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Usage Stats
Usage Stats
Control your entire IT inventory through dynamic widgets and intelligent reports.

Monitor the usage of your IT asset using dynamic widgets
Track over-deployed or under-utilized software
Utilize software licenses efficiently

Visualize IT Asset  Utilization
Visualize IT Asset Utilization
  • Dashboard of dynamic widgets present usage data.
  • Shows computer usage, software usage, and license utilization.
Stay Compliant  and Save  Money
Stay Compliant and Save Money
  • Track over-deployed software to ensure license compliance.
  • Track under-utilized software to deploy efficiently or save money by reducing renewals.
Optimize IT Asset Deployment
Optimize IT Asset Deployment
  • Analyze software and computer usage patterns to utilize IT assets efficiently.
  • Identify users that are utilizing the computers and software the most.
Get Insightful Reports
Get Insightful Reports
  • Generate detailed reports for compliance audits and decision-making./li>
  • Generate detailed reports for application usage, software usage, user logins, and software license compliance.


Monitor the usage of IT assets and deployment patterns across your organization from a single, dynamic interface.

  • View computer utilization in terms of number of logins in a specified period./li>
  • View software utilization in terms of number of unique users and duration of usage.
  • View over-utilized licenses.
  • View under-utilized licenses.
  • Analyze and enforce license compliance.

Software Inventory
Software Inventory

Manage a software inventory for your organization.

  • Create a repository of software installers.
  • Maintain details of software publishers, versions, and number of deployments.
  • Maintain licensing information for each software.

License Compliance Monitoring
License Compliance Monitoring

Enforce strict license compliance.

  • Compare software deployments against the number of licenses available.
  • Track over-deployed or under-utilized licenses.

Software Usage Monitoring
Software Usage Monitoring
  • Monitor software utilization to optimize deployment.
  • Analyze software utilization by number of computers where it is installed, number of users, and duration used.
  • Monitor software utilization using detailed reports and dynamic widgets.

Computer Usage Monitoring
Computer Usage Monitoring

Analyze computer utilization to optimize asset allocation.

  • Monitor the duration for which the computers are used, the number of users using the computers, the number of logins, and the average duration of the session.
  • Monitor computer utilization using detailed reports and dynamic widgets.

User Login Monitoring

Identify users that utilize IT assets the most to optimize asset allocation.

  • Monitor user login patterns in terms of number of logins, total usage, average session duration, and first and last login.
  • Analyze IT asset utilization using detailed reports and dynamic widgets.

Cloud-based Management
Cloud-based Management

Manage your IT assets from a single, web-based console.

  • Monitor your IT assets anytime and anywhere from a web browser.
  • Manage configuration, updates, and deployment through a web-based console.
  • Manage and track IT assets using detailed reports, dynamic widgets and asset management tools.
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