Faronics Bootstrapped Installer Release Notes

The Bootstrapped Installer has been designed to download and install Faronics Core and individual enterprise edition product loadins. The bootstrapped installer is available for Anti-Executable Enterprise, Anti-Virus Enterprise, Deep Freeze Enterprise, Power Save Enterprise, System Profiler Enterprise and WINSelect Enterprise.

V 3.13.321.65 (March 2013)


  • 6305 – Resolved an issue where Faronics Core or Product Loadin download process was terminated by the download server indicating that the user had cancelled the download.

Known Issues

  • 3515 On clean Server 2008 R2 with .net feature disabled, Bootstrapper is doing unnecessary .NET download.
  • 3523 “license terms” link does not link to the actual license terms on .NET installation page.


V 3.12.927.63 (October 2012)

New features

  • Automatic installation of MSI prerequisites
  • Installation of MMC prerequisites
  • Opt-in collection of anonymous installation data


V 2.12.731.57 (August 2012)

New features

  • Synchronous downloads of individual installation components
  • Ability to download and install multiple product loadins
  • Ability to identify existing Faronics Core installation and offer individual loadin packages for download to perform upgrades.


  • 3116 Minor localization issues resolved.
  • 3686 Resolved an issue with updated product file names changed to Faronics_(three letter product code).
  • 3740 Icons for some products do not contain high resolution images.
  • 4381 Bootstrapper is crashing with error message, if downloaded zip file is missing expected content or is corrupted.
  • 4504 JHG-272-83780 Power Save Bootstrapper Installer crashes under certain regional settings.
  • 4778 Resolved a cosmetic issue where circles on the Bootstrapper installation page are not evenly aligned in the vertical pane.


    V 1.12.420.45 (April 2012)

    This is the initial release of the Faronics Bootstrapped Installer.