Manage AV Updates with Deep Freeze Reboot Restore Software

By the very nature of Deep Freeze’s protection, ensuring that third-party antivirus update stick to a Deep Freeze workstation, requires some planning. This video provides visual presentation of the configuration options available on Deep Freeze Enterprise Console that can help administrators ensure that their third-party antivirus software is kept up to date.

How to configure Deep Freeze to allow Third party anti-virus applications to update signatures

Administrators need to select target workstation click on the Update Embedded Events button on the Toolbar. By clicking on the New button, they need to choose Maintenance from the Event Type drop down box. To configure, administrators need to provide an Event Name and define the period of time in which they want the event to occur.

If administrators want to push updates to the endpoints, they can leave the None option selected in the Run box. This will ensure that the endpoint is rebooted into a Thawed state and remains that way for the duration of the event. If they wish to pull updates via a batch script, they need to open the Batch File on the Run box, then click on the Maintenance tab. Clicking on the ‘Open’ button will load the desired batch script containing the specific commands necessary to pull updates via an Update Server. Once loaded, administrators need to provide credentials. Upon closing the configuration screen, they need to select the workstations they want to add the maintenance event to, so as to enable AV updates.

How to eliminate the need for maintenance periods with Faronics Anti-Virus

Faronics Anti-Virus provides seamless integration with workstations that have Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore installed in them, allowing definition updates to be applied and to ‘stick’, regardless of whether workstations are Frozen or Thawed. Thus, Faronics Anti-Virus significantly reduces the administration of third-party antivirus in your Deep Freeze environment.