Faronics Insight Feature History

Insight 8.0 (June 2018)

  • Keystroke alerting for Chromebook: send banned word alerts and retrieve screenshots when requested by the teacher.
  • Chromebook Keystroke Alerts are now recorded by the Report Server.
  • Windows and Mac remote control features can now be disabled.
  • Insight Connection Server can now automatically export statistics as a .csv file.
  • Updated Insight Connection Server Status Pages user interface.
  • SetChannel.exe can now be used to change ConnectionServerAddress and Options in addition to Channel.
  • Removed keyboard locking on view.
  • Added nag option to encourage students to accept full screen.
  • Report Server data is now retained when upgrading from previous releases.
  • Added the ability to select a Network Card IP address for the Insight Connection Server.
  • Added an installation parameter that allows the Insight Connection Server to bypass scheduled restart task creation.

Insight 8.0 (July 2017)

  • New checkbox option to hide show/remote quality setting.
  • Insight Tech Console now available in Simplified Chinese.
  • Added option for Command Line install parameter to turn off “task limiting”.
  • Added option for Teacher console to always use legacy remote control and show teacher/student.
  • Added option to prevent students from jumping to channel 16001, only if “student privacy” option is toggled during the install.
  • Enhanced OS X Insight Security monitor to be as robust as the Windows version.
  • New iOS Student Chat.

Insight 8.0 (December 2016)

  • Up to 8x Faster Screen Sharing
    – Thumbnail monitoring now uses half the amount of data compared with previous editions resulting in lower bandwidth usage overall.
    – Show Teacher and Student screen is approximately 400% faster.
    – Remote Control using similar performance results like the Show screen feature.
    – Chromebook Enhancements
  • Battery and Power Status information in the Teachers Console.
    – Ability to select random Insight Student.
    – Enhanced security with Password Secure mode.
    – Available as an option to use as part of Trial\Demo mode.
  • e-Safety Enhancements
    – Get e-Safety with Banned Words\Keystroke alerts.
    – Send a snapshot to the teacher console on a banned word event triggered by an Insight student.
    – e-Safety integration with Insight Report Server to get a centralized perspective on events in the Insight environment.
    – Record and analyze technology utilization with reports such as website visits or application usage by a student or computer.
  • Android Student Enhancements
    – Enable Thumbnail monitoring even outside of the Insight student application.
    – New Blank screen and Chat feature for better control.
    – Newly redesigned Student interface for enhanced usability.
    – Ability to sign-in with the Google profile to allow Insight to use the student’s login name.
    – Optimized Insight Student app to work with Android 7.0 Nougat.
  • New Show Screen Settings
    – Active Display – Ability to select a single monitor, or multiple monitors to be displayed during the show session.
    – Image Quality – Ability to select performance based on speed vs. image quality. With new Turtle mode, Rabbit mode and Cheetah mode to set the desired speed vs. image quality.
    – Turbo Mode – See up to 800% performance increase with 6-10 frames per second with the new Turbo mode.
    – Draw on Screen – Allow the Teacher to draw with a red pen on the screen with enhanced usability.
  • Customer Enhancements
    – New option to minimize vs. shutdown in Application Limiting
    – Mac Teacher can now use network path for dynamic class lists
    – Wake-On-Lan (WOL) option so that settings can be local machine rather than User

Insight 7.81 (February 2016)

  • Improved Usability for Screen Sharing in Chromebook: Enhanced Chromebook Student Preferences dialog where students can clearly select if they want to share an Active browser tab or Full screen. Selecting Full Screen will display a security prompt and the student must click Share to share the screen.

Insight 7.81 (September 2015)

  • Support for El Capitan (OS X 10.11)
  • Windows 10 Teacher and Student Support
  • Windows 10 Web Limiting for Edge Browser in Windows 10
    Windows 10 introduced a new browser called Edge Browser which we can now block during web limiting. Microsoft does not provide any granular control so will just block the browser if any web limiting is enabled.
  • Windows 10 granular Application Limiting of Modern apps
    Some apps can also be blocked on Windows 8 but customer should test it.
  • Windows 10 Remote Execute “Run” of Metro, Modern, and Windows Store  style Windows apps
    You can now actually launch modern apps by providing the web link for that particular app.
  • Teacher Console “Show Teacher” screen sharing statistics
    To activate on Windows, Start “Show Teacher” while holding down Ctrl. On Mac while holding Shift-command.
  • Upgraded OpenSSL in Insight

Insight 7.81 (July 2015)

  • View Student, Show Student and Chat added to Chromebook Student.
  • 10,000 student connections allowed per Insight Connection Server
  • Auto-update Teacher through the Insight Connection Server.
  • Allow multi-select in Teacher Console lists when running on Windows 8 tablets.
  • Handle device disconnects when device goes to sleep.
  • Student Privacy option now available.
  • “Ask the Teacher a Question” notice more obvious and added timestamp.
  • 64-bit iOS applications for Teacher’s Assistant and Universal Student.
  • Communication and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) Accessibility measures included in this release.
  • Resources button now available for Teacher to get easy/quick access.

Insight 7.80 (March 2015)

  • Support for OS X Yosemite
  • Support for iOS 8 (includes enhancements for iPhone 6 and 6 plus)
  • Improved Insight Connection Server Communication
  • Improved web-limiting on FireFox and Chrome

Insight 7.80 (July 2014)

  • Support for Insight Student on Google Chromebooks for Intel and ARM hardware (supports Thumbnail Monitoring, Show Teacher, Draw on Screen, Limit Web, Send Message, Vote / Polling, Ask Teacher a Question, Details of Student to Teacher, Class List support, Testing, Run URL, Blank Screen and Internet History).
    Insight Student on Chrome Web Store
    Insight Web extension
  • Assessment Mode allows the Teacher to put all of the Student computers into a ‘locked down’ state when Students take Assessment tests on their computers.
  • Wireless Tampering prevention via SSID Limitation used in conjunction with the Network Tampering feature of Insight to ensure that the machine connects only to the required school’s wireless network when available.
  • Auto Update all Windows and Apple-Mac students to the same version of Insight software.
  • New Universal iOS Teacher Assistant application for iPhone and iPad.
  • Limit Web feature now supported for Chrome browser on Mac OS.
  • All Keystroke Alerts and Questions from Students to Teachers are sent to a log that can be viewed or saved out to a file on the disk.

Insight 7.74 (February 2014)

  • Support for Windows 8.1 tablets with touchscreen interface (supports Blank Screen, Limit Web, Remote Control, Show Screen etc).
  • Support for OS X Mavericks (10.9)
  • Support for scaling settings when either Teacher or Student is on a tablet (supports Show Teacher/Student with font scaling 150% scaling).
  • Fixed Limit Web feature introduced by Google in Chrome browser version 29+.

Insight 7.73 (June 2013)

  • New “Speak” section consolidates audio options from Show & Control and provides a new Audio pop-up dialog to notify when audio is enabled. Two new features are available:
    – Speak to class.
    – Let student speak to class.
  • Ability to use other functions of the Teacher Console after enabling screen blanking.
  • Network Tampering Controls will monitor, the wired and wireless networks for adapter disconnects. This feature must be enabled on the Student computer (Initially on Windows Only).
  • Find/Filter options in the Teacher Console details, thumbnail, and manage class list views.
  • Insight Connection Server support for Thin Clients.
  • New Windows Multipoint Server 2012 Support.
  • New logic added to Status Notification of Teacher Connection in student system tray: Enabled only if a teacher is on the same channel.
  • New safety mechanism/warning dialog to confirm disruptive actions.
  • Added tool tips for Mac Console.
  • New student count to manage class list interface.
  • Color reduction option for Screen Feed, enable\disable in Console preferences Teacher tab.
  • Changed default selection mode in thumbnails view to be standard selection, not toggle section, and added an option in preferences to switch.
  • New On-demand options.
  • Enable channel select command line option for students.
  • Teacher Console that does not require class list integration.
  • Insight Student configured for the Connection Server now supports DNS name.
  • New Utility “DisableAudio.exe” removes audio capabilities on a Windows Teacher Console.
  • Support added for Mac to send automated crash logs back to Faronics.
  • New option enabled by default for Insight to automatically check for Insight updates (Teacher – Preferences -Notifications)
  • New “SwitchToTeacher” utility for Mac allows the ability to have both the teacher and student agents installed on the same device.
  • Android Insight Connection Server and Distance Teaching Support.
  • Android students can now be added to class lists.

Version 7.72 (January 2013)

  • Windows 8 support.
  • Ubuntu Linux 12 and 64-bit support.
  • System Tray student notification of teacher connection.
  • Insight Connection support for Tech Console.
  • Group Chat – Multiple students can chat in a group with a Teacher.
  • New Unload options for On-demand students.
  • Increased the amount of time student have to review “Timed tests” results.
  • iOS App Enhancements:
    – iPhone 5 student support.
    – iOS Universal Student Agent (merged Student app from 2 to 1).
    – iPhone Student testing support.
    – iOS Class List support.
    – iOS Students support for Insight connection server.
  • Added Customizable background image for Blank Screen for Mac Teachers. (Windows support was added in the previous 7.7.1 release).
  • Windows Multipoint Server Plug-in now shows the IP address in the details view.
  • Wildcards support for Application limiting.
  • Support for Simplified Chinese (Windows only).

Version 7.71 (September 2012)

  • Apple OS X Mountain Lion Support (10.8)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Windows Only)
  • Additional Insight Connection Server feature support
    – Limit Printing
    – Limit Drives
    – Keystroke History
    – Application History
    – Power on Student
    – Banned word support
  • Customizable background image for Blank Screen (Windows Teacher Only)
  • Linux students report capabilities back to teacher consoles
  • New Insight Connection Server configuration options in ADM and ADMX files
  • Insight Connection Server debug log option
  • Improved student connection indicator for Insight Connection Server

Version 7.70 (July 2012)

  • New Insight Connection Server, client-server model for improved support in VLAN & Wireless environments.
  • Expanded iOS Teacher Assistant with Remote Control Students and Remote Control Teacher.
  • Expanded iOS Student capabilities with receive “Show Teacher”, “Show Student”, Draw on Screen, iOS web browser with Limit web and web history reporting.
  • New Android Student.
  • Insight Tech Console centralized Faronics Deep Freeze Control and threaded software install.
  • Improved Inventory Scanner for Windows to leverage native WMI.
  • Insight default startup view now thumbnails.
  • Added ability to pass KIOSK mode into Terminal Server Teachers.
  • Improved student state detection in teacher consoles.
  • Insight Teacher Consoles can communicate on high port (11796) for operating systems that can not listen on lower privileged port (796).
  • New Insight Student command-line install options: LCS= (IP address of Connection Server) RELAY= (IP address of webNetwork Relay).
  • New Insight Connection Server Port configuration registry key:
      ConnectionServerPort  REG_SZ  <NewPortNumber>
    • Once the new port is defined on the Insight Connection Server (LCS), student machines will also required to modify the port to match the port value on the LCS:
        ConnectionServerAddress                  //32-bit PCs
      • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Insight]
        ConnectionServerAddress                  //64-bit PCs
    • Increased the data limit log for keystroke and application logging from 500KB to 1MB

Version 7.63 (April 2012)

  • Support for NComputing M300 thin clients.

Version 7.62

  • Added support for Linux Students on Ubuntu 11.10.
  • Added the ability to associate a profile with a Class List on a Mac Teacher (already available in Windows).
  • Mac Only: Added the ability to display custom cursors (like those used in a Photoshop-type of application) on the student during a Show Teacher or Remote Control session (not available on Windows).

Version 7.61

  • Support for Internet Explorer  x64 URL detection and web limiting for Windows.

Version 7.60

  • Administrative Enhancements
    – 3rd party integration with SIS vendors for class list importing i.e. PowerSchool (PC & Mac)
    – Linux student Beta – Ubuntu v10 and 11 with Gnome desktop and Firefox 4 for browser only
    – Mac OS X 10.7 Lion support
    – Windows Multipoint Server 2011 support
    – WMS Console Plug-in
    – Configurable install option: Internet History Logging
  • Testing Enhancements
    – Secure test booklet (PC and Mac Support)
    – Add student to test after it has started (PC and Mac Support)
    – Test response buttons easier to access for netbook users: 400×400 resolution
  • Control Enhancements
    – Send/Collect folders and directories (PC and Mac Support)
    – Screen Feed – Full screen thumbnail rotation (PC and Mac Support)
    – Blank screen before login (PC and Mac Support)
    – Close buttons on Windows to work on netbooks: 400×400 resolution
    – Mac Firefox web limiting white/black listing support
    – Workstations sortable by IP Address in details view
  • Third Party Device Support
    – Vernier Support (Science lab device. Will be able to view its screen, blank screen and send messages)
  • Linux Students will support the following features
    – Broadcast Teacher screen to students
    – Broadcast student screens to other students
    – Blank screens
    – Remote control
    – Thumbnail Monitoring
    – Limit web
    – Limit apps
    – Voting
    – Send/Collect files
    – Shutdown, Log-off, Restart
    – Students questions
    – Send message
    – Wired and Wireless support

Version 7.50

  • Improved Student Monitoring
  • Strengthened Teacher Control
  • Enhanced Lesson Quality and Student Experience
  • Mac Feature Parity
  • Improved Wireless Technology
  • Support for Insight iOS Apps

Version 7.40

  • Windows 7 support added.

Version 7.40

  • Mac OS X Teacher Console
  • Firefox Web Limiting (Windows)
  • Internet Explorer 8 support
  • Activity Directory Group Membership security

Version 7.30

  • Limit IP Address Browsing
    By entering the IP address of a website (i.e., students were sometime able to bypass the web limiting feature. Insight now has the option to block all web browsing via IP addresses.
  • Choose Random Student
    Allows the teacher to let Insight randomly select a student. The winning student is notified that they have been selected.
  • Co-browse the Internet
    Allows teachers to simultaneously launch a browser on all or selected student workstations and have the students view the web browser on the teacher’s computer. This feature is perfect for teachers that want to demonstrate the navigation of a website (Microsoft Internet Explorer only).
  • Randomize Test Questions
    Questions are now presented in a random order to prevent students from copying the answers of their neighbors. Teachers still see questions in a consistent order for progress tracking.
  • Available Websites
    Teachers can now implement a launch page that displays the websites that a student is allowed to browse or the websites they are not allowed to browse.
  • Enhanced Web Limiting
    In previous versions of Insight, if a student was browsing the web when the teacher clicked Limit Web, the student could continue to view any page they had currently loaded. This feature has been modified. Now, if a teacher clicks Limit Web, any web browsers that are open on the student machine will be redirected to the Insight Available Websites page if the website is blocked via the white or black list.
  • Unlimited Internet History
    Insight now prevents students from deleting their Internet Explorer browsing history. This feature is not supported on Internet Explorer 8.0.
  • Auto-Refresh of Running Applications
    The running applications window now automatically refreshes so that a teacher can view what applications a student is running in real-time.
  • Windowed Broadcast Memory
    In the past, if a student resized the teacher’s broadcast windows, that size would be lost during the next broadcast. Insight now remembers the size and position of the broadcast windows.
  • Multi-Platform Voting
    Teachers can now send out class votes to both Mac and Windows student workstations.
  • Increased Workstation Support
    In the past Insight was limited to 250 students in the thumbnail or details view. The Insight Console now supports 3000 students, however when selecting a subset of students it must not contain more than 250 students.
    This further enhances the use of channel 0 so that a teacher or technician can view and control any student workstation and see all action commands from any teacher workstation on all the channels across the network. Channel 0 can not view teacher workstation’s screen; it can only see what their actions are via a live info box at the bottom of the channel 0 console.
  • Teacher Profiles
    Teachers can now save their console settings and customizations that they can easily load in the future. The following settings are saved in a profile: class lists, thumbnail layouts, allowed and blocked websites, allowed and blocked applications, limit task manager status, limit IP address browsing status, limit print button state, limit USB button state, limit Mute button state, and custom blank screen messages. Allows teachers to have a custom set of settings for each class they teach because each class is not always the same. Teacher profiles are also useful for teachers who share computer labs but want to control the lab in different ways.
  • One-to-One Enhancements
    Insight v7.3 includes several enhancements to support one-to-one schools, including class lists that automatically locate student machines and change their channel to the teacher’s channel, profiles that load according to class lists, and student notebook power level monitoring.

Version 7.21

  • Support for Mac OS X: Insight Student now supports Mac OS X v10.4 and v10.5.

Version 7.20

  • Insight supports thin client, fat client and a mixture of both thin and fat clients. The following thin client environments are supported: Windows 2003 Terminal Server and NComputing. The Muting, Limit USB, and Limit Printing features are not supported on thin clients.
  • Student Testing: Teachers can create up to 100 question tests that can include graphics (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp). The tests can then be sent out to one or more students and tracked in real-time. Teachers can optionally time the test and export the results to a .csv file.
  • Muting: Teachers can mute the sound on student computers.
  • Allow Task Manager: By default, the Windows Task Manager is disabled to prevent students from hacking the computer. In some instances, students need access to Task Manager. The Task Manager can now be enabled via Insight.
  • Toolbar Configuration: The toolbar can be customized by adding, rearranging or removing the  icons.
  • Student Name from Active Directory: Insight normally displays the Windows or Novell login name. Now, if the Student Display Name is available in Active Directory, it is displayed in the Login Name column.
  • Insight Teacher Kiosk Mode: The Insight Teacher Console can be run in Kiosk mode. In Kiosk mode, the console cannot be minimized or closed.
  • Secure Mode: Insight can be configured to require a password to access the console. This password must match the password that is entered during the secure student install. If it does not match the password that is entered during the secure student install, the student screens on that channel will appear frosted out and the rogue teacher console has no control over the students on that channel.
  • Key logging will not capture passwords when in a Windows Security dialog.
  • File transfer is now available from a right-click while hovering over a student workstation.
  • Blank Screen Enhancements: The last 10 blank screens messages are saved and easily accessible through the arrow to the right on the blank screens button. When the blank screen message appears on the student computers, it is now sized to better fit the screen.
  • Real-time Keystroke Monitoring : When the keystroke monitoring window is open, it refreshes automatically and shows student keystrokes in real-time. If you scroll back to view previous keystrokes, the automatic refresh is disabled until you scroll back to the bottom of the list.

Version 7.10

  • Teacher: The student’s ability to access a USB drive can be limited through the Console. This feature does not affect the USB keyboard and mouse. This feature is only supported on Windows 2000 or higher.
  • Teacher: Monitor all applications and keystrokes on a student’s computer. This feature does not capture keystrokes at the login prompt.
  • Teacher: Thumbnails can now be arranged in the shape of the classroom. Each thumbnail has its own layout that is automatically saved.
  • Student: Students can now type a question to the teacher through Insight. The question can be viewed by the teacher by hovering the mouse over the thumbnail or from the Last Question column in the details view.
  • Teacher: Teachers can change student channels from the console. In previous versions of Insight, the only way to change the channel was to re-install Insight or run setchannel.exe. This must be enabled by an administrator with the EnableChannelSelect utility.
  • Teacher: The console now has four thumbnail sizes to choose from. The smallest size allows you to see more than 80 student machines on a 15” monitor without having to scroll.
  • Teacher: A drop-down menu has been added below the Web and Application limiting buttons to make it easier to configure these features.
  • The performance of the Console, Remote Control, and Thumbnails have been enhanced for greater speed and reliability.
  • Teacher: The Web Limiting configuration now recognizes the wildcards “*” and “?”, making it easier to limit web sites with similar URLs.
  • Teacher: The Application Limiting feature has been enhanced. With this feature, students will no longer be able to rename files to get around Application Limiting.
  • Teacher: The Voting Results feature has been enhanced to view how each student answered the question and export the results to a text file.
  • The Power On dialog will find and add all machines to the list on a particular channel. You can now delete machines from that list.
  • Teacher: It is now possible to switch between Remote Control and View Only by clicking the arrow to the right of the Control button. In previous versions, you had to stop the session to switch.

Version 7.0

  • Printer blocking
    Allow teacher to disable printing on selected student machines
  • One to One enhancements
    Allow teacher to move between different classrooms while keeping class lists organized and updated in real time. One to One also allows the student machine to join other classrooms by changing to a different teacher channel without restarting
  • Increase the allowed channels from 255 to 16,000
  • Japanese localization added