Anti-Virus Enterprise Release Notes

Note: Faronics has completed testing the latest version of Faronics Anti-Virus to make sure that it is not affected by the respective Windows update patch for mitigating Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. Review knowledge base to ensure you modify the registry key before performing Windows update on systems running Faronics Anti-Virus. 

Version 4.13.2100.390 (December 15, 2017)


22203 Resolved an issue where a locally disabled Firewall gets enabled automatically after around 15 minutes of workstation reboot.

22214 Resolved an issue where Active Protection disabled from policy gets enabled on workstation from Windows Security Center notification alert.

22694 Resolved an issue where the user was unable to update 32-bit definitions on Core server. (Case No: YGH-153-55361)

19981 Resolved an issue where the user was unable to whitelist keylogged due to THREATID missing under exceptions. (Case No: ACK-792-66923)


Known Issues

20914 Faronics Anti-Virus 4.0 history and quarantine do not respect the locale. (Case No: SCK-705-39741)


Version 4.12.2100.388 (September 21, 2017)


21558  Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus was  sending Active protection to disabled emails. (Case No: UHH-110-61114)

21862 Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus Check Network connection error occurred. (Case No: YHN-882-88163)

21822  Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus was not updating definitions with the error No network connection – Internal error has occurred. (Case No: YDG-812-70092)

21495 Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus was showing “Turned off” Status in Action Center. (Case No: GES-377-55502)

21718 Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus was unable to download definitions after resolving the issue of subscription being expired due to space. (Case No: UJW-396-77317)

21807  Resolved an issue where the user could not update client machines running Faronics Anti-Virus due to StorageSpace being full. (Case No: LWF-616-91865)

21957 Resolved an issue where FAVEAgent.exe crashed during definition update process on workstation locally.


Version 4.11.2100.385 (July 26, 2017)


20139  Resolved an issue where FAVECore.exe crashed due to Access Violation error. (Case No: JBF-865-36325)

20118  Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus Engine dump file was created. (Case No: FLL-332-44178)

20655  Resolved an issue where the user was unable to update configuration on Server 2012R2 client due to lack of space. (Case No: ECW-580-83207)

20620  Resolved an issue where it was not possible to  upgrade or uninstall Anti-virus 4 Loadin or remove definitions. (Case No: CRZ-596-19530)

20628 Resolved an issue where Sysprep was creating Deep Freeze drive when Faronics Anti-Virus, Faronics Core, and Deep Freeze was installed. (Case No: EFJ-896-70244)

20651  Resolved an issue where group policy refresh failed when Faronics Anti-Virus firewall was enabled. (Case No: LPA-498-65649)

21397 Resolved an issue where the Maximum value for “No. of rolling log files” option was not 4.


Version 4.10.2100.381 (May 12, 2017)


20165  Resolved a BSOD issue after installing Faronics Anti-Virus 4.0. (Case No: ULI-690-49469/RCV-416-11656)

20344 Resolved an issue where no .msi log was created for Faronics Anti-Virus installation.

20345 Resolved an issue where there was no tracing for creating mounted folder for Faronics Anti-Virus into .msi log file.

20367 Resolved an issue where Anti-Virus installation did not handle compressed drive during AVSpace mounting.

20392 Resolved an issue where authentication of Active Directory controller failed when Firewall was enabled.

19907  Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus failed to install leaving computers unprotected. (Case No: HBX-596-78233)

20401 Resolved an issue of Error 1720 when installing Faronics Anti-Virus. (Case No: JOF-866-20556)

20431 Resolved an issue where Faronics Core agent communication was blocked for inbound connection, after installing Faronics Anti-Virus on a computer where Faronics Core was installed.

20552 Resolved a Date/Time format issue on Portuguese and Spanish languages where scan gets performed continuously after every 5-15 min on specific days.


Version 4.0.2100.365 (February 10, 2017)

New Features

In an effort to remain best-in-class, Faronics Anti-Virus will now be powered by a new engine that consistently ranks among the highest in the antivirus industry. Existing customers of Faronics Anti-Virus are requested to migrate to the New Anti-Virus 4.0  before June 30, 2017. Faronics Core Console customers will be able to install the New Anti-Virus Loadin version 4.0 as a separate product.

1) Upgrade Faronics Core

2) Uninstall Legacy Anti-Virus from the workstations

3) Configure the new Anti-Virus policy

4) Install Anti-Virus 4.0 on the workstations

Note: Email Protection and Web Filtering features have been deprecated to keep the product lightweight and to optimize performance.


Version 3.51.2100.289 (October 13, 2015)

New Features

  • Support for Windows 10


14590 Resolved an issue where the computer cannot update antivirus definitions due to old SGN files. (Case No: SDR-487-68409)

14634 Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus was unable to run a Quick or Deep Scan due to an internal error. (Case No: KQZ-826-36339)

14722 Resolved an issue where Active Protection turned itself off. (Case No: DNU-721-23684, EOU-410-15258)


Version 3.50.2100.280 (July 31, 2015)

New Features

  • New Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) Firewall:  New Windows Filtering Platform drivers are now available that result in a more robust firewall.
  • IPv6 support: Applications using IPv6 addresses can now be allowed or blocked.
  • Web Relay for virus definition: A new Web Relay is installed as part of the Anti-Virus Loadin. The virus definitions are downloaded from a web relay that is independent of Faronics Core. The workstations ‘pull’ the definitions without adding any load on Faronics Core.


7315 Resolved an issue where the check for updates option was disabled in Loadin, but it still downloaded the update file when Faronics Core service started. (Case No: OZW-854-72238)

9096 Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus and PowerSave causing BSOD. (Case No: SAN-778-18202)

9548 Resolved an issue on Windows 8.1 (Spanish): String was going out of screen during the upgrading Faronics Anti-Virus Loadin.

10429 Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus clients were not updating after coming online.

10551 Resolved an issue after Faronics Anti-Virus updates where the status is changed to Not Protected.

12921 Resolved an issue where the  Faronics Anti-Virus Definition updates takes a very long time to push out or time out. (Case No: SFI-967-72852, COM-553-59069)

13647 Resolved an issue of BSOD after installing Faronics Anti-Virus. (Case No: YVU-842-47151)

13818 Resolved an issue where after installing and initializing Faronics Anti-Virus, it remains in Not Protected state even if Active Protection is enabled in policy.

14096 Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus was using a significant amount of CPU / Processor resources upon viewing specific folders. (Case No: SZK-932-83806)

14172 Resolved an issue where a newly created custom policy AVDefRelay settings are disabled by default.

14418 Resolved a minor memory leak and huge Handle leak issue in FAVEService and FAVEAgent.


Version 3.40.2100.247 (February 2014)

New Features

Support for Windows 8.1



7583   Resolved an issue where the VMWareThinapp will not run with Faronics Anti-Virus installed.  (Case No: OHS-603-51522)

7703   Resolved an issue where the workstations do not enter a “Protected” state after installing Faronics Anti-Virus (until the user logs in). (Case No: JKY-370-45269)

7759   Resolved an issue where randomly, full updates from the console caused the workstation to lock-up. (Case No: XLO-182-14441)

8632   Resolved an issue where thin apps will not run when Faronics Anti-Virus is enabled. (Case No: VWL-453-24432)

7547   Resolved an issue where Anti-Virus does not display date and time correctly for international clients. (Case No: QKJ-376-42138)

7587   Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus will not activate active protection. (Case No: QEN-687-76240)

7593   Resolved an issue where Faronics Core Console shows Anti-Virus status as “Not Protected” for Core system but Anti-Virus Agent shows “Protected”. (Case No: FSK-229-43001)

7687   Only on Windows 8: Resolved an issue where CART SDK and XML are not downloaded while installing FAVE on workstation from Console.

7584   Resolved cosmetic issues on Japanese workstation

7585   On Japanese and Chinese systems: Resolved issues with “aveCLI” help.

7819   Resolved an issue where VMWare ThinApps Blocked as Malware. (Case No: HVA-864-28457)

7830   On Spanish systems: Resolved an issue where Disable Active protection Task fails with the error “Faronics Anti-Virus Client is not installed on selected workstation”.


Version 3.30.2100.214 (February 2013)

New Features

  • Remove Incompatible Anti-Virus

Detect and remove existing anti-virus solutions to eliminate possible conflicts during installation and ensure a smooth, trouble-free installation. Removal is supported when installing from Faronics Core or when installing locally on the client.

  • View Scan History

Display all events of virus scans performed on selected workstations or group within Faronics Core Console. Scan History is also displays in a new tab on the Anti-Virus Workstation Client.

  • View Quarantine Details

Display all risks quarantined for selected workstations or group within Faronics Core Console. Quarantined files are also displayed in a new tab on the Anti-Virus Workstation Client.

  • Task Synchronization Enhancements

Virus definition updates, policy updates, and license updates are synchronized as soon as the workstation reports to Faronics Core. Core Server will no longer make periodic attempts to update offline workstations.



7079   Resolved an issue where the console history for a scan aborted by the user was displayed in View Logs.

7159   Resolved an issue where updates failed to apply on workstations due to space constraints when Deep Freeze and Faronics Antivirus were installed together.

7237   Resolved an issue where the help file was not displayed properly.

7287   Resolved an issue where closing the Scan Details dialog resulted in temporarily resizing before closing.

7302   Resolved cosmetic issues in the View Logs > Email Protection dialog.

7345   Resolved an issue where the user could not update definitions. (Case No: KAX-243-4180)

7271   Resolved an issue where Faronics Core dates were being displayed incorrectly on international (non-English) operating systems. (Case No: MXW-277-62500)


Version 3.21.2100.197 (December 2012)


  • 7159 – Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus did not update the definitions on the workstation due to disk space constraints when installed with Deep Freeze.


Version 3.2.2100.196 (December 2012)

New Features

  • Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
  • Faronics Anti-Virus Alerts now available via Faronics Core
  • Installations and upgrades of Faronics Core borne products can now be done while Active Protection is on
  • Exceptions can be configured based on Threat ID
  • Updated Scanning Engine
  • Generic URL exceptions now possible via Faronics Anti-Virus
  • Various performance improvements including:
    – Six times faster Deep Scan
    – Three times faster Quick Scan
  • Faronics Anti-Virus is now available in Portuguese (Brazilian)


  • 3307 – Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus was not updating when updated manually or programmatically. (Case No: HVM-102-11695)
  • 4174 – Resolved an issue where the Definition Update Time was displayed ahead of the current system time.
  • 4177 – Resolved an issue where the Schedule Action created by selecting group was scheduled against current workstations instead of group.
  • 4178 – Resolved an issue where a legitimate keylogger program was blocked inspite of being on the Allowed list. (Case No: YKS-744-28125)
  • 4417 – Resolved localization issue on the French UI.
  • 4418 – Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus flagged VMWare thin app as malicious. (Case No: RVT-924-37078)
  • 4512 – Resolved cosmetic issues in French UI.
  • 4589 – Resolved an issue where performing a scan would lock up the system with the latest Epson TM-T88IV driver.
  • 4741 – Resolved an issue where upgrade failed during Active Protection.
  • 5405 – Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus was blocking legitimate web pages when web filtering was enabled. (Case No: HFB-142-97407)
  • 5414 – Resolved an issue where SBAMsvc.exe will cause 90-100 CPU usage on a computer with VNC running. (Case No: BYK-741-38177)
  • 5595 – Resolved slow performance for Notebook app by SBAMsvc. (Case No: EWA-630-73365)
  • 5698 – Resolved an issue where Active Protection prevented programs from running. (Case No: ARS-842-96269)
  • 6150 – Resolved an issue where web filtering blocked and (Case No: DVI-411-75275)
  • 6463 – Resolved an issue where task did not include all workstations regardless of their current state.
  • 6749 – Resolved an issue where web filtering blocked and (Case No: PHQ-907-25638)
  • 6818 – Resolved a localization issue in the UI.
  • 6828 – Resolved an issue where computers rebooted while exiting from sleep mode. (Case No: XLC-531-83641)



Version 3.10.2100.179 (June 2012)

Resolved Issues

2711.   Resolved an issue where renaming a profile deleted its membership from the group. (Case No: DJV-469-90739)

3014.   Resolved an issue where the regular Anti-Virus updates deleted the definitions on the workstation.  (Case No: JKI-338-12266)

3119.   Resolved an issue where the Workstation Client reported incorrect status. (Case No: UEB-478-98825)

3306.   Resolved an issue where the Faronics Anti-Virus definitions were not being downloaded by the Loadin.

3307.   Resolved an issue where the Anti-Virus was not updating on the Core Server manually or programmatically according to settings. (Case No: HVM-102-11695)

3315.   Resolved an issue where the Faronics AntiVirus Loadin favors full updates over incremental updates resulting in very inefficient virus update tasks.

3316.   Resolved an incorrect folder name.

3641.  Resolved an issue where the Loadin Tasks fail if the Faronics Anti-Virus Workstation Client is higher version than the Faronics Anti-Virus Loadin.

3757.  Resolved an issue where workstations returned incorrect status after executing the tasks. (Case No: BHU-783-32271)

3880.  Resolved an issue where full updates were pushed from Force Full Update command to the workstations even after incremental updates were done.

3881.  Resolved an issue where the last threat detected time was reset on workstation after reboot.

4206. Resolved an issue where Windows 7 Clients were not updating Anti-Virus definitions. (Case No: KFA-404-34777)

4226. Resolved a cosmetic issue.

4258. Resolved an issue where the frequency of workstations connecting to the web server was low.

4268.  Resolved an error that occurred when trying to update Anti-Virus definitions on Faronics Core Server.


Version 3.0.2100.146 (February 2012)

New Features

•   Intrusion Detection System

The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) allows or blocks network activity based on predefined Intrusion Detection Rules.

•   Process Protection (Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System)

Process Protection (HIPS) sets the action for unknown code injectors and allows adding known code injectors to the list.

•  Web Filtering (Blocked Advertisements, Allowed Domains)

The Blocked Advertisements feature blocks the advertisements displayed on the websites  accessed by users from third-party advertising sites. The Allowed Domains feature allows users to access pre-configured domains and simultaneously block JavaScripts, VBScripts, ActiveX, filter cookies and filter the trace location.

•  Risk Detection Statistics

The Risk Detection Statistics are now displayed on the workstation with an ability to reset the counter to zero.

•  Faronics Anti-Virus Log

Faronics Anti-Virus now logs the action taken and classifies as System, Anti-Virus, Firewall and Web Filtering.

Resolved Issues

816.     Resolved an issue where the Firewall Event details dialog was not localized.

834.     Resolved an issue where the AntiMalware folder was not deleted after Faronics Anti-Virus was uninstalled.

841.     Resolved an issue where the Wake-On-LAN icon was used for workstations under the Assigned Policy node instead of the workstation icon.

843.     Resolved an issue where the Faronics Anti-Virus Registry Key entry was not removed when installation was cancelled.

846.     Resolved an issue where the previous Faronics Anti-Virus version is reported when it is upgraded via Faronics Core.

852.     Resolved an issue where the Initializing Anti-Virus task is executed before the upgrade task completed and failed with the error Workstation is already executing another task.

876.      Resolved OEM issue 1850: Faronics Anti-Virus creates boot loop with Zenworks client. (Case No: FAO-552-87989)

886.      Resolved OEM Issue:  Faronics Anti-Virus Agent install causes BSOD. (Case No: KPQ-981-86944)

889.     Resolved an issue where the definitions file (archive) was corrupted and could not be opened to apply the definitions to the workstation. (Case No: CDN-657-79296)

894.     Resolved an issue where the time format for Last Scan, Next Scan and Definitions Versions are not consistent.

897.      Resolved OEM issue: Faronics Anti-Virus detecting false-positives on scripts. (Case No: WZK-772-41731)

905.      Resolved OEM issue: Faronics Anti-Virus BSOD when installed with ZEN 11 (Case No: TJU-712-47665)

941.      Resolved an issue where the Full Update task is executed against workstation after every 2 hours even when the latest virus definitions are present.

914.      Resolved an issue where the Faronics Anti-Virus Proxy configuration was not being saved. (Case No: NTG-580-51431)

 Known Issues

879.         OEM issue 1851: Faronics Anti-Virus may not scan files/folders of mapped drive and network shared location.

887.         OEM issue 1870: Process Protection (HIPS) may not be effective on Windows XP.

892.         OEM issue (Windows XP and Windows 2003 systems only): Outlook Express may not launch if Faronics Anti-Virus is installed.

906.         Updating the virus definitions from Faronics Core displays a successful update, but the definitions may not be updated on the workstations.

917.          OEM issue: Infected email attachments may not detected by Email Protection.

927.          OEM issue: On workstation Blocked by Firewall in Risk Detection Statistics may not be updated.

943.         When Full update/Force full update task failed with Incorrect status update… reason, the definition file copied on workstation under TEMP location may not be deleted sometimes.

944.          Install Anti-Virus Client task remains in active until action timeout period, when  Faronics StorageSpace drive is either not created or drive is full on the selected workstation.

945.          Messages displayed after advertisements/malicious sites are blocked by Web Filter are not localized in all languages.

FB2103    OEM issue: A rare case of BSOD occurs while installing Faronics Anti-Virus Client on Windows 7 system. (Case No: KUQ-233-12716)


Version 2.1.2100.130

Resolved Issues

836.     Resolved issue that could cause a workstation to display as Not Protected if Firewall Protection was disabled in the workstation policy. (Case No: BZK-232-64465)

837.     Resolved issue that could prevent the AV Initialization task from being sent successfully to a workstation from Faronics Core Server after installation. (Case No: NTA-326-75139)

848.     Resolved issue that could prevent a user from adding multiple port exceptions in the Firewall’s Advanced Rules settings. (Case No: DRG-904-83187)


Version 2.0.2100.120

New Features

•   Firewall

The Firewall provides the capability to create Program Rules, Network Rules, Advanced Rules and Trusted Zones. Administrators can Allow or Block communication based on Programs, Networks, Ports or Protocols on the entire network.

•   Firewall Report

The Firewall Daily Network Activity report provides details on all Firewall activity on the particular workstation or network.

•   Enhanced UI

Faronics Anti-Virus Loadin on Faronics Core is now presented in a tree-node instead of a tab-based UI for better user interaction.

Resolved Issues

695.     Resolved an issue where AutoApplyDefs task is executed for all workstations when Faronics Core Service is restarted (even if workstation has latest definitions).

744.     Resolved an issue where the wrong product version was displayed in the exported Anti-Virus Policy XML file.

803.     Resolved an issue where odd characters were displayed when trying to scan a folder. (Case #RWU-184-44482)


Version 1.20.2100.98

New Features

•   File/Folder Exclusion

Folders or files can now be excluded from scanning.

•   Fix Now from Faronics Core

The Fix Now command that was available on the workstation  can now be sent via Faronics Core.

•   Import/Export Anti-Virus Policies

Faronics Anti-Virus Policies can now be Imported/Exported via Faronics Core.

Resolved Issues

607.     Resolved an issue where the product name Anti-Virus was erroneously translated in Japanese.

620.     Resolved a minor cosmetic issue with the folder and file name of the workstation client installers.

622.     Resolved an issue that could cause the DefaultPolicyConfig.xml to become corrupted if the workstation was rebooted while the Reassign Policy task was active.

623.     Resolved cosmetic issues in Quarantine report.

627.     Resolved an issue where the Faronics Anti-Virus could cause a delay in obtaining an IP address. (Case#: 60-38506)

661.     Resolved an issue with assigning a policy to a user when fast user switching is enabled.

662.     Resolved an issue that prevented a Guest user from disabling Active Protection on the workstation.

676.     Resolved an issue where the uninstall status is not updated if Faronics Anti-Virus is uninstalled on the workstation via Add/Remove Programs or from Faronics Core Console.

719.     Added missing descriptions for the Deep, Quick, Abort, Pause, and Resume scan tasks.

729.     Resolved an issue that could prevent Faronics Anti-Virus Loadin installer from accepting Evaluation and Subscription type license keys in rare circumstances.


Version 1.10.2100.79

New Features

•   Scan USB devices upon insertion

USB devices are automatically scanned as soon as they are connected to the computer.

Resolved Issues

87.       Resolved an issue where the Faronics Anti-Virus Task Bar icon was not displayed properly when the scan was completed.

243.     Resolved an issue where the Refresh Anti-Virus action was successfully executed even when the Anti-Virus Client was not installed on the workstation.

262.     Resolved an issue where the workstation user was able to Stop or Pause the scan action performed from Faronics Core Console.

282.     Resolved an issue where the images were not displayed when exported in HTML format.

379.     Resolved a cosmetic issues in Quarantine report.

420.     Resolved an issue where the Default policy was displayed for the Power User in the Copy Policy dialog.

436.     Resolved an issue where the version number was not aligned in the installer (Chinese only).

448.     Resolved an issue where incomplete proxy test results were displayed in the Anti-Virus Test Proxy Settings dialog.

451.     Resolved an issue where the Next update date/time displayed in the Configure Anti-Virus dialog is less than the current system date and time.

512.     Resolved an issue where the build number was not following the standards.

519.     Resolved an issue where the scroll bar was not enabled on the Reassign Workstation to Policy dialog.

527.     Resolved an issue where the previous policy names appear in the Policy Name [AVE] column even when new custom policies are applied. This occurred when the Faronics Anti-Virus Loadin was uninstalled and reinstalled.

528.     Resolved an issue where the right-click context menu Scan for Virus did not work on the file/folder on Windows Vista systems.

535.     Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus service did not start up on a system with low memory after rebooting the system.

553.     Resolved an issue where the evaluation period was not applied to Faronics Anti-Virus Loadin after an upgrade.

554.     Resolved an issue where a workstation under a Custom Policy was reassigned to the Default Policy after upgrading the Faronics Anti-Virus Loadin.

574.     Resolved an issue where the Faronics Anti-Virus icon continued to spin even after the scan was completed.

575.     Resolved an issue where the The Faronics Anti-Virus Enterprise service hung on starting error event appeared under system events.

579.     Resolved an issue where the number of threats was displayed as zero (0) when the scan dialog was closed without taking action on threats discovered during the scan.

580.     Resolved an issue where the Online Help was displayed in English on a Chinese system.

581.     Resolved a cosmetic issue in the Policy Details > Scanning tab.

584.     Resolved an issue where there was a lag in getting an IP address after the workstation was rebooted.

589.     Resolved an issue where the Scan Progress and Scan Details report dialogs were displayed on the left side of the screen after a scan was performed locally on a workstation.


Version 1.0.2100.63

New Features


The MX-Virtualization engine analyzes malware in real-time, observing its behavior before it can actually infect the computer – ensuring zero-day threat detection.

Advanced anti-rootkit technology finds and disables dangerous hidden processes, modules, services, and files.

High speed file scanning.

Low CPU and memory usage during scans.

Efficient, continuous virus definition updates (at least two daily).

Regular threat-engine updates.

•   Centralized Management and Integration

Faronics Core provides a secure platform to manage anti-virus protection (definitions and threat-engine updates) across the enterprise.

Configuration and scan scheduling done via policies that are centrally applied to workstations.

Virus definition updates managed and hosted on Faronics Core Server.

Full global or workstation-specific threat reporting available via Faronics Core Console.

Out-of-the-box compatibility with Faronics Deep Freeze and Anti-Executable to provide a solid layered security strategy.

•   Email Protection

Comprehensive protection against email viruses.

Direct support for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

Supports any POP3 and SMTP-based email program.