Deep Freeze Server Enterprise Release Notes

Version (March 20, 2019)

New Enhancements

  • Windows Server: Windows Update Cache Drive Letter
    Addressed Deep Freeze Windows update caching issue on Windows Server by assigning a drive letter to the cache folder. A Deep Freeze workstation upgrade will automatically assign drive letter B:\ to the cache folder which can be updated in the Deep Freeze configuration. The caching letter will be hidden in Windows Explorer.
  • Windows Server: Feature Update Support
    Now the Windows Update Task supports the installation of Feature Updates so customers can easily upgrade from build 1709 to 1809 for example. Deep Freeze will respect the Windows Update advanced options that can defer such updates.
  • Recovery Improvements
    Improvements in Deep Freeze maintenance recovery process when Windows updates are not marked properly, reducing the number and duration of Thawed restarts necessary to return the computer to a Frozen State.
  • Exclude System Drive from Deep Freeze Protection
    Customers can now optionally configure a system drive to be Thawed.
  • Full Support for NVMe Drives
    Deep Freeze is now compatible with NVMe drives using Advanced Format (4K) technology (often used in modern Mac computers).
  • Support for iSCSI Drives
    Deep Freeze Server is now compatible with iSCSI drives.


14289 Resolved an issue where the system became unbootable after installing Deep Freeze workstation on computers with NVMe drives using Advanced Format (4K) technology. (These types of drives are mostly used in modern Mac computers.) (Case No: WZO-787-28402, TXF-901-23028, RNT-781-75265, OFF-204-88841, UKW-410-49368, VAX-697-27714, UUM-608-63483, DWW-823-13577, IWL-914-59873, BFH-281-40319, HAR-528-31695, IYT-443-31430, EAC-132-14941, EPU-732-62414, YGZ-595-25016, VAS-893-64477, RZM-809-97482, LZV-882-12751, YXZ-530-89015, LBS-708-14472, WVG-493-15181, VFY-155-31231, CBK-673-63317)

20567 Resolved an issue where, on latest versions of Windows Server, Windows updates failed to download when “Cache Windows updates” option was enabled in Deep Freeze. (Case No: TVW-834-44465)

21075 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console nodes were collapsing after remotely connecting to the computer using Windows Remote Desktop Connection. (Case No: NQT-733-92350, QTS-243-79896)

22238 Resolved an issue where Windows OS did not start up while Imation device was attached. (Case No: MEQ-143-10262)

22254 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstation booted into Recovery Screen due to some system settings being reverted by third-party software or after upgrading Windows. (ZPO-620-77452, HBP-156-15706, MTK-296-19494, EMO-786-68958, QDS-114-83260, LBG-498-60820)

23893 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstation was unable to complete Windows Updates due to Windows Server Feature Update failing to install. (Case No: SHW-308-32156, VPO-428-85709, WZA-837-86304, KJJ-203-63620, BNA-931-26907, RXL-684-47162)

23938 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstation occasionally did not exit Deep Freeze task when keyboard and mouse were locked. (Case No: KZH-397-82588, DEV-371-75754, DYM-226-41474, EHI-414-72325, UYR-501-91650, UUW-771-82762, PYK-405-36256, LPZ-483-54567, BKR-168-45756)

25630 Resolved an issue with connecting to an iSCSI target while Deep Freeze workstation was installed. (Case No: KQH-777-87287)

Known Issues

11387 NTFS Storage Spaces not supported. BSOD occurs on reboot on Windows 8 and higher computers with single or multiple NTFS Storage Spaces (Case No: EGF-242-16878).
11460 Higher version of Deep Freeze Console may not remotely connect to older Server Service. (Case No: ZIG-771-78174)

12344 Deep Freeze Console does not sort IP Address column correctly. (Case No: TRV-310-98644)

12491 Deep Freeze Console columns may show wrong status or the console may show error messages when connected remotely through LogMeIn or RDP session. Restart console to resolve. (Case No: ZME-498-42392, NES-367-79748, XQL-319-44460, YAE-971-22805)

18513 Installation of Deep Freeze workstation fails if user login name contains double byte characters. (Case No: OWZ-638-83495)

19676 The workstation column width in the Enterprise Console may revert to zero after it has been moved. (Case No: SVY-817-92683)

20074 Installing Deep Freeze on workstations in some circumstances results in slow login when in a Frozen state. (Case No: VBL-745-23572, STU-985-82769, VGT-978-35363, ELK-520-80502, UJG-539-53162, XLJ-506-65139, FFZ-308-20240, GUE-154-33790, ZLF-973-61719, TSO-353-48797, EOZ-425-81724, LQD-969-91531, MSA-153-69823, IPS-293-24552, XLJ-506-65139, GUE-154-33790, BTW-348-35063, MCJ-324-52798, UCT-653-94936, KUT-279-11933, NSE-489-63163, AXF-703-83953, ATS-746-38491, YUU-252-47929, RGS-421-30979, SXA-243-90472, VTQ-989-47262, QGJ-395-64166, OFT-565-24890, OEN-315-21406, NTA-686-95164, OST-350-31179)

20439 Unable to mount a virtual disk of Encase software when Frozen. (Case No: VIZ-411-82001)

21171 Unable to install apps from the Windows App Store once Deep Freeze is installed. Enable Windows Update service as a workaround. (Case No: ADD-325-21916)

21568 Issues with Dell full disk encryption software when Deep Freeze is installed. Knowledge Base. (Case No: ARY-947-73520, VNO-419-59600)

22026 Configuration settings in Workstation Installer File may get blank after Deep Freeze Console upgrade. (Case No: DUP-154-37076)

22504 Deep Freeze will not freeze systems on a Hyper-V Gen 2. (Case No: OKY-847-65054)

22765 Workstations showing offline status in the console after partially upgrading in some circumstances. (Case No: XZN-809-34880)

24222 OS column in Deep Freeze console is unable to filter by Windows Server OS build number. (Case No: ZNT-428-53234)

25020 System crashes when loading virtual disk image using Arsenal Image Mounter software while in Frozen mode. (Case No: ELF-471-54366)

25400 System crashes when some specific software is installed on Deep Freeze workstation (such as PUBG, Fortnite, Easy Anti-Cheat, BattlEye). (Case No: FJM-423-95146, IXF-940-78041, ELV-682-66939, MTA-529-99421)

25585 Deep Freeze workstation cannot be Thawed on Intel Compute Stick device. (Case No: JGX-581-64326)


Version (November 13, 2018)


25167 Resolved an issue where online activation for multiple workstations fails. (Case No. HKR-635-39152, GGG-498-87799, VWZ-512-97026, JNX-520-73584, GOZ-988-87655, DQI-132-73516, SCR-595-15811, NZP-965-35443, CWG-465-92183)


Version (November 01, 2018)


22177 Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze Seed stops reporting after applying the update command from Deep Freeze Server Console. (Case No: NPW-677-51642, BMB-386-47608)

23236 Resolved an issue where workstation task unexpectedly quits when the task notification message is too long. (Case No. DZD-532-61853)

23667 Resolved an issue where in some circumstances where error (DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) is displayed upon reboot. (Case No. JBQ-785-64557)

23910 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstation was showing the message of activation grace period expiry on already activated machine. (Case No. HYD-498-33175, LXQ-822-28317, SAQ-278-22918, TDT-959-41306, JYB-909-83889, MBP-325-20193, DCK-902-64279, FON-911-78262, WMS-196-57594, BEB-541-30566, JNF-799-56468, FWJ-454-28413, BDD-417-43150)

24292 Windows Server 2016 version 1803: Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstation does not boot after enabling Memory Integrity in Core Isolation settings. (Case No. FXX-297-69839)

24675 Resolved an issue where scheduled end time for workstation tasks may show incorrectly in the Configuration Administrator. (Case No. GNB-855-95190)

25067 Resolved an issue where set clone flag command is displaying incorrect status of Deep Freeze. (Case No. HAO-292-16321)

Version (September 25, 2017)

New Features

1. Add ThawSpaces on the Fly
A reinstallation of Deep Freeze is no longer needs to add a new ThawSpace – ThawSpaces can be configured at any time are added on the next Thawed restart.

2. Delete ThawSpaces
New Delete ThawSpace action from Console toolbar (in addition to Format ThawSpace). A new DFC switch /deletethawspace has been added as well.

3. Thawed Alerts
You can now specify the length of time after which a Thawed workstation turns red. A new “Thawed For” column is now available to displays how long a workstation was Thawed for.

4. Combination Scheduler Task
Administrators often chain scheduled console tasks like (a) Wake-On-Lan, (2) Send Message, (3) Run Windows Update, (4) Shutdown. The new Combination Task allows you create a single Scheduler task to chain up to 5 scheduler tasks so you don’t have to change multiple tasks when the unexpected happens.

5. Client Update and More Scheduler Tasks
Administrators can now schedule to upgrade Deep Freeze clients whenever a new version is available. Additional tasks have been added to the console Scheduler, including, Format ThawSpace, Push & Launch, and Remote Launch giving more flexibility to administrators.

6. Retain Windows Event Logs
Retain Windows Event logs simply by enabling a new checkbox added under the Advanced tab. Deep Freeze will allocate 100MB to retain Application, System, Security, and Hardware event logs.

7. Attempt Local Wakeup
Automatically attempt to locally wakeup of the workstation from Standby before scheduled Workstation Task using the new checkbox “Attempt to wake-up locally” option added in the Workstation Tasks. Requires compatible hardware to wakeup from Standby.

8. Idle Task Enhancement
Deep Freeze now has the ability to Shutdown an idle computer without waiting for the first keyboard and mouse activity – otherwise, the computer may remain on all day. First keyboard and mouse activity is necessary for Idle Time Restart to prevent the computer from constantly being rebooted without activity.

9. Configuration Workflow Enhancement
You no longer have to name the Deep Freeze configuration after clicking OK. Specify the Configuration Name at the bottom of the interface. Administrators are also provided an option to Export the configuration as an Installer or Seed so first-time users are not confused about next steps.

10. New Console Columns
In addition to the « Thawed For » column, we also added a “ThawSpace Free” column which displays available ThawSpaces along with how much free space is available.OS Build numbers are now displayed in OS column.

11. Remember Text Inputs
Enterprise Console now displays the last 10 inputs for Send Message, Push & Launch, Remote Launch so Administrators no longer have to keep re-typing the same messages or commands.

12. Upgrade Notification
Moving forward, post v8.5, receive in-console notifications when a new version of Deep Freeze is available. Review the release notes, download the latest installer and automatically upgrade your console.

13. New DFC switches
/shutdown parameter for /endtask

14. Upsize Windows update cache
Windows Update cache is now automatically increased to 10GB without requiring a new installation.

15. Console Support Depreciation
This version deprecates Enterprise Console support for Windows XP and Server 2003.


20060 Windows 8.1 (64-bit systems): Resolved an issue where an invalid error message gets displayed on the workstation when performing Lock Keyboard and Mouse action with WINSelect is installed. (Case No: PKI-492-42183)

20010 Resolved an issue of blue screen with Deep Freeze 8.37 installed on workstations with RAID 0 configuration. (Case No: AXZ-261-43388)

20601 Windows 10 Creators Update: Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstation installer fails to mount SoftwareDistribution folder, when launched from a user session.

20696 Resolved an issue where computers were crashing due to corrupted disks or system files.  (Case No: ALT-616-417497, VUF-172-46840, KJI-659-28909, HDE-666-74734)

20128 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstations were showing Windows Repair screen on reboot randomly. (Case No: ACV-436-60212, PZS-913-49640, PBS-748-50759, OTM-352-41446)

13827 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze did not finalize the pending Windows Update configuration and the workstation went into boot loop in some instances.

21004 Windows 10 Creators Update: Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze workstation password was removed when frequently editing/applying available configuration.  

21002 Windows 10 Creators Update: Resolved an issue where Available configuration does not apply automatically to workstations while editing the applied configuration.

20383 Resolved an issue where workstations no longer allow configuration update after upgrade. (Case No: UFO-972-83443)

22001 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze may fail to restore user specific Windows Update policy after running Windows Update Task.

21317  Resolved an issue where the computer shuts down unexpectedly when Reboot Frozen if a cumulative Windows update was manually installed in a Thawed state.

20613  Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze left orphaned .dsk files when unsuccessfully attempting to mount Windows Update cache.

17711 Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Resolved an issue in a Frozen state where an attempt to create a new storage pool was not getting blocked.

14865 Resolved an issue of random delays in restarts when they are initiated locally from the Deep Freeze workstation interface. (Case No: GYW-854-91721, XPM-282-49498)

15270 Resolved an issue where using CTRL+Alt+Del to lock the screen causes a delete prompt appearing in the Deep Freeze Console depending on the context. (Case No: JTK-884-47760)

14039 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze causes BSOD on systems with 4TB drives or higher. (Case No: YAF-375-97861)

11483 Wrong error message when attempting installing Seed on a Seeded workstation. (Case No: HZE-688-20303)

Version (March 29, 2017)

New Features

In an effort to remain best-in-class, Faronics Anti-Virus will now be powered by a new engine that consistently ranks among the highest in the antivirus industry. Existing customers of Faronics Anti-Virus are requested to migrate to the New Anti-Virus 4.0  before June 30, 2017.

Migration steps:

  1. Uninstall Legacy Anti-Virus.
  2. Configure the new Anti-Virus 4.0 policy.
  3. Install new Anti-Virus 4.0.

Note: Email Protection and Web Filtering features have been deprecated to keep the product lightweight and to optimize performance.


19991 Resolved an issue where a script error occurred while opening the Faronics contact page.

17582 Resolved an issue where blank password was accepted on Deep Freeze workstations. (Case No: FLF-678-79381/WDU-927-72406/CRL-259-30182)

Version (February 21, 2017)

New Features

  • Support for Windows Server 2016


17880 Resolved an issue where workstations did not exit maintenance period. This behavior occurred randomly and in an inconsistent manner.

18458 Resolved an issue where a workstation was showing abnormal CPU usage in some cases.

19111 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstation configuration was corrupted after sending on-demand (unscheduled) Windows Update task from Deep Freeze Console. (Case No: AFC-728-36239)

Version (October 26, 2016)

New Enhancements

  • Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
  • Improved Console performance.   
  • Enhancements to prevent longer system startup on Advanced Format (AF) 4k sector hard drives (up to 2X faster boot time).
  • Allow fully qualified Proxy Server Name in Deep Freeze console settings.
  • Windows Update Enhancements
    • To address changes in the way Anniversary Update handles automatic Windows updates, Deep Freeze will take extra measures to ensure that the Windows updates will not be triggered outside of the scheduled Windows Update Task on Windows 10 machines. This is achieved by disabling the Windows update service.

Fixes for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

17579 Resolved issues with random BSOD. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update introduced additional drivers into the system that interfered with the ability of our drivers to properly respond to some requests to our StorageSpace or ThawSpaces.  

14956 Resolved issues with recovery screen on system startup.

18199 Resolved issues where system shutdowns were prevented.

17893 Resolved issues where Windows updates failed for some cumulative update which may require more space and a larger caching space than the 5GB that Deep Freeze allocated. Version 8.35 will allocate a 10GB cache to address this situation. To increase the size, disable the Cache Window update option in the configuration, restart, and re-enable the option.

Other Fixes

14961 Resolved issues with Incorrect German translations in some of the confirmation dialogs when saving configuration file in Configuration Administrator (Case No: HSU-493-66609)

9868 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze caused performance issues and resulted in slow boot. (Case No: YFD-286-49939, SBD-399-96597, QVG-187-15034, WII-538-57096)

14956 Resolved an issue where the Startup Recovery process starts on Windows 8.1 systems after a restart. (Case No: KSV-531-33912, OTA-665-89816)

16470 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Clients randomly lost their Activation status and showed as Pending Activation. (Case No: KGV-296-44501, MOE-872-61066, JEC-971-36370)

16672 Resolved an issue where the Proxy feature did not work with Fully Qualified Domain Names. (Case No: KNN-741-30377)

17268 Resolved performance issues in Deep Freeze Console. (Case No: ZAR-286-75039, MGP-128-27227, YHP-979-36018, MFT-347-58906)

17503  Resolved an issue with Windows Update that showed Access Violation message when Deep Freeze was installed. (Case No: AQK-988-79352, EYB-819-89372,  GGH-600-27901, QUU-689-69833)

17522 Resolved an issue where a specific type of Flash Drive was not mounting properly when Deep Freeze was installed. (Case No: IRS-476-30866)

17558 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze was not allowing Windows to boot. (Case No: QHJ-805-27395)

17564 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Service was crashing with Accession Violation message when the Activation Server sent a bad activation response. (Case No: LSG-576-93996)

17579 Resolved an issue of BSOD with Windows 10 Anniversary Update. (Case No: ZNB-325-70969, NCW-613-26183, ZOL-717-56507, BJF-591-31684)

17687 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze fails to correctly detect pending Windows Update for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

17867 Resolved an issue where Windows Update Service gets disabled during Windows Update Task on Windows 8.1.

17983 Resolved an issue where it was not possible to apply cumulative Windows Update due to lack of storage space.

15577 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console’s  Server Service does not switch to reduced frequency of auto-activation if  all workstations report as Failed Activation.

15641 Resolved an issue where Windows Update Service was disabled on installing Deep Freeze thereby preventing maintenance. (Case No: HFT-480-31203, EGM-113-20565, WHF-979-33081, YFC-589-73576)

17479 Resolved an issue where License Key was  shown as invalid until the entire key was entered. (Case No: BBE-155-83729)

17757 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Windows Update Workstation Task does not prevent users to run native Windows Update in Frozen or during Maintenance Period for Windows Update Task.

18199 Resolved an issue where Windows 10 1607 Upgrade enables fast startup on Deep Freeze workstations. (Case no: FPX-324-70121)

Version (June 24, 2016)


12428 Resolved an issue on Windows 8 where the Live tiles on Metro UI were not working after user profile was redirected to a ThawSpace. (Case No: OCS-785-12175)

14760 On Windows 10: Resolved an issue where Start Menu is not accessible after user profile was redirected to a ThawSpace.

14977 Resolved an issue where Windows 10 App & Features screen was hanging. (Case No: CJZ-576-49466)

16714 Resolved an issue where some workstations kept activating the license key due to a slow network connection. (Case No: ORT-565-95136)

16744 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze 8.32 Console was occasionally not launching but the process was running. (Case No: FFI-246-96623)

17224 Resolved an issue where the workstation did not perform Deep Freeze specific commands initiated from Core Console or Cloud Console until the workstation connects to the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console.

17225 Resolved an issue where upgrading Deep Freeze Workstations from Faronics Core Console failed. This issue has been resolved for Deep Freeze 8.33 and above. However, users upgrading from 8.32 to 8.33 may still experience this issue. Contact Technical Support for workaround. 

Version 8.32.220. 5109 (May 02, 2016)

New Features

  • Configure Proxy Server Connection – If you are using a proxy server to connect to the Internet, you can now specify the credentials in Deep Freeze Console. Configuring the proxy server in the Deep Freeze Console ensures that Check for Updates, Announcements and Licence Activation features work.  The Deep Freeze workstation also connects to the Internet for License Activation via the Proxy Server if it is configured in the operating system. Learn more.
  • Secure LDAP support – If you are importing groups from Active Directory, you can now use the Deep Freeze Console to retrieve groups from your Secure LDAP setup. Microsoft KB.



14858 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze was not exiting Maintenance Mode correctly that sometimes left computers in a Thawed state or caused Deep Freeze Service to crash. (Case No: KYJ-317-83835)

11741 Resolved an issue where the Windows Update workstation task gets stuck till specified end time even when performing End Task action.

13974 Resolved an issue where Windows Update task with defined end time does not quit when ending the task during the process of installing Windows Updates.

14022 Resolved an issue where Workstation task with Shutdown flag reboots workstation instead of shutting down at the end of the task.

15009 Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze Console crashes, when providing XML file instead of CSV file in the Configuration Generator.

15320 Resolved issues with workstations running Windows 10 not reporting to the Deep Freeze Console. (Case No: ZTD-831-39650)

15634  Resolved an issue where it was not possible to activate online when the Internet was accessed via a proxy server. (Case No: CKN-285-48443, BCF-951-75987, BCF-951-75987)

15599 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console does not verify license if it launches on the computer where invalid license key remained in registry.

15698 Resolved an issue where an error shown when replacing %d with %s in message show in a maintenance event. (Case No: NYS-986-78728)

15834 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Command Line utility crashed while using space after /update in syntax.

16086 Resolved an issue where the workstations loses communication with the console after 24 hours if no internet access is available. (Case No: LIG-586-21422)

16106 Resolved issues with Deep Freeze Enterprise Console and Active Directory integration with Secure LDAP. (Case No: ANK-900-68876)

16184 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console was not able to connect to LDAP Tree with more than 32 characters. (Case No: CHN-811-73676)

16299 Resolved an issue with Deep Freeze Enterprise upgrade where the groups were automatically pushed to the Cloud.


Version (December 31, 2015)


9043   Resolved an issue where updating clients through the Custom Console removed license information. (Case No: YNN-670-71193/BIR-212-51470)

14271 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze could not be installed on computers with empty Windows Updates and a dialog with an error message “wcscpy_s – abnormal program termination” appears. (Case No: VER-497-56960/ QIP-133-21304/ ZCN-397-27504)

14464  Resolved an issue where Nessus Vulnerability Scanner flagged Deep Freeze as vulnerable. Deep Freeze is not vulnerable, it only flagged it as such. (Case No: HLF-929-94745/ SYT-301-98288)

14892  Secured One-Time Password functionality from potential vulnerability. (Case No: UDB-639-24568)

15003  Resolved an issue where the workstation did not shutdown after no updates were found in Windows Update task. (Case No: YQN-567-57232/ BGS-437-27053/ FQI-341-69666)


Version (September 21, 2015)

New Features

  • Support for Windows 10 (Deep Freeze Administrator and Deep Freeze Console)
  • Configuration Generator  – automatically generate multiple Deep Freeze Installation files (.exe) and Deep Freeze Configuration files (.rdx) using a CSV file (sample file provided). The Configuration Generator can be launched from Deep Freeze Administrator, Deep Freeze Console or from the Command Line. Learn more
  • Improved error handling for Windows Update task.


14473 Resolved an issue where Windows enters into Recovery mode when rebooting between Frozen and Thawed states. (Case No: OXG-496-12097, GNG-588-69595, HPV-908-31011,ORO-812-59275, MLR-189-91303, FUT-854-73640, ART-669-25239,  NPH-454-30027, KIY-984-18997, GCX-544-73846,  HPV-908-31011, KQS-566-56234, RXI-350-76867)

14320 Resolved bootloops that occurred if Windows Updates were installed during a workstation task specifically after reboot notification appeared. (Case No: UBV-410-40892) 

14745 Resolved an issue where Windows 10 reports as a Windows 8.1 client system in Deep Freeze. (Case No: OAR-171-44554)

14594  Resolved an issue where a one-time Windows Update task from Deep Freeze Console was repeating. (Case No: AEL-597-31181,UUN-533-11696 )



Version (June 12, 2015)

New Features

Delay Frozen Reboot to complete Windows updates

A new option is available in Configuration Administrator (Advanced Option tab) that allows you to delay rebooting the computer into a Frozen state if configuration or installation for Windows updates are pending. This option is selected by default. Learn more



13472 Resolved an issue where the computers were disconnected from the domain after updating Deep Freeze. (Case No: VUB-615-43745, LDR-390-66208, QIA-774-79104, DDV-560-82460, UHG-288-70272, ZDF-467-71410)

11338 Resolved an issue where computers entered into a bootloop. (Case No: UKC-375-35031, FQJ-724-51038, TXW-698-36057, URZ-752-85830, FQJ-724-51038, MZU-556-89185, YKG-914-90594, ROE-988-11484)

14011 Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze Console crashed if there were older Deep Freeze Clients in the Available Configuration node and the Deep Freeze configuration was modified. (Case No: SWE-156-11091, UOV-543-40317, ENS-128-37659)



Version (March 27, 2015)


12953 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstations were randomly displayed as offline when the service terminated unexpectedly. (Case No: ZWD-355-10541, LIZ-530-75015, ULR-948-83980, REF-404-42060, XUI-423-28067, JLO-312-53996, OHF-900-66148)

9390 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console gave wrong status of Anti-Virus when the computers were powered off. (Case No: XSG-186-34840)



Version (February 10, 2015)


11351  Resolved an issue where the computer hung when External USB 3.0 drive was plugged when Deep Freeze was installed. (Case No: SJO-295-89647, PPB-766-23628)

11755  Resolved an issue where computers lose connection to console due to Deep Freeze Service application crash. (Case No: HYA-731-34835)

11946  Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze causes blue screen when Thawed on Windows Embedded.

10901  Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze Console password got reset when upgrading to the next version.


Version (November 18, 2014)

New Features and Enhancements

  • New Modern Look – view the Enterprise Console in a cooler, more modern look. Navigate to View > Modern Look in the top toolbar.
  • Dynamically Filtered Groups – In addition to filtering by Workstation Name, filter with 10 more options like Version, Status, Login Name etc. Advanced users can even use regular expressions.
  • Remote Launch – run existing applications on selected workstations using your Enterprise Console. Applications will run in the background (using a system account without user interaction). Optionally include command line parameters.
  • Push and Launch – send and run applications on selected workstations using your Enterprise Console. Send up to a 50MB file (.exe or .msi) to workstations. Optionally include command line parameters.
  • Format ThawSpace – format ThawSpace(s) on selected workstations with just one click from the Enterprise Console.
  • View Select Columns – hide unwanted columns. Navigate to View > Columns in the top toolbar.
  • Select by Status – the console summary at the bottom left of the Enterprise Console is now clickable. Clicking each status will appropriately select workstations with that status in the current view.
  • Maintenance Countdown Timer – a countdown is displayed to the end-user prior to a Workstation Task if Show Message is selected in the settings.
  • Change Frozen Drive State – update the Frozen Drive settings in the Deep Freeze configuration without requiring a reinstallation. Changes will take effect at next reboot.
  • Touchscreen Hotkey – access the client interface by clicking CTRL-SHIFT-6 or press and hold the Deep Freeze icon in the system tray.
  • Hidden ThawSpace Enhancements – for users using GPOs to hide their drives, select « Honor Group Policy settings for Hidden Drives » under the Drives tab to ensure the ThawSpaces (and other drives) are hidden as expected.
  • Scheduler Enhancements – can now edit existing scheduled tasks and remove workstations from a scheduled task.
  • More Command Line Options – 3 new commands added:

–      /thawed will automatically reboot into a Thawed State after installation

–      /endtaskwill forcibly cancel any ongoing Deep Freeze Tasks on the computer

–      set /clonewill set the Clone Flag for imaging purposes.

  • New System Tray Icon – look out for a bigger/clearer white bear in the system tray.
  • Console Log Improvements – enhancements include:

–      Log when a computer goes Offline

–      Log more console commands like Run Windows Update and Format ThawSpace

–      Export the log file to a .TXT and .CSV file formats

–      Save logs for 7 days instead of 2 days

–      Rearrangeable and resizable columns.

  • Announcements – new announcement bugel will appear in Enterprise Console to display Faronics alerts or notifications.



4185    Resolved an issue where Hidden ThawSpace were not always becoming visible after changing the status/setting. This happened due to racing conditions when user session starts up. (Case No: XLR-409-97951/GRL-679-53579/LGM-416-1589/ KSE-334-91711/OFK-686-43639/ KSE-334-91711/ SIO-732-20144)

9150  Resolved an issue where Unhandled Exception error messages displayed in Deep Freeze Enterprise Console. (Case No: WIX-445-79060/OHO-295-83895/VMU-412-76758/IDJ-652-92236/ OUI-574-33756/NMD-722-33180/ TQI-687-91826)

10423 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstations are not registered in History. Must close network connection to resolve. (Case No: EAD-646-71839/IEJ-665-54769/WPD-378-84061/PQV-591-94687/TFX-674-79466/ ZIQ-459-60491/ OUI-574-33756/ EGG-735-73463)

2482 Resolved an issue where there was no context menu option for deleting workstation from scheduler.

3029 Resolved an issue where DFC utility caused hard reboot, when boot Thawed/Frozen/Thawed & Locked.

3322 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console history log may show workstation status duplicating entries with almost same timestamp, when workstation reboots.

3346 Resolved an issue where the workstation tasks do not properly display in log file.

4360 Resolved an issue where the Launch and Logon into Deep Freeze on the workstation caused a few seconds delay if windows user is non-admin and UAC was enabled.

7134  Resolved an issue where Ctrl-A shortcut might not select all workstation in the list.

7135  Resolved an issue where switching to Details View mode to List View may show duplicating entries, which will be cleared when switch between nodes.

7860Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console log files do not contain active log history. (Case No: UIY-838-73993)

9109  Resolved an issue in the workstation task scheduler where there was an unclear description of when the task starts. (Case No: BYM-485-27171)

9171  Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console may blank display when adding a big number of workstations to custom group in RDP session. (Case No: IDJ-652-92236)

9543  Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console shows “List index out of bounds” error when try to export workstation entries into CSV file.

9544  Resolved an issue where switching to « Icons » or « List » mode caused erratic behavior or Console crash in certain scenarios.

9602Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console may hang and needs to be restarted. (Case No: JUS-755-15551)

9858  Resolved an issue where Connect to Cloud button opens an English web page regardless of Console language.

10491 Resolved an issue where switching Console views may revert columns custom sort order to default. (Case No: QBB-390-13625)

10681 Resolved an issue where it was not possible to end a maintenance cycle using a configuration update via Deep Freeze Console. (Case No: TKU-147-48940)

10694 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console does not pass correct values of %%MAC%% and %%DFVERSION%% tokens via custom action scripts. (Case No: BOL-422-14087)

10695 Resolved an issue where column sorting works only by « Workstations » column after connecting to locally opened Deep Freeze Console using RDP or vise versa.

10852 Resolved an issue where installing Deep Freeze with HP Drive Encryption software results in the computer not booting. (Case No: QYJ-250-63658/ VQZ-103-64186/ OAZ-765-14642)

10875 Resolved an issue where Idle task might randomly trigger on the system when going to sleep or having Intel Active management deployed. (Case No: ZPM-907-21670)

11125  Windows Update Task with pre-defined end time quits earlier then expected, if no any outstanding Windows Update detected. (Case No: BNG-902-39650/ ARY-763-96593)

11233  Resolved an issue of incorrect « Install » icon in workstation’s context menus.

11318 Resolved an issue where Surface Pro 3 workstation hangs during upgrading to next version of Deep Freeze. (Case No: JWV-655-90973)

11328 Resolved an issue where an error message for launching Console installer while Console or Configuration Administrator are running.

11329 Some pop-up box titles do not reflect the command name in the Enterprise Console.

11337 Deep Freeze Web Relay service for Deep Freeze Cloud Connector may crash when a big number of workstations are reporting to the Console. (Case No: RJI-469-10545)

11405 Resolved an issue where workstations with « Shutdown » status disappear from Schedules.

11459 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze scheduled tasks do not work against workstations in Shutdown state. (Case No: YUY-931-25632)

11540 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console log erratically sorts by time stamp column.

11663 Resolved an issue where Configuration Date column may randomly not update, if the Console time is not synchronized with workstation.

11793 For Deep Freeze Cloud, resolved an issue where old version of Cloud Agent is installed on Deep Freeze workstation even the new version of Cloud Agent is available.

11892 Resolved an issue where the sequence of columns in the Deep Freeze Console log is not saved.

11935 Resolved an issue where the Console Scheduled task properties incorrectly represent « & » character in task name.

12068 Resolved an issue where RDX files in default path were not upgraded during Deep Freeze Enterprise Console upgrade.


Version (July 29, 2014)

New Features and Enhancements

Deep Freeze Cloud Connector – Current customers will see a new cloud button in the Enterprise Console toolbar once a registered license key is entered. Click this button to connect your console to Deep Freeze Cloud Connector is a web-based, add-on subscription service for Deep Freeze Enterprise customers to evaluate and purchase. Learn More.



10387  Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Enterprise Console did not show the configuration date and file information for older version clients until they were upgraded to the matching version.

10393  Resolved an issue where List out of bounds error appeared in Deep Freeze Enterprise Console. (Case No: JNY-133-76069/ TII-100-57409/IMY-885-95041/LPT-105-59250/NYD-798-57348/VRO-300-89552/PYW-236-90301/ FRV-655-69674/PDC-565-68752/ZAN-509-59172/JIK-774-24680/ KBK-451-28330)


Version (June 24, 2014)

New Features and Enhancements

  • Login Name Column – A new column showing the logged in user is now available in Deep Freeze Console.
  • Gracefully End Windows Update Task – Windows Update Tasks will now end more gracefully when executed from Deep Freeze Console. Any ongoing installation (of Service Pack or other files) will be finalized before the task will end. Any further installations will be aborted.



7936        Resolved a security issue that could result in the user accessing Deep Freeze without authorization.

2487        Resolved an issue where the Uninstall (Leave Seed) option does not remove DFC.exe utility from workstation.

2492        Resolved an issue where the Scheduled Tasks are still executed on the workstation, which has connected to another port.

2496        Resolved a usability issue where the Update Workstation Tasks dialog was not intuitive.

7075        Resolved an issue when attempting to create a remote port connection with an existing name.

8643        Resolved an issue preventing Deep Freeze from running third-party updates during Windows Update tasks where WSUS is configured. (Case No: KGQ-859-42788)

9076        Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Windows Update Workstation task entered a Windows Update loop (Case No: CDK-133-58151/ QAO-573-66969).

10115      Resolved an issue where the computer hangs when P2 PCIE Card reader is attached. (Case No: SGB-558-17710)

10274      Resolved an issue where the Configuration Administrator did not read RDX or EXE files created with an older version of Configuration Administrator.

10353      Resolved an issue where the Operating System column remains blank on the console until upgrading the client to the matched version.

10365      Resolved an issue where Update 1 (KB2919355) for Windows 8.1 was failing during Deep Freeze Windows Update Task with Windows Update Cache enabled.

10409      Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Server service prevents Windows 2003 Server from entering sleep mode. (Case No: HLF-705-81486)

10493      Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze workstation frequently sends status to Faronics Core creating high CPU usage and problem with status update. (Case No: DYY-860-43932 / Case No: BHT-186-65946)


Version (March 31, 2014)

New Features and Enhancements

  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Upgrade During Installation
    • Automatically upgrade the Enterprise Console, Configuration Administrator, and Deep Freeze install/configuration files (under the Install Programs folder) during installation.  
  • Support for Brazilian Portuguese



8183 Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze Console displayed wrong information in its columns when connecting through RDP. (Case No: DLI-247-49237)

8915 Resolved an issue where the console column width was not adjustable easily if column was hidden. (Case No: JUQ-109-22966)

9161 Resolved an issue where it was not possible to install Anti-Virus on the Enterprise Console computer in LAN mode. (Case No: NAM-281-30833)

9181 Resolved an issue where the Customized Deep Freeze Console became inaccessible when minimizing OTP password prompt at the Console startup. (Case No: KCF-637-66638)

9259 Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console did not update availability of contextual commands against selected workstation(s).

9304 Resolved an issue where the message « Please Wait » was not translated for supported languages. (Case No: YVJ-535-73859)

9350 Downloading of Anti-Virus installer in Deep Freeze 7.72 displays ‘Downloading Faronics Anti-Virus’ twice.

9368 Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze icon on the task bar is not removed when minimizing the console to the system tray. (Case No: KVE-437-86633)

9387 Resolved an issue where updating Deep Freeze Enterprise erased Anti-Virus license key in Enterprise Console. (Case No: WCQ-579-55490)

9479 Resolved an issue where if the exit option Minimize to System Tray option is used, the Deep Freeze icon appears in the Start Bar and System Tray.

9519 Resolved an issue where the Scheduler node shows items not applicable in its context menus right after adding a new task.

9522 Resolved an issue where upgrading to Deep Freeze 8 deletes Faronics Anti-Virus Files. (Case No: WGO-139-34038)

9672 Resolved an issue where full updates from the Enterprise Console caused the workstation to lock up.

9866 Resolved an issue on the Chinese system when installing Deep Freeze using available configuration, the Deep Freeze workstation UI is displayed in English.

9879 Resolved an issue on Windows XP Systems: Blank Message is displayed while uninstall Deep Freeze Console from Add/Remove programs by a non-admin user.

9885 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Enterprise Console version 7.72 was unable to uninstall Anti-Virus 3.40 client from workstations.


Version (December 02, 2013)


3334   On 64-bit Windows Vista systems: Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze Service crashed while uninstalling Deep Freeze Client through the Deep Freeze Console.

4443   Resolved an issue which caused boot loops when applying configuration changes on the workstations while the Windows Update task is running. (Case No: MOR-579-15196)

6950   On Windows XP systems: Resolved an issue where the remote Deep Freeze actions do not start if the Windows screensaver was active during logon. (Case No: IQA-512-62854/ TVC-394-45770)

8145   Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Enterprise did not report properly with Faronics Core Console. (Case No: VUT-404-65772)

8159   Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze tasks timeout when run from Faronics Core Console. (Case No: TVA-263-36906)

8809   On Windows 8 systems: Resolved an issue where the upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 failed where Windows Update caching was enabled.

8810   On Windows 8 systems: Resolved an issue where installing Deep Freeze Client/Seed failed. (Case No: VPT-500-97477)

8831   On Windows 8 systems: Resolved an issue where AncillaryDev key disappears after upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, resulting in failed uninstallation process.

8832   On Windows 8.1 systems: Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Service crashes while uninstalling Deep Freeze Client or Seed from the Deep Freeze Console.

8876   Resolved an issue where the touch screen did not re-enable after finishing workstation task on Microsoft Surface device. (Case No: BXA-872-11048)

8914   Resolved an issue where the error message that appears when applying a old RDX File was incorrect. (Case No: JUQ-109-22966)

8915   Resolved an issue where the Console column width was not adjustable easily if column was hidden. (Case No: JUQ-109-22966)

8916   Resolved an issue where the titles of the dialogs during Console uninstall did not match the product name. (Case No: BGO-781-22063)

9020   Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Enterprise Console 7.1 did not honor Regional Settings for dates. (Case No: FEZ-782-59268)

9040   Resolved a cosmetic issue on Windows Update on demand dialog. (Case No: QYY-995-46109)

9095   Resolved a cosmetic issue in Configuration Administrator (in French version). (Case No: YVJ-535-73859)

9110   On Windows 8.1 RTM: Resolved an issue where the Fast Startup option failed to turn off while installing Deep Freeze.

9180   On Windows 8 and 8.1 systems: Resolved an issue where the Operating System column does not differentiate Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems.

9242   Deep Freeze workstations do not appear under Deep Freeze Configuration node, if the Deep Freeze configuration was created before Console upgrade.


Version (October 2013)

New Features

Deep Freeze notification messages are now displayed on all active user sessions on Remote Desktop Server (Windows Terminal Server) and Windows Multipoint Server. This feature is not supported on Windows Server 2012 and Windows Multipoint Server 2012. Learn more about Deep Freeze behavior when installed on Remote Desktop Server.


7500 Resolved an issue where sysprep assigns a drive letter to Deep Freeze Mounted folders (for example, StorageSpace, SoftwareDistribution, and FAVEData).

7766 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze installed incorrectly on Session 0.

7795 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze service reported an invalid current state 0 in the Windows Event Log. (Case No: YOC-456-50071)

7818 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator or Deep Freeze Client allowed setting the port to 0.

7907 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Administrator failed to launch on 64-bit systems with SQL Server installed.

8143 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze server service disconnected or crashed. (Case No: DOU-628-50853)

8375 Resolved an issue where the network traffic running very high in LAN mode when workstation attempted to connect to the server service. (Case No: GAH-226-25558)

8600 Resolved an issue where ThawSpace created with Deep Freeze 6.2 and below disappears when upgrading to a version 7.5 or higher. (Case No: FYH-634-60552)

Version (July 2013)

New Features and Enhancements

  • Manage Faronics-Anti-Virus from Deep Freeze Console
    Enable Faronics Anti-Virus inside the console by clicking on Evaluate Faronics Anti-Virus or enter the appropriate license key. Faronics Anti-Virus includes:
    – Deploy to any workstations with the Deep Freeze seed or client.
    – Update configurations and virus definitions when Deep Freeze is in a  Frozen state.
    – Intrusion Detection & HIPS (Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System).
    – Embedded Firewall, Web Filtering & Email protection.
    – Schedule Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and Enable/Disable Active Protection.
    Note: Learn more about using the Deep Freeze Console and Faronics Core to manage Faronics Anti-Virus.
  • Manage Deep Freeze Configuration from Deep Freeze Console
    Create and apply new Deep Freeze and Antivirus configurations from the Deep Freeze Console without using the Configuration Administrator.
  • Automatically Apply Configuration Changes
    Configuration changes are automatically applied to appropriate workstations.
  • New Deep Freeze Configuration Column
    View which Deep Freeze configuration or RDX file was last applied to each workstation.
  • Last Configuration Update Column
    New Last Configuration Update column displays when the last workstation configuration update was made.
  • Schedule Windows Updates from Deep Freeze Console
    Schedule Windows updates from the Scheduled Task Wizard in the Deep Freeze Console. Windows updates will be performed on the selected workstation(s) based on settings provided under the Windows Update tab in Deep Freeze configuration.
  • New Operating System Column
    View operating system of each workstation.
  • Detect Touch Screen Activity
    Detect touch screen activity to ensure Idle Time restart/shutdown countdown does not begin if a user is actively using the computer.
  • Lock Touch Screen Activity
    Lock touch screen activity when “lock keyboard and mouse” option is selected from the console or during a maintenance period.
  • Larger Windows Update Cache
    The Windows Update cache allocated by Deep Freeze has been changed from 2GB to 4GB to compensate for the larger Windows 8 updates.


7603    Resolved an issue with Wake-on-LAN feature on custom subnets. (Case: XJW-719-16358)

7457    Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Wake-on-LAN task was causing a packet flood. (Case No: YLD-157-22104)

7311    Resolved an issue where the DFDiskLow drive caused BSOD on Windows XP systems with a FAT32 system partition. (Case No: RLM-498-27897, YKA-210-55431)

7540    Resolved an issue where the Save button was not re-enabled in the Configuration Administrator when changes were made to some settings. (Case No: XBU-433-29971)

7599    Resolved an issue where Japanese characters do not appear correctly when the message is sent from the console. (Case No: OEJ-758-69017)

7053    Resolved an issue where data on Thawed partitions larger than 1TB was inaccessible with IO error due to large data sets. (Case No: MQD-872-12018)


Version (March 2013)


7155    Resolved an issue where the Password field was skipped when entering login information in the Batch File tab of Deep Freeze Administrator. (Case No: VTY-124-81866)

7156    Resolved an issue on XP systems where the error ‘Not enough server storage available’ was displayed on Deep Freeze workstations with certain third party software that utilizes IRPStack system resource. (Case No: JVU-655-36949)

7240    Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze caused a deadlock on system startup if there was a zip drive present. (Case No: XBI-364-81148)

7307    Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze 7.6 caused Blue Screen on computers with Microsoft BitLocker enabled on the system drive. (Case No: ZIH-859-63089)

7327    Resolved random Blue Screen issues on systems with a many disk devices . (Case No: TIW-271-41633/SUT-748-38530)


Version (December 2012)


  • Servers are supported on Windows Server 2012
  • Enterprise Console is supported on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 Start Screen Enhancements
    • Display Deep Freeze notifications for shutdown, restart, maintenance etc. on top of Start Screen. Display Deep Freeze Administrator and Enterprise Console tiles.
  • Support for Windows To Go
    • Deep Freeze can be installed on Windows To Go to boot and run from mass storage devices such as USB flash drives and external hard disk drives.
  • Disable System Refresh and Reset
    • Disable Windows 2012 System Refresh and Reset when Frozen.  Learn more about the difference between Deep Freeze and Microsoft System Refresh and Reset.
  • Support for BitLocker “Used Disk Space” Encryption
    • Deep Freeze is compatible with “Used Disk Space Only” encryption in BitLocker on Windows 2012. Learn more.
  • License Key Activation
    • This version will include the ability to activate the license key. Activation is simple and painless and does not require the user to input any personal or authentication information. Learn more.


  • 5713 – Enterprise Console may display nested, repeating groups. (Case No: OSK-352-44278)
  • 6074 – DFWUlogfile.log is malformed after Deep Freeze upgrade from 7.30 to 7.50. (BXR-449-70108)
  • 6143 – Enterprise Console hangs when RDPing into the console workstation while the Enterprise Console is running. (XPT-246-31060)
  • 6297 – For deployments over 500 workstations, when running Deep Freeze Tasks from the Enterprise Console, workstations tasks are slow to complete. This issue was introduced in v7.5 and an upgrade of the clients to v7.6 is recommended to resolve it. (LKH-533-91318) Learn more.
  • 6300 – Enterprise Console hangs when trying to remove workstations from user defined group. (AWD-418-82273)
  • 6501 – Cannot change Windows Update settings on workstation after using « Run Windows Update » from Enterprise Console. (TTW-580-31610)
  • 6762 – Workstation Blue Screen when ejecting ESATA devices. (XCN-236-87261)

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Specific Fixes

  • 5473 – Blue Screen at Windows 8 login screen when DF attempts to mount cache folder for Windows updates.
  • 5511 – When remotely accessing Windows 8 workstations while Thawed and Locked, keyboard and mouse remain locked and black screen shows.
  • 5512 – Remotely accessing a Windows 8 workstation in a Frozen or Locked state and then Locking it will cause the target workstation to reboot unexpectedly.
  • 5537 – Workstation will Blue Screen when DF is installed with Windows 8 Storage Spaces.
  • 6085 – Workstations Blue Screen when creating ThawSpace on ReFS.
  • 6085 – On Windows Server 2012: ThawSpace hosted on ReFS partition is not accessible.
  • 6104 – Windows Server 2012 will Blue Screen while performing a backup
  • 6234 – On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: The workstation Blue Screen when installing ThawSpaces on Windows Storage Spaces.
  • 6265 – On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: Deep Freeze workstation does not show pop up messages on Windows Start screen.
  • 6306 – On Windows Server 2012: Deadlock on startup, when boot into Frozen state on the system with Storage Spaces hosted on physical disk
  • 6338 – Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: Storage Space drive remains Frozen when configured as Thawed.
  • 6713 – On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: Sent Message is not displayed on the target workstation which is automatically logged in.
  • 6735 – Windows 8: Cannot manually shutdown Deep Freeze workstation with « Fast Start up » option enabled. Learn more.
  • 6819 – Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: Notifications with a Cancel button consumes 100% CPU even after clicking on it.

Accepted Behavior for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

  • 6147 – Windows 8: If there are any ThawSpace existing, recimg.exe fails to create backup image. Learn more.
  • 6151 – When backing up the workstation in a Frozen state, both the backup application and the system hangs. Do not backup when workstation is Frozen.
  • 6332 – Status of Dynamic StorageSpace drives on Windows 8 workstations are reported as « Healthy (At Risk) » in Disk Manager. Learn more.
  • 6811 – Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: When the Notification displays on the logon screen it does not stay on top of the Start screen.
  • 6821 – Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: A new Notification window does not popup if another Notification window is running in another user session.

Version (September 2012)

New Features

  • On-demand Windows Update from Console
    Select workstation(s) in Deep Freeze Console and choose to Run Windows Update. Windows updates will be performed on the selected workstation(s) based on settings provided under the Windows Update tab in Configuration Administrator.
  • Windows Update Command Line Control
    Use « DFC password /WU » syntax to download and install Windows updates locally on the workstation. Optionally, enable keyboard and mouse [/UNLOCK], suppress warning message [/NOMSG], and return the machine to Thawed State after completing Windows Update [/THAW].
  • Windows Update option in Console Customizer
    Create customized console that provides the ability to enable or disable the ability to Run Windows Update. The Console Customizer can be launched from Tools > Console Customizer in the Deep Freeze Console.


  • 5770 – Resolved an issue where the DFC utility rebooted the system when trying to boot in the mode the workstation was already in (CME-185-15094).
  • 4155 – On BootCamp systems, improved performance of Faronics Storage Spaces which resolves some issues for Faronics Core products. (Case No: IXY-437-26246). See KB for more detail.
  • 5471 – Resolved issues related to insufficient space on system drives when installing or upgrading Deep Freeze workstation. (Case No:  YBK-318-94672)
  • 5659 – Resolved an issue where the same Batch file is re-executed if the workstation was rebooted manually during Batch File task.
  • 5645 – Deep Freeze Loadin (Faronics Core plug-in) – Resolved an issue where it was not possible to install Deep Freeze Loadin using the Bootstrapper installer on Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 64-bit.


Version (July 2012)

New Features

  • Cache Windows Update
    Windows Updates can now be cached on the workstation even when it is in a Frozen state. Updates will be applied when the computer is in Thawed state. Experience significantly faster execution of Windows Update Task because updates are already downloaded. Learn more.
  • Detect when Windows Updates are finished and automatically end the Windows Update Task. Setting an end time for Windows Update Task is now optional.
  • Protect Master Boot Record (MBR)
    Deep Freeze prevents a virus from injecting into MBR.
  • Support for Hard Drives larger than 2 TB
  • WSUS Restrictions Removed
    All updates downloaded from your WSUS will now be installed on the workstation. The previous limitation of only downloading and applying critical and security updates is now limited to updates downloaded directly from the Microsoft Update Website.
  • Port Exceptions for Deep Freeze Enterprise Console
    Communication ports for Deep Freeze no longer need to be manually configured.
  • New and improved Deep Freeze Workstation and Console Service with Logging
    Enables our Tech Support to help with any corner cases.
  • New and improved User Interface for the Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator
    Usability improvements for Workstation Tasks (Maintenance Schedule). Dedicated Windows Update User Interface.
  • New and improved Graphics for the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console
  • User guides are linked online, reducing the size of the installer by half
  • New Utility – Deep Freeze MSI Packager
    This utility is included in your download and allows you to convert the Deep Freeze Workstation Install Program (DFWks.exe) executable file into a Windows Installer (.MSI) file format.


  • 2504 – Resolved an issue where there was a random deadlock on startup while installing/uninstalling Deep Freeze or creating/deleting ThawSpaces.
  • 2997 – Resolved an issue where the Configuration Administrator was displayed when the user declined to change the customization code.
  • 2998 – Resolved an issue where errors were displayed when the Deep Freeze Console was open and the customization code was modified.
  • 3079 – Resolved an issue where Reboot Thawed and Locked task was allowed to be executed on a workstation that was already Thawed and Locked.
  • 3625 – Resolved an issue where the idle task message did not change when the behavior settings of the task changed.
  • 3764 – Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Windows Update did not log the actual name or the IP address of the server.
  • 3026 – Resolved an issue where a ghost Enterprise Console process is left running on closing the console.
  • 4037 – Resolved Blue Screen issue with certain keyboard and mouse drivers. (Case No: ZYP-187-69083, DCK-331-46840, OLV-592-70831)
  • 4255 – Resolved Blue Screen issue when Express Cache is installed. (Case No: HMT-966-41631)
  • 3572 – Resolved an issue where the task failed with License Expired error when trying to reboot workstations with expired license into Thawed mode.
  • 3900 – Resolved several translation issues. (Case No: OTU-350-44687)

Version (July 2012)

This is a beta version of Deep Freeze to conduct usability testing and refine features to be widely available in v7.5. If you wish to participate in the Deep Freeze beta program, please email us at along with your contact details and why you would like to participate.


Version (March 2012)

New Features

Deep Freeze Enterprise

Improved Deep Freeze performance on RAID controllers.

Improved Deep Freeze functionality with Anti-Executable. Anti-Executable will not disrupt Deep Freeze actions.

License key expiry notification displayed.

Deep Freeze Loadin (for Faronics Core)

Improvements in Deep Freeze Client. Deep Freeze Client reports to Faronics Core faster.

Customization Code in Deep Freeze Loadin increased to 255 characters.

Improvements in Deep Freeze WMI Classes to ensure uninterrupted communication with Faronics Core.

Deep Freeze Loadin actions are now synchronous. Workstation tasks are fully completed before reporting as “successful” to Faronics Core.

Deep Freeze Loadin tasks now conform to the Faronics Core task behaviour criteria. The task returns as “successful” if the workstation is already in the desired state.

Action Behaviors in Faronics Core provides “Reboot Thawed and Locked” to specify default task behavior.

Multiple Deep Freeze tasks can now be queued via Faronics Core.

Improved error messages when Deep Freeze Loadin tasks fail.

The Deep Freeze installer file cached at the Core Server is removed once the install/upgrade task is performed and removed from History.

Improved Deep Freeze performance related to Terminal Services and Roaming Profiles.


FB111On Windows Server 2003 64 bit: Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze status is not updated on Faronics Core, when Deep Freeze Client is Installed or Uninstalled from Faronics Core.
FB1922Resolved a Blue Screen at login on Frozen computers after updating from Deep Freeze 6.22 to 7.21. (Case No: TTR-416-23714)
FB2538Resolved an issue where workstations were not updating status in Faronics Core. (Case No: FFM-597-40856)
FB2553Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstations were not reporting status updates to Faronics Core. (Case No: CQH-179-71521)
FB2557Resolved an issue on systems with custom Windows folder: Secure Channel Password was not being managed when Deep Freeze was in a Thawed state (Case No: DGV-558-22897)
FB817Resolved an issue where status was not accurate for some period of time for workstations managed by Deep Freeze Loadin.
TT2254Resolved an issue where, after uninstalling Deep Freeze on the workstation, Deep Freeze entry is not removed from Faronics Product under WMI.
TT2356Resolved an issue on Deep Freeze Server Enterprise: Under certain conditions, Terminal Server remote user logs on with Roaming profile instead of Terminal Service profile. (Case No: BGZ-581-89204)
TT2620Resolved a Blue Screen on Dell computer with RAID hardware controller (PERC card) (Case No: RYF-134-76780)
TT2621Resolved a Blue Screen. (Case No: OYK-134-64403)
TT2627Resolved an unexpected shutdown error on a computer with hardware RAID controller. (Case No: IIA-307-84690)
TT2693Resolved an issue where Reboot Frozen/ Reboot Thawed task failed with Invalid Timestamp on some computers when Faronics Core Console was overloaded.
TT2695Resolved a Blue Screen issue after upgrading Deep Freeze. (Case No: MIS-143-20157)
TT2697Resolved a cosmetic issue in the Status of Next Reboot option. (Case No: RLX-148-27814)
TT2774Resolved an issue where the Windows Program Compatibility Assistant displayed a warning when Deep Freeze installation was cancelled.
TT2777Resolved an issue where Faronics Core sometimes did not display the Deep Freeze workstation status after install. (Case No: PDG-899-28895)
TT2788Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze WMI provider prevented the local Faronics Core Agent uninstall or upgrade.
TT2792Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Workstation sometimes did not report status to Faronics Core. (Case No: IDU-897-12223)
FB2414Resolved a cosmetic issue in the title of Deep Freeze Loadin install wizard.
FB2432Resolved an issue where after installing the Deep Freeze Seed, workstations were displayed only in Seed child node but not in Deep Freeze parent node.
FB2433Resolved an issue where workstations were still displayed under Deep Freeze parent node on Faronics Core even after the Deep Freeze Client was uninstalled.
FB2435Resolved an issue where DfShl.dll file has missing version properties.
FB2446Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Loadin does not remove temporary installation files on the console computer.
FB2474Resolved an issue where the incorrect string is displayed on Loadin setup interrupted dialog.
TT230Resolved an issue where the incorrect icon size/resolution on Windows install/uninstall panel was displayed.
TT231Resolved an issue where Faronics Core could not manage Deep Freeze (invalid Customization Code error on tasks).
TT237Resolved an issue where all Deep Freeze actions show inaccurate failure reason in Task History while running workstations where Deep Freeze was uninstalled.
TT244Resolved an issue where it was able to change Customization Code to a blank code in Deep Freeze Loadin properties from Faronics Core.




1902Resolved issue where the keyboard shortcuts on the workstation did not work.
2245Resolved a Blue Screen issue while logging off Windows 7. (Case: 130-33089)
2299Resolved issue where the Embedded Events show inaccurate message time.
2323Resolve a Blue Screen issue while logoff. (Case: 223-40305)
2326Resolve a Blue Screen issue while logoff. (Case: 42-39496)
2328Resolve a Blue Screen issue while logoff. (Case: 153-42051)
2325Resolved issue where the number of Thawed restarts field was not wide enough to show two digits and was not limited to 9.
2339Resolved issue where DFC crashed when launched from Windows folder.
2349Resolved issue where Deep Freeze command line password was not limited to  63 characters.
2352Resolved issue where drive shows as Frozen even when it is Thawed and has a page file on it. (Case: 121-43697)
2354Resolved issue with Deep Freeze and Ramdisk.
2363Resolved issue where the Error Notification is not displayed when incorrect network settings are set via Deep Freeze.
2370Resolved issue where the blank password dialog must expand and the scroll bar was not displayed.
2371Resolved issue where the MaximumPasswordAge registry is not reverted back to 30 whenDeep Freeze is uninstalled from the workstation.
2372Resolved issue where the Deep Freeze UI items disappear when Alt button is pressed.
L226Resolved issue where Anti-Executable was partially installed when Faronics Core remotely installed Anti-Executable after Deep Freeze is remotely installed.


New Features

Management of Secure Channel Passwords:Deep Freeze changes the value of the Group Policy Maximum machine account password age based on the Deep Freeze state (Frozen or Thawed).
Lock Keyboard and Mouse in Deep Freeze Loadin:Lock keyboard and mouse and Boot Thawed and Locked are now available in Deep Freeze Loadin.
License Management in Deep Freeze Loadin:Deep Freeze Enterprise and Deep Freeze Server Enterprise Licensing can now be managed via Deep Freeze Loadin.



2271Resolved issue where Windows entered a boot loop when Deep Freeze was installed on anSSD supporting the ATA TRIM command. (Case# 76-37482)
2330Resolved a password security issue.
2223Resolved issue where adding a workstation on an existing Wake-On-LAN task crashed the task. (Case# 153-29637)
2238Resolved issue  where  Deep  Freeze  was  unstable after  running  Last  Good  Known Configuration. (Case # 153-29637)
2246Resolved issue where the Deep Freeze Workstation Installer hanged when it failed to write to the registry (due to a registry protection software blocking system registry access).
2258Resolved  issue  where  DFent.exe/update    command  could  not  reapply  the  existing higher version license in the old Deep Freeze Console.
2262On 64-bit workstations: Resolved issue where the ThawSpace driver was not updated when upgrading from 7.0 to higher versions.
1605Resolved issue where the Scheduled Task Wizard always showed the current date in the message Deep Freeze will perform the task at …when a new weekly or monthly task is created and the first run date is not the current date.
2308Resolved issue where Deep Freeze looped infinitely in the Please Wait dialog when double- clicking the Install button.
2336Resolved issue where FrzState login is not protected against buffer overflow and crashes if a log password string is entered.
L193Resolved issue where an improper message is displayed on Reboot Frozen and Lock/ Unlock Keyboard and mouse action on workstations that were running in Maintenance Mode.
L212Resolved issue where Deep Freeze Standard could be pushed to any workstation from Faronics Core Console using Deep Freeze Loadin.
L213Resolved issue when Deep Freeze Server is attempted to be installed on a non-server operating system and the task moves to History with a Successful status.
L216On  Windows  2003  Enterprise  and  Standard  64-bit  systems:  Resolved issue where the workstation restarts and does not install Deep Freeze Client through Faronics Core Console. Only after the push install is successful, the installer starts and the install process is launched.



2257 Resolved issue that could prevent roaming profiles from synchronizing correctly upon user log off.


New Features

Compatible with the Deep Freeze Loadin for Faronics Core.
Compatible with Faronics Anti-Virus.
Enhanced security.


1904Resolved issue that could cause the Retain ThawSpace setting to always be unchecked after updating a workstation from the Enterprise Console or DFC using a blank file.
2027Resolved issue that could cause a drive set to be hidden with a local policy to be visible after installing Deep Freeze with a ThawSpace.
2131Resolved unexpected behavior when applying Reboot Thawed Reboot Thawed and LockedReboot Frozen commands on a workstation while it is in Maintenance Mode.
2152Resolved compatibility issue with WinMagic SecureDoc encryption software.
2167Resolved unexpected behavior when applying Lock Unlock commands on a workstation on which Deep Freeze had expired.
2169Resolved issue that could cause a ThawSpace to be inaccessible on a dual boot Macintosh running Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
2208Resolved issue that could cause a partition or drive to be hidden after uninstalling DeepFreeze, if the drive letter had previously been assigned to a hidden ThawSpace.


New Features

Compatible with the  forthcoming Deep Freeze Loadin for  Faronics Core. Contact for more information.
Officially supported on Windows Server 2008 R2.
 Maintenance Mode is now compatible with the Enable Deep Freeze Maintenance ModeCompatibility feature of Faronics Anti-Executable v3.4 (or later).
Deep Freeze now employs the same licensing scheme as other Faronics products. Therefore, a valid License Key must be entered into the product in order to prevent it from expiring after a 30-day evaluation period.
 WOL can now be used across subnets on non-class C networks.
Officially supported on Windows Server 2008 R2.
 The Embedded Events Scheduler now combines all possible Embedded Events onto a single configuration tab and allows for multiple events to be scheduled on a single day.
Customizable warning messages can now be displayed at the workstation prior to Maintenance, Restart, Shutdown, or Idle Time events and a separate customized message can be displayed during a Maintenance event.
 The Embedded Events Scheduler now combines all possible Embedded Events onto a single configuration tab and allows for multiple events to be scheduled on a single day.
Users can optionally be allowed to cancel any Embedded Event (Maintenance, Restart, Shutdown, or Idle Time) prior to execution from the workstation.- Windows Updates that are applied via Deep Freeze are now logged to a log file.- Multiple ThawSpaces (up to eight) can be created.- ThawSpace(s) can individually be specified as Visible or Hidden.- Integrated Console Customizer: Customized copies of the Enterprise Console with limited features can be created for distribution in your organization.
Connect via Remote Desktop Connection (RDC): Administrators can take control of a remote computer through the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console via Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol. RDC enables easy access, configuration, and control abilities on any networked computer.
Remote Execute: Remotely execute an executable file on a computer. Administrators do not have to visit each workstation to install a program, and reliance on third party management solutions is reduced.
Push and Install MSI: Push and install a .msi file on a computer. This allows administrators to use the Enterprise Console to install applications rather than scripting, GPOs, or using third party tools.
Integrated Action Files: Action Files call an external program or script through the Enterprise Console to reduce the need for third party tools. Administrators can use any scripting language that can be called through command line.
Visual indication of selected Remote Console.
Simplified Chinese localization added.

Improved / Changed Features

Rewritten and expanded user guide.
Embedded Maintenance events now take priority over embedded restart/shutdown events if both have been scheduled as overlapping events.
The Deep Freeze Windows Updates setting no longer modifies pre-existing registry keys.
The ThawSpace file format can no longer be specified—NTFS format is used in all cases.
Rewritten password security functionality to resolve a reported potential security vulnerability in which a malicious user may be able to bypass the Deep Freeze password dialog when running as a Windows administrator user.



469Resolved an issue that could cause the incorrect task icon to appear on the scheduler in a Console connected to a Remote Console or a Server Service Manager after the task is executed.
652Windows Server 2008 only: Resolved issue where Deep Freeze files did not have proper large and extra large icons.
 942 Resolved issue that could allow a non-administrator user to kill Deep Freeze processes resulting in the icon not being displayed in the system tray and loss of communication with the Enterprise Console (the machine would remain Frozen)
1153Resolved issue that could cause the Deep Freeze icon to not appear in the System Tray, resulting in an inability to access the Deep Freeze login menu.
1158Resolved issue that could cause the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console log file to retain records that are more than 48 hours old.
1167Resolved issue that could cause an abnormal program termination error to appear on a workstation after using the Unlock command in the Enterprise Console if a VNC session had previously been used to clear the lock message on the workstation.
1177Resolved issue that could prevent the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console from opening and reports a blank error dialog if the Console Log File is extremely large (over 400MB).
1179Resolved issue that could cause the Deep Freeze password dialog to become non-responsive due to a compatibility issue with Novell’s login dll (NWGina.dll).
1561Changing settings Boot Control settings results in a single (formerly multiple) confirmation dialogs.
1668Resolved an issue that could allow the left-hand pane of the Enterprise Console to be resized all the way to the left until it was no longer visible and could not be moved back without a restart of the Enterprise Console.
1802Resolved issue that could result in a failed installation of Deep Freeze in very rare circumstances.
1848Resolved issue that could result in Windows errors occurring during boot while Frozen in very rare circumstances.
1880Resolved issue where the Type field of the Passwords tab in the Configuration Administrator was user editable; if Type was modified, the specified password would not be accepted on a client computer.
1883Corrected the tab order on the Drives tab in the Configuration Administrator.
1884Corrected the tab order on the Maintenance tab in the Configuration Administrator.
1886Resolved cosmetic issues on the One Time Password Generation dialog.
1888 Resolved an issue in the One Time Password Generator that caused incorrect keystrokes to be displayed when non-hex characters were entered.
1890  Resolved an issue in which the mouse focus had to be manually set to an existing group before a new user defined group could be added as a sub-group via the right-click menu.
 1891Resolved an issue in which the status fields at the bottom left corner of the Enterprise Console were user selectable.
1908Resolved issue that would prematurely update a workstation’s status in the Enterprise Console after performing a DFC /thawlocknextboot command.
1911Resolved an issue that could cause an existing .rdx file to be unexpectedly deleted in a specific circumstance: If it was opened for editing in the Configuration Administrator and some disallowed settings are specified (such as an empty password), then a Save As command is issued with the existing name; the original file was deleted, but the new file fails to save because of the error in the configuration.
1914Resolved incorrect message that was displayed on a workstation that was in a Thawed Locked state.
1938Resolved issue that could cause a Blue Screen with PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA error when ThawSpace was used in certain rare circumstances.
1961 Resolved issue that could cause an Access Violation error to appear in the Enterprise Console in specific circumstances.
1963Resolved issue that could result in the keyboard and mouse being unresponsive after uninstalling Deep Freeze from the Enterprise Console while the workstation’s keyboard and mouse were Locked.
2058Resolved issue that could allow the Windows Update log file on a workstation to grow indefinitely.
2059Resolved cosmetic issue in the Enterprise Console where incorrect icons were displayed to represent Thawed workstations.
2072Japanese localization only: Resolved minor localization issue.
2075Resolved issue that could result in a workstation remaining in Maintenance Mode past the scheduled end time.
2076Resolved issue that could prevent a user from controlling Deep Freeze locally on a workstation.
2083Japanese localization only: Localized the About menu.
2084French localization only: Resolved minor cosmetic issue.
2085  Non-English localizations only: Resolved an issue that caused some strings related to the License to remain in English after applying a License Key in English and then switching to a different language.
2086Resolved incorrect message when importing a configuration file from Deep Freeze v6.3 or earlier that caused a Restart event to be referred to as a Shutdown event.
 2087Resolved issue that could cause a Deep Freeze workstation installation to terminate and fail if a raw partition existed on the disk.
2092Resolved issue that could prevent the DFC  /Bootfrozen  command from restarting the system on Macintosh computers running Windows in Boot Camp.
2084French localization only: Resolved minor cosmetic issue.


New Features

Windows Server 2008 support
Deep Freeze Console Customizer compatibility; Enterprise Consoles can now be customized with limited features using the separate Console Customizer utility
User Defined Groups can now be imported from a Novell LDAP server
Workstations can now be dragged from User Defined Groups, network list, or history to schedule a task directly in the network and groups panel
Deep Freeze Action Files capability; XML Action Files can be used to extend the Console’s functionality without upgrading the Console
Ability to execute a scheduled task immediately
Ability to schedule a Send Message task
Flexible scheduling options (same as Windows scheduler)
Ability to run schedules when the Console is closed
Restart on Logoff option
Enhanced  Novell  compatibility;  Run  batch  file  with  feature  compatible  with  Novell environments
Console opens to the size, position, and view it was at the last time it was closed
Console provides the user with the ability to select the order in which columns will be displayed
Console shows the name of the Deep Freeze configuration file used to install Deep Freeze on each client in a column
Console provides an option to clear all history
Console contents can be exported to CSV
Console shows clients available for WOL
SSM integrated into Console. Allows multiple ports and ability for Console to “run” as a service when it is closed.
OTP Token Generator is accessible from within the Console
Improved Active Directory import; individual groups can now be imported
Ability to lock keyboard and mouse on demand
Ability to override ongoing maintenance periods
DFC included in workstation/Seed installs
DFC commands are now verbose
DFC.EXE syntax returned when DFC.EXE is called without parameters
/Lock  and  /Unlock  commands added to  DFC; disables or  enables keyboard/mouse on machine
The Boot Control window provides the ability to Reboot Now
System tray icon no longer flashes when machine is Thawed
Allow User to Change Clock can be selected even if a Maintenance Schedule is set


Resolved issue that could cause a Blue Screen in very specific circumstances: a non-functional place-holder SD card was inserted into a card reader slot on a machine with some versions of the Ricoh hardware driver installed.
Resolved issue that could prevent a machine from restarting correctly after installation ofDeep Freeze
Resolved issue that could cause the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console to crash when pushing out more than 15 simultaneous configuration updates
Resolved issue that could cause the Windows login window to fail to appear on certain computers that had Deep Freeze installed
Resolved compatibility issue with nForce RAID systems
Resolved an issue that could cause a client installation to fail on computers that are not logged in (after the machine was restored from a Sysprep image)
Resolved an issue that could result in very slow installation from the Console in certain circumstances
If ALT+C is used to extend the Create menu in the Configuration Administrator, keyboard input is now correctly accepted without needing to press ALT once more
Resolved issue that could result in a Deep Freeze client warning dialog in not displaying text correctly if the user is logged in with a non-admin account
Resolved issues that could prevent the Deep Freeze icon from being displayed in the System Tray on any machines, resulting in the computer being unable to be booted into the Thawed state
Resolved compatibility issue with SafeGuard
Resolved issue in the Enterprise Console that could prevent a task from being executed withWake on LAN
Resolved issue where some buttons were not localized on non-English systems
Resolved compatibility issue with Daemon Tools that could prevent USB drives from mounting on first use
Resolved issue on Spanish and French localized systems where an incorrect title displayed in the One Time Password page
Resolved issue that could occur if Maintenance was scheduled to take place on a Saturday and the end time crossed over midnight
Resolved a compatibility issue with Tor Privoxy
Resolved time display issue in the Schedule Task Wizard; specific to the German localized version
Resolved issue that could cause One time only tasks to not be processed when the user edits another task while the task is being processed for execution.
Resolved issue where an Access Violation error is sometimes shown in the console when creating a new task while connected to a Remote Console.
Resolved issue where the Console will crash if, while trying to reconnect to a Remote Console, the reconnect button is clicked rapidly and repeatedly.
Resolved issue where having two Consoles open at the same time and then closing one of them could result in empty drop-down menus and no task names
 Resolved issue where a Seed uninstalled via the Console and then reinstalled manually could result in the Seed uninstalling itself and the machine rebooting


New Features

Windows Server 2003 64 bit support
Localization to English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese languages
Deep Freeze Enterprise Console compatibility with Deep Freeze Server Enterprise

Improved Features

Improved Enterprise Console performance and scalability
Improved ThawSpace resiliency



Resolved a compatibility issue that causes Blue Screen when booting into the Frozen state
Resolved a compatibility issue with nVidia Nforce IDE drivers
Resolved an issue that caused the Enterprise Console to crash when it is closed
All Enterprise Console buttons show hints when hovering over them with the pointer
Resolved an issue that caused the abnormal termination of the process that allows the user to change the Deep Freeze state locally
Resolved an issue that prevented WOL calls from propagating across multiple networks