Faronics Power Save and Oklahoma City University

Power Save & Oklahoma City University energy management software
by Kelly Batke – 04/18/11

Because there was no dedicated PC power management strategy in place, computers at Oklahoma City University (OCU) were shut down manually only when the staff chose to turn them off. Some systems even remained on and active for as long as four months.

The intelligent energy management software, Faronics Power Save was exactly what the university needed. Power Save has a unique feature that no other energy management software has—the ability to initiate energy conservation policies based on CPU, disk, network, and application activity.

Power Save has now been configured at OCU to shut down after 90 minutes of inactivity, assuming that disk and CPU usage is below 20%. The university has also scheduled the system to power on at midnight every Wednesday to receive updates.

The energy managements software’s ability to lower the university’s computer energy costs in a manner that is non-disruptive to organizations, users, and IT processes has been a big success. And thanks to the specialized enterprise reporting, OCU can also now verify their savings.

Faronics Power Save is providing OCU with $27,000 in savings on their electrical bill over the next three years, and the university couldn’t be happier.