Computer Lab Management Made Easy with Insight

Faronics Insight is a robust computer lab management software that helps teachers facilitate a collaborative learning environment in a digital classroom. Thus, it increases student engagement and participation in the class by eliminating distractions and keeping them focused on the lesson.

How Faronics Insight works?

It helps instructors monitor all the students’ workstations from one central computer. For better classroom monitoring, teachers can also manage and restrict web activities of students and lock student screens. Thus, it enables teachers to eliminate classroom distractions and complete the curriculum quickly.

Insight as a classroom collaboration tool

Teachers can share their screen, or choose any student’s screen to be shared with the class to give the entire class a hands-on learning experience.

Insight as a communication tool

It enables students to ask questions to the teachers directly through group chat in an on-going class. It also allows teachers to take tests and assessments to ensure that the students have learnt the lesson well.