Anti-Executable Standard/Server Standard Release Notes

Version 5.51.2100.659 (December 2018)


24487 Resolved an issue where the keyboard and mouse stop working when Secure Boot is enabled. (Case No. RAV-194-37077, OJE-634-70524, TWN-216-31782)

Known Issues

3668 Newly created Policy should not have Files / Publishers / Folders pre-populated from the Default Policy.

4703 Filter is not available for blank Publishers on Central Control List and policy.

4704 On Policy details dialog, Alert node “Block notification message” box is overlapped on “Please wait…” message.

5408 Multiple confirmation prompts while adding multiple files to the Control List.

6237 When Faronics Core Service is restarted, the Anti-Executable Loadin DLL is not loaded properly.

6689 Same Domain/Local user can be added twice into the “AE Trusted” users list.

7385 AE and VMPlayer compatibility, sometimes BSOD after installation of Anti-Executable. (Case No. PUG-523-40514)

7611 Anti-Executable Enterprise uninstaller typo. (Case No.EAE-176-60020)

24515 Under Publishers, Faronics Core gets added under Microsoft Corporation.


Version 5.50.2100.655 (September 2018)

New Features

  • Monitor VB and PowerShell Scripts – monitor the execution of .vbs and .ps files and block execution of all unauthorized scripts.
  • Ability to automatically update the Faronics Code Signing Certificate and any other certificate thumbprints on the fly.
  • Ability to add bin files to the Anti-Executable whitelist.


19969 Resolved an issue where Anti-Executable makes network applications perform slowly. (Case No. CNR-391-54465)

20609 Resolved an issue where Anti-Executable is unable to display accents in the alert. (Case No. VWE-767-93274)

14216 Resolved an issue where BSOD caused Anti-Executable whitelist to revert to blank. (Case No. SFI-268-52300)

14217 Resolved an issue when Anti-Executable service is hanging on machine start-up if Local Execution list has more that 10K entries in it. (Case No. DKF-906-85852)

19082 Resolved an issue where OpenOffice is unable to launch (bin files blocked) after Anti-Executable is installed. (Case No. SMM-711-78721)

20624 Resolved an issue where Anti-Executable is causing random BSOD when switching into Maintenance mode. (Case No. VXC-558-50345)


Version 5.40.2100.631 (30 October, 2015)

New Features

  • Support for Windows 10


Version 5.33.2100.621 (13 November, 2014)

12007 Resolved an issue where the Add button remained grayed out when trying add publishers under Show Publishers option.

12008 Resolved an issue where Anti-Executable did not block programs running with OutPost Firewall Pro installed. (Case No: KDU-654-76952)


Version 5.20.2100.562 (November 2012)

New Features

  • Support for Windows 8.
  • Support for Windows Server 2012.
  • New Reporting Feature: Anti-Executable Standard now has the ability to display a report of Most Blocked Programs for a date range.
  • Ability to open the log file directly from the UI.
  • Anti-Executable is now available in Portuguese (Brazilian).


6125 Resolved an issue where Scan Progress Bar during installation does not show detailed information as it is shown when scanning files from Anti-Executable UI.


Version 5.10.2100.540 (July 2012)

New Features

  • Active Directory Integration
    Active Directory users and groups can directly be added as Anti-Executable administrators and trusted users.
  • UI and UX Improvements
    • Detailed information displayed to the user when a file is blocked.
    • Detailed progress bar with time estimations is now visible while scanning the computer.
    • Anti-Executable is now launched by double-clicking the Anti-Executable icon in the system tray.


2330 Resolved an issue where the short-cut to launch Anti-Executable was incorrectly mentioned in Online Help.

3277 Resolved an issue where the custom alert icon was not displayed when the blocked message is displayed. (Case No: YSH-611-42007)

3379 Resolved cosmetic issues in localization.

3534 Resolved an issue where when trying to run executables from a renamed folder, unauthorized executables are not executed, but alert is not displayed.

3536 Resolved an issue where Anti-Executable notification was not displayed as expected. However, when running .com, .bat files, Windows message was displayed.

3685 Resolved an issue where it was not possible to uninstall Anti-Executable when it was in Maintenance Mode.

3864 Resolved an issue where Identifile was visible in Silent Mode.

3927 Resolved an issue where registry keys were left behind during uninstallation and hence new installations rolled back.

4257 Resolved an issue where Anti-Executable was blocking access to Windows resources. (Case No: IKS-557-89233)


Version 5.00.2100.515 (April 2012)

New Features

  • Granular control of Publishers
    Publishers can be controlled on four different levels: Certificate, Product Name, Program File and File Version.
  • User Interface Improvements
    The following user interface improvements are available: In-column search and filtering when navigating control lists, Provisioning of Anti-Executable users based on local and domain accounts, and Alert dialog.

Deprecated Features

  • Blocking of Publishers
    Anti-Executable no longer provides an ability to block a specific Publisher. Since Anti-Executable works on default deny principle, only programs that are explicitly allowed to run will execute, leaving any unauthorized program as blocked. With the added flexibility of publisher control on publisher, program, file and version levels, an administrator can allow only a specific version of a particular file within a program entry of a publisher certificate. This will eliminate program version fragmentation and only allow a specific version of a product to run.
  • Dedicated Whitelist or Blacklist
    Having a dedicated whitelist of blacklist can be confusing to a user as the same executable can be allowed to run on one computer, but blocked on another. This is why an execution control list has been created and the local control list is augmented by policies that specify whether a program is blocked or allowed to run. Blocking action always takes precedence.


2865 Resolved an issue where both ‘Primary’ and ‘Backup’ configuration files got corrupted on the workstation. As a result, the Anti-Executable icon did not appear in the System Tray and the user could not get access to the Anti-Executable UI.


Version 4.21.2100.492 (January 2011)


TT506 Resolved an issue where Anti-Executable was displayed as an Evaluation even when the proper license was applied. (Case No: FGX-389-48780)

FB2144 Resolved an issue where the Temporary Execution Mode settings were not included when exporting the Anti-Executable configuration and importing it back.


Version 4.20.2100.483

New Features

  • Integration with Faronics Anti-Virus
    Automatically scan files using Faronics Anti-Virus before adding them to the whitelist.


456 Resolved issue where Anti-Executable prevented all permissions on the folder if the folder name had .com, .jar or .bat in it.

496 Resolved issue where Anti-Executable blocked SBAMSvr.exe when Faronics StorageSpace was a mounted folder and Anti-Executable was installed with an initial whitelist scan.

497 Resolved issue where no files were added to a whitelist if Faronics StorageSpace was scanned from a level up (for example, Faronics folder).

500 Resolved issue where the Anti-Executable configuration files could be deleted if Faronics StorageSpace was a mounted folder.

502 Windows XP only: Resolved issue where the computer crashed after 3 to 4 hours if Deep Freeze Enterprise, Faronics System Profiler, Faronics Anti-Virus and Anti-Executable were installed.

503 Windows XP only: Resolved issue where the files copied to the mounted Faronics StorageSpace folder during maintenance mode are not added to the Active whitelist.

505 Windows Server 2008 R2 only: Resolved issue where the computer kept rebooting in a loop if the computer is rebooted after installing Anti-Executable, enabling Protection with an empty whitelist.


Version 4.11.2100.468


485 Resolved issue where Anti-Executable did not function and could not be uninstalled. This occurred only on Windows 7 and Windows Vista systems with a wireless adapter.

487 Resolved issue where Anti-Executable UI did not launch while changing the status with the Administrator or Trusted User password enabled. Anti-Executable relogin or clicking on the Anti-Executable icon in the System Tray was required.


Version 4.10.2100.465

New Features

  • Better control on All files
    Unauthorized All files loaded from a network location are now blocked on Windows Vista.
  • Enhanced Security
    Various operating system components are more secure due to enhanced security.


473 Resolved issue that prevented the product from being uninstalled on Windows 7 SP1.


Version 4.00.2100.457

New Features

  • Identifile
    Checks files against a signature database to gather more information on the file. Reports on manufacturer name, file hash, version, how many applications use a file, and whether file is malicious.
  • Temporary Execution Mode (TEM)
    Allows unrestricted file execution for a specific time period.
  • TEM Reporting
    Ability to run a report on executed programs during Temporary Execution Mode.
  • .dll File Control
    Anti-Executable now optionally supports .dll files.
  • Stability and Security Enhancements
    Numerous stability and security enhancements have been added with an improved embedded driver. These enhancements require a reboot of the target workstations after installation.


271 Multiple violation entries are made to Event Log every time an unauthorized .bat or .com is executed on the workstation.

378 When a shared folder mapped with a local drive letter (not a UNC path) was added to an Active Blacklist, Anti-Executable was unable to block executables in this folder if this executable was also added to an Active Whitelist. This issue has been resolved.

401 Resolved issue where no icon was displayed and the short-cut key did not work. (Case*: 153-39334)

403 Resolved issue where BSOD occurred after referencing AEFILTER.sys. (Case*: 153-39790)

406 Resolved issue where BSOD occurred due to AEFILTER.sys. (Case*: 153-36648)

414 Resolved issue where alerts were not displayed if a Windows XP system was accessed using RDP

442 Resolved issue where, if a file has Product Name, Publisher Name, File Name and File version its corresponding columns in the Whitelist and Blacklist editor are not populated with the information.

454 On Windows Vista and higher: Resolved issue where the Anti-Executable upgrade process failed and Anti-Executable is partially uninstalled if there was a large Whitelist or Blacklist.

462 Resolved issue of BSOD while trying to launch from Internet Explorer.


Version 3.60.2100.426

New Features

  • Publisher Entries for Whitelist and Blacklist
    Anti-Executable can now allow or block the executables based on the digital signature.
  • Granularity in Export or Import of configuration
    Anti-Executable configuration can now be exported or imported based on Active Whitelists and Blacklists, alert image, and Anti-Executable users.
  • Improved Whitelist and Blacklist Editor
    Whitelist and Blacklist Editors now display number of files in the list and number of files selected. The columns in the Whitelist or Blacklist Editors can be displayed, hidden, or rearranged.


354 Resolved issue where the Anti-Executable entry was not removed from Faronics Product under WMI after uninstall.


Version 3.50.1111.406

New Features

  • Supported on Windows 7.


248 Resolved compatibility issue with Sandboxie.

294 Resolved issue that could cause Anti-Executable to disable access to network connections and device manager.

309 Resolved issue that could cause a Trusted Folder on a Novell network share to not function correctly.

336 Resolved minor localization issues.


Version 3.40.1111.391

New Features

  • Compatible with Deep Freeze Maintenance Mode (requires Deep Freeze Enterprise v6.61 or later)
    Anti-Executable can be configured to automatically enter Maintenance Mode when Deep Freeze enters its Maintenance Mode.
  • Black List Option
    Any program on a Black List will not run even if it is present in the Active White List.
  • Export to CSV
    White List and Black List files can be exported to CSV format.
  • UNC Path Option
    Administrators can optionally add files to a White List or Black List by entering the path to the target file or folder.
  • Event Log Viewer
    The Event Log can be opened directly from the Anti-Executable UI.
  • Stealth Mode Granularity
    Stealth Mode now allows for three options to be configured independently: Hide notification, Hide icon on system tray, and Hide splash window.


215 Resolved issue in the Server edition that caused the update link in the Configuration dialog to be missing.

226 Resolved cosmetic display issues when rendering a White List.

278 Increased speed of scanning and adding new files to the White List at the conclusion of Maintenance Mode.

296 Resolved issue that could allow Anti-Executable to be disabled by an unauthorized user in one specific circumstance.

297 Resolved issue that could prevent the White List Editors Merge, Export, and Save As buttons to be non-responsive in certain circumstances.

307 Resolved issue that prevented Anti-Executable from being installed on a Windows 2008 server that is a domain controller.


Version 3.30.1111.373

New Features

  • Maintenance Mode
    Temporarily disable Anti-Executable protection while software updates or new software are installed. When the installations are finished, Anti-Executable will automatically incorporate any new or modified executable files to the active White List.
  • Automatic White List
    Optionally set Anti-Executable to create and apply a White List on installation.
  • White List Date Stamp
    The White List Editor has a new column showing the date the executable was added to the White List.
  • Support for Windows Server 2008 (32- and 64-bit).


259 Resolved issue that could allow newly created. bat files to be executed in a particular corner case.


Version 3.20.1111.354

New Features

  • Ability to scan multiple locations in a single operation when creating a White List.
  • Search field added to the White List Editor.
  • Merging White Lists.
  • Events logged to a custom log within the Event Viewer.
  • Anti-Executable Administrator requires a password.
  • Localization in Simplified Chinese.


187 Resolved issue where, if Protection is enabled and user terminated AEEngine.exe and Antiexecutable.exe from Task Manager and uninstalled Anti-Executable, the Anti-Executable application was uninstalled successfully. However, on trying to reinstall Anti-Executable, the error message Anti-Executable cannot reinstall was displayed.

208 Resolved issue where the Alt + S key combination was duplicated in the White List Editor.

209 Resolved issue where the Alt + R key combination was duplicated on the alert message dialog.

212 Resolved issue on Windows Server 2003 where, AntiExecutable.exe did not start unless an unauthorized executable was launched.

247 Resolved issue where a White folder did not function properly and no executable could be run from it if Anti-Executable was installed on a dynamic disk.

250 Resolved issue where Anti-Executable did not prompt for an Administrator password.

253 Resolved issue where the button names were not displayed properly for Japanese systems.

260 Resolved issue where no message was displayed while upgrading from Anti-Executable 3.1 to Anti-Executable 3.2.


Version 3.10.1111.37

New Features

  • Modified White List Editor
    While editing an Active White List through the White List Editor, an Apply button appears on the White List Editor instead of the Save button. On clicking the Apply button, Anti-Executable will immediately apply the changes made to the Active White List.


  • Resolved issue where the executable names are not displayed in the Windows standard open dialog.
  • Resolved issue where Windows 2003 server took more time to boot up if protection is enabled.
  • Resolved issue where Anti-Executable did not launch after installation.
  • Resolved issue where, if the hardware profile is disabled, Anti-Executable does not startup after a reboot.
  • Resolved issue where the progress indicator is not displayed if action is taken for more than 5 seconds (For example, open and display White List with a large number of items or add items to a large White List.).
  • Resolved issue where the user was able to turn an expired Anti-Executable On.
  • Resolved issue where, after the evaluation period, the Valid Until… message was displayed instead of Expired.
  • Resolved issue where the focus goes to the Administrators Password dialog instead of the Trusted Users Password dialog. This occurred when password is enabled for the Administrator and when trying to apply the password for the Trusted User.
  • Resolved issue where it was not possible to launch executables from a remote location even if the folder was added to the Active White List.
  • Resolved issue where Allow and Add to White List button only runs an executable and does not add it to the Active White List when the Configuration dialog is open.
  • Resolved issue where the second user does not get any alert message when protection is on and Fast User Switch is used.
  • Resolved issue where the user is able to close Configuration dialog if Active White List is opened for editing.
  • Resolved issue where, if the password for Administrator or Trusted user is enabled, the user was prompted for a password in the Configuration dialog every time when New, Open or Edit was clicked on the White List tab.
  • Resolved issue where the flash screen was displayed if the White List Editor was opened.
  • Resolved issue where the executable name was not displayed on the confirmation dialog on removing or deleting any element from White List.
  • Resolved issue where a blank screen was displayed and the user was unable to perform any action. This occurred when protection was enabled and an unauthorized screen saver was used to lock the machine.
  • Resolved issue where the Update word was not displayed properly in the Anti-Executable user interface when a new version of Anti-Executable was available.
  • Resolved issue where the format of a log file was incorrect in Japanese.
  • Resolved issue where Google search was not disabled when multiple items were selected in a White List.
  • Resolved issue where the User List could not be sorted.
  • Resolved issue where the Anti-Executable was displayed as Evaluation even after it was expired.
  • Resolved issue where the second last users Administrator check box was selected when all users were selected from the user list.
  • Resolved issue where the items in the drop-down list for Log File Size Units and time units for Protection Off were replicated. This occurred on exporting and importing the configuration without closing the Configuration dialog.
  • Resolved issue where Anti-Executable terminated abnormally.
  • Resolved issue where Anti-Executable stopped responding after performing certain actions for a while.
  • Resolved issue where log files in GB were not imported to a log file in MB properly.
  • Resolved issue where the message You cannot import configuration in this format was displayed. This occurred when the default configuration was exported after installing Anti-Executable and restarting the computer. On trying to import the default configuration file, the above error message was displayed.
  • Resolved issue where the White List was created in the My Documents folder inspite of clicking the Cancel button while creating the first White List.
  • Resolved issue where the Not for Resale phrase remained in English even when the language of the application was changed.
  • Resolved issue where there was no confirmation displayed when the Configuration dialog was closed by clicking X in the title bar after making changes to the configuration.
  • Resolved issue where the UI closed without any user interaction. This occurred when a wrong password was entered for a user and an alert for Mismatch password was displayed. On clicking the OJCbutton on the alert dialog, the UI closed instead of setting the focus back to the Password dialog.
  • Resolved issue where the configuration dialog displayed after importing a configuration file was not modal.
  • Resolved issue where the changes to the Active White List were applied immediately on clicking Save, and without clicking the OK or Apply button.
  • Resolved issue where Windows Explorer did not respond on Windows Vista after particular actions were performed.
  • Resolved issue where the log file size unexpectedly displayed as 1 MB. This occurred when the log file was set in GB and another configuration with a log file size of more than 4 MB was imported over it.
  • Resolved issue where Anti-Executable did not pop-up a message for the second user when Fast User Switch is used and Windows Explorer terminated abnormally.
  • Resolved issues where Synaptics and UltraNav drivers caused keyboard and blue screen of death errors.
  • Resolved issue where Anti-Executable did not allow modifications to folder with a dot (.) in its name.
  • Resolved issue where the message Unable to import new configuration was displayed. This occurred when trying to import a configuration created on the same computer.
  • Resolved issue where FireFox was not working properly in computers where Anti-Executable was installed.
  • Resolved issue where Windows rebooted and then stayed on the login screen for a few minutes without accepting any keyboard or mouse input. Thereafter, the blue screen of death was displayed.


Version 3.00.1111.23

New Features

  • New White List scanning and parsing architecture
  • Multiple White Lists available
  • Central White List management and deployment
  • White Lists can be viewed and edited
  • White Folder feature added to exempt a CD-ROM, USB device, disk, or network drive from Anti-Executable protection
  • Windows 2000/XP 32-bit/XP 64-bit/Vista 32-bit/Vista 64-bit support added and Windows 95/98/Me support dropped



New Features

  • Allow or Block execution of applications from local CD-ROM / DVD drives while Anti-Executable is On
  • Ability to specify where the log file is saved
  • Ability to minimize the white list scanning process during installation


  • Resolved issue that could cause a violation message to display on the workstation after the Evaluation period had ended, even though nothing is blocked by Anti-Executable at that time
  • Resolved issue where all \windows\system32V.exe files are added to the Trusted Application list after installation of Anti-Executable if the computer had Norton 2008 installed



No changes: version number changed to keep build number in sync with Anti-Executable Enterprise



Improved Features

  • Added an Exempted Folders feature to include all subfolders within a directory
  • Added a Trusted Applications feature to include all executables recursively within a specified directory



New Features

  • Japanese localization


  • Resolved an incompatibility issue that occurred when running Anti-Executable with a server monitoring tool or a Virtual Private Network client.




  • Resolved an issue related to the creation of duplicate user profilers at user logon when using third-party user management utilities with Anti-Executable