  • Resolved an issue where, when more than one user was logged in, Power Save actions would not occur
  • Resolved an issue where scheduled actions would not occur at the scheduled time if the system time/date had been modified
  • Resolved an issue where spaces in passwords would cause ARD tasks to fail
  • Resolved localization errors



First shipping release of version 1.0