Insight Teacher Console Overview

This video provides an overview of the functional capabilities of Teacher Console of Faronics Insight, a robust classroom management software for teachers and IT professionals.

How does the Insight Teacher Console work?

View All Mode: It provides complete visibility of the activities taking place in all students’ desktops by displaying high-quality thumbnails on the teacher’s desktop, which can be resized and moved around as per necessity.

Show Option: It comes with a ‘Fullscreen’ and ‘Windowed’ mode for broadcasting a teacher’s screen to the class. With the ‘Show Student’ broadcasting option, teachers can show the screen of a specific student to the rest of the class.

Voting & Testing: The ‘Vote’ feature helps teachers to ask true/false or yes/no questions to the class while with the ‘Testing’ feature, tests and quizzes (multiple-choice, true/false, short answers) can be conducted to check the student understanding of the lesson. ‘Assessment Mode’ is part of the Testing option, which helps teachers create a locked assessment environment by allowing only authorized website usage, and blocking USB and DVD drives.

Run and Control: Run option helps teachers open applications/folders and launch websites on a chosen student workstation, while the ‘Control’ option helps them to take complete control of the selected workstation remotely.

Options for Restricting Student Access: Teachers can blank out screens of students with optional messages with ‘Blank Screen’ option, while access to specific websites/applications and all printing and drive activities can be restricted with ‘Limit Web’, ‘Limit Apps’, ‘Limit Print’ and ‘Limit Drives’ options.