Applications: Overview

Faronics Deploy offers a seamless and fast way to view installed applications, instantly deploy or uninstall them, and keep them up to date. With an always up-to-date library of 80+ applications, application management requires almost no setup. Updates can be automated or manually triggered with a single click.

View Installed Applications

Faronics Deploy uses an agent-based setup to manage Applications. After the initial scan, computers are listed in a grid with application versions, where you can filter out computers that have outdated apps.

Install / Uninstall / Update

Once the computers are listed in the console, you will be able to install, uninstall or update applications using a simple point and shoot grid. These actions can be initiated on-demand or scheduled.

Mass Deploy Applications on a Scheduled or On-Demand Basis

Mass deployment of applications across a fleet of computers can be done by using Application Presets. App Presets can be saved and deployed instantly or at a scheduled time. This enables setting up multiple applications on groups of computers instantly.

Automate Application Updates

The application-based policy management interface lets you set up a completely automated application management solution. Within a policy you can choose to automate applications updates so that applications are always up to date. Applications updates can also be manually triggered, scheduled or frozen.

Add Custom Applications to The Grid

Custom Applications that are not part of our application library can be added to the Deploy grid with a simple wizard.

After setup, the custom app status refreshes on the grid after which it can be installed or uninstalled like any app in the library.

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