Airline kiosks, systems benefited by Deep Freeze Enterprise

Airline kiosks, systems benefited by Deep Freeze Enterprise

Modern technology has had an incredible impact on the airline industry. Checking in at the airport, for instance, can now be performed on a self-service kiosk that prints boarding passes and checks bags, among other tasks. But for all of the conveniences that these machines have provided, their usefulness depends on their functionality and availability. Having systems that are constantly down or require frequent, sweeping updates can negate the point of having them in the first place.

This is true not just for these kiosks, but for all computers and servers in an airport's facilities. Flights happen 24 hours a day all over the world, and to have an entire system go out for an extended period of time can cause lost customers and needless downtime. But this still raises the question of how best to make this all happen. The answer, however, lies in offerings from Faronics – particularly those in the Deep Freeze family.

Should systems require an update or have a security problem that must be addressed, these terminals cannot all be shut down at once for a swift change, but instead must be staggered so that some remain online and the airport can continue to go about business. Maintenance solutions need to allow for this and with Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise, getting on the right track has never been easier.

Deep Freeze Enterprise enables 100% uptime
People don't stop moving these days, meaning that airports have to be constantly operational. This can be complicated when maintenance and updates need to be performed. But with Deep Freeze Enterprise and its localized "reboot to restore" method, airlines can make sure they are taking care of their systems without sacrificing on service.

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