I.T. Friendly Classroom Management with Insight

Faronics Insight: A classroom management software for both teachers and IT professionals

Equipped with multiple IT friendly features, Faronics Insight provides a highly collaborative learning environment for both teachers and students with a 100% system availability at all times and minimal IT support.

How does Insight help IT administrators?

Insight comes with an built-in Tech Console, which helps IT admins address system issues related to instructor and students, and perform multiple network management tasks from a remote location.

Faronics Insight: Doing more with less

Faronics Insight enables IT professionals to provide remote control assistance for their entire network with simple yet effective tools. With Insight, IT admins can:
– Perform OS security scans to identify workstations with security risks
– Install software updates and patches immediately to ensure software security
– Adjust power management settings to cut down system support costs
– Centrally manage student systems protected with Faronics Deep Freeze within Insight