Deep Freeze Server Enterprise Feature History

Version 9.0 (June 26, 2024)


  • Core Isolation Support: Enhanced compatibility with Windows 10 & 11. Deep Freeze now supports computers with Core Isolation enabled by default, ensuring customers can use this important Windows security functionality.
  • Mass User Login: Streamline administrative tasks with the new ability to log in users remotely from the Enterprise Console. Eliminate the need to interact with each machine physically.
  • Workstation Search: Enhanced search functionality across all columns in the Enterprise Console. Quickly find what you need with the new search box for your Workstations grid.
  • Filter by OS Build Number: Improved sorting capabilities. Administrators can now filter and sort systems using the OS build number, both in the Operating System column and User Defined Groups, for better organization and management.
  • DF Local Event Logs: Informative event logging in the local Windows Event Logs. Logs include the state of Deep Freeze (Thawed, Frozen, Locked, in Maintenance), the identity of users changing the status locally, and the source of changes (Console, User, Command Line) for better oversight and transparency.


Version 8.71 (November 29, 2023)


Overview video on what’s new in v8.7.

  • Modern Standby & Hibernation Compatibility – Deep Freeze workstations now support Modern Standby, Hibernation, and Fast Startup power options, which can save energy and improve battery life. Requires compatible systems.
  • Uninterrupted Maintenance – Deep Freeze workstations now remain powered on during the Workstation Task period, ensuring the system does not go into a power-saving mode.
  • Improved Local Wakeup – Deep Freeze now ensures the local wake timers under Windows Power Options are enabled when the ‘Attempt to wake up locally’ option is selected for Workstation Tasks.
  • LAPS Compatibility – Deep Freeze is now compatible with Windows Local Administrator Password Solution to avoid synchronization issues with the Domain Controller when the computer is in a Frozen state.
  • Deep Freeze Log Files – Automatically back-up Deep Freeze logs on the client side for optimal performance.
  • Manage Virtual Memory – Selecting this option under Advanced options allows Deep Freeze to manage paging file size to better handle performance issues on workstations with limited RAM.


Version 8.61 (June 26, 2020)

New Features

  • Feature Updates
    Introduced a new option under Windows Update tab to install “Security, Critical, & Feature Updates” when retrieving updates from the Microsoft Windows Update website. An issue with not being able to reliably install Feature Updates has been resolved as well.
  • Update WSUS Server
    Implemented mechanism to forcibly update Windows Update status to WSUS server during Windows Update task.
  • Support for Latest Boot Camp
    Deep Freeze supports Boot Camp v6.1.7748 and up.
  • Enhanced Cloud Connector Security
    TLS 1.1 and 1.2 are now used to connect the Enterprise console to


Version 8.60 (October 25, 2019)

New Features

  • Auto Grow ThawSpaces
    Mark ThawSpaces to grow automatically if they get 75% full, up to a specified maximum size.
  • Thaw for Multiple Restarts
    Set the number of Thawed reboots from the Enterprise Console. Option available for Reboot Thawed or Reboot Thawed Locked action.
  • Pause Scheduled Task
    Choose to pause or resume Scheduled Tasks in the Enterprise Console. Right-click on the Scheduled Task to pause or resume.
  • Install All Windows Updates
    In addition to Security, Critical, and Feature updates, choose to install all types of updates when downloading Windows updates from Microsoft (vs. WSUS).
  • Launch Batch, VB, PowerShell Scripts
    In addition to .exe and .msi file types, now you can also launch .cmd, .bat, .vbs, .ps1 file types via the Remote Launch and Push & Launch actions in the Enterprise Console.
  • Specify URL or FTP for Remote Launch
    Instead of specifying an existing file path for Remote Launch, now you have the option to specify a web URL or FTP location. The file will be automatically downloaded from the specified location and launched on the workstation.
  • Console Log Improvements
    Determine how the Deep Freeze state has changed. Example: determine if Deep Freeze was Thawed from the console, locally on the client, or via Command-Line.
  • Set Default Location for Installers
    Enterprise Console can now remember where you prefer to save newly created workstation installers and configuration files. Set the default location while saving the file to your desired location.
  • Windows Server 2003 End of Support
    To ensure Deep Freeze continues to take advantage of the latest technologies, Faronics is officially dropping XP and Server 2003 support in this version of Deep Freeze. Microsoft officially ended Windows XP support on April 8, 2014 and Server 2003 support on July 14, 2015.


Version 8.56 (March 20, 2019)

New Enhancements

  • Windows Server: Windows Update Cache Drive Letter
    Addressed Deep Freeze Windows update caching issue on Windows Server by assigning a drive letter to the cache folder. A Deep Freeze workstation upgrade will automatically assign drive letter B:\ to the cache folder which can be updated in the Deep Freeze configuration. The caching letter will be hidden in Windows Explorer.
  • Windows Server: Feature Update Support
    Now the Windows Update Task supports the installation of Feature Updates so customers can easily upgrade from build 1709 to 1809 for example. Deep Freeze will respect the Windows Update advanced options that can defer such updates.
  • Recovery Improvements
    Improvements in Deep Freeze maintenance recovery process when Windows updates are not marked properly, reducing the number and duration of Thawed restarts necessary to return the computer to a Frozen State.
  • Exclude System Drive from Deep Freeze Protection
    Customers can now optionally configure a system drive to be Thawed.
  • Full Support for NVMe Drives
    Deep Freeze is now compatible with NVMe drives using Advanced Format (4K) technology (often used in modern Mac computers).
  • Support for iSCSI Drives
    Deep Freeze Server is now compatible with iSCSI drives.


Version 8.50 (September 2017)

  • Add ThawSpaces on the Fly
    A reinstallation of Deep Freeze is no longer needs to add a new ThawSpace – ThawSpaces can be configured at any time are added on the next Thawed restart.
  • Delete ThawSpaces
    New Delete ThawSpace action from Console toolbar (in addition to Format ThawSpace). A new DFC switch /deletethawspace has been added as well.
  • Thawed Alerts
    You can now specify the length of time after which a Thawed workstation turns red. A new “Thawed For” column is now available to displays how long a workstation was Thawed for.
  • Combination Scheduler Task
    Administrators often chain scheduled console tasks like (1) Wake-On-Lan, (2) Send Message, (3) Run Windows Update, (4) Shutdown. The new Combination Task allows you create a single Scheduler task to chain up to 5 scheduler tasks so you don’t have to change multiple tasks when the unexpected happens.
  • Client Update and More Scheduler Tasks
    Administrators can now schedule to upgrade Deep Freeze clients whenever a new version is available. Additional tasks have been added to the console Scheduler, including, Format ThawSpace, Push & Launch, and Remote Launch giving more flexibility to administrators.
  • Retain Windows Event Logs
    Retain Windows Event logs simply by enabling a new checkbox added under the Advanced tab. Deep Freeze will allocate 100MB to retain Application, System, Security, and Hardware event logs.
  • Attempt Local Wakeup
    Automatically attempt to locally wakeup of the workstation from Standby before scheduled Workstation Task using the new checkbox “Attempt to wake-up locally” option added in the Workstation Tasks. Requires compatible hardware to wakeup from Standby.
  • Idle Task Enhancement
    Deep Freeze now has the ability to Shutdown an idle computer without waiting for the first keyboard and mouse activity – otherwise, the computer may remain on all day. First keyboard and mouse activity is necessary for Idle Time Restart to prevent the computer from constantly being rebooted without activity.
  • Configuration Workflow Enhancement
    You no longer have to name the Deep Freeze configuration after clicking OK. Specify the Configuration Name at the bottom of the interface. Administrators are also provided an option to Export the configuration as an Installer or Seed so first-time users are not confused about next steps.
  • New Console Columns
    In addition to the “Thawed For” column, we also added a “ThawSpace Free” column which displays available ThawSpaces along with how much free space is available.OS Build numbers are now displayed in OS column.
  • Remember Text Inputs
    Enterprise Console now displays the last 10 inputs for Send Message, Push & Launch, Remote Launch so Administrators no longer have to keep re-typing the same messages or commands.
  • Upgrade Notification
    Moving forward, post v8.5, receive in-console notifications when a new version of Deep Freeze is available. Review the release notes, download the latest installer and automatically upgrade your console.
  • New DFC switches
    /shutdown parameter for /endtask
  • Upsize Windows update cache
    Windows Update cache is now automatically increased to 10GB without requiring a new installation.
  • Console Support Depreciation
    This version deprecates Enterprise Console support for Windows XP and Server 2003.


Version 8.38 (March 29, 2017)

New Features

In an effort to remain best-in-class, Faronics Anti-Virus will now be powered by a new engine that consistently ranks among the highest in the antivirus industry. Existing customers of Faronics Anti-Virus are requested to migrate to the New Anti-Virus 4.0 before June 30, 2017.

Migration steps:

  • Uninstall Legacy Anti-Virus.
  • Configure the new Anti-Virus 4.0 policy.
  • Install new Anti-Virus 4.0.

Note: Email Protection and Web Filtering features have been deprecated to keep the product lightweight and to optimize performance.


Version 8.37 (February 21, 2017)

New Features

Support for Windows Server 2016


Version 8.35 (October 2016)

  • Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
  • Improved Console performance.
  • Enhancements to prevent longer system startup on Advanced Format (AF) 4k sector hard drives (up to 2X faster boot time).
  • Allow fully qualified Proxy Server Name in Deep Freeze console settings.
  • Windows Update Enhancements
    To address changes in the way Anniversary Update handles automatic Windows updates, Deep Freeze will take extra measures to ensure that the Windows updates will not be triggered outside of the scheduled Windows Update Task on Windows 10 machines. This is achieved by disabling the Windows update service.


Version 8.32 (May 02, 2016)

  • Configure Proxy Server Connection
    If you are using a proxy server to connect to the Internet, you can now specify the credentials in Deep Freeze Console. Configuring the proxy server in the Deep Freeze Console ensures that Check for Updates, Announcements and Licence Activation features work. The Deep Freeze workstation also connects to the Internet for License Activation via the Proxy Server if it is configured in the operating system.
  • Secure LDAP support
    If you are importing groups from Active Directory, you can now use the Deep Freeze Console to retrieve groups from your Secure LDAP setup. Microsoft KB.


Version 8.30 (September 2015)

  • Support for Windows 10 (Deep Freeze Administrator and Deep Freeze Console)
  • Configuration Generator
    Automatically generate multiple Deep Freeze Installation files (.exe) and Deep Freeze Configuration files (.rdx) using a CSV file (sample file provided). The Configuration Generator can be launched from Deep Freeze Administrator, Deep Freeze Console or from the Command Line.


Version 8.23 (June 2015)

Delay Frozen Reboot to complete Windows updates

A new option is available in Configuration Administrator (Advanced Option tab) that allows you to delay rebooting the computer into a Frozen state if configuration or installation for Windows updates are pending. This option is selected by default.


Version 8.20 (November 2014)

New Features and Enhancements

  • New Modern Look – View the Enterprise Console in a cooler, more modern look. Navigate to View > Modern Look in the top toolbar.
  • Dynamically Filtered Groups – In addition to filtering by Workstation Name, filter with 10 more options like Version, Status, Login Name etc. Advanced users can even use regular expressions.
  • Remote Launch – Run existing applications on selected workstations using your Enterprise Console. Applications will run in the background (using a system account without user interaction). Optionally include command line parameters.
  • Push and Launch – Send and run applications on selected workstations using your Enterprise Console. Send up to a 50MB file (.exe or .msi) to workstations. Optionally include command line parameters.
  • Format ThawSpace – Format ThawSpace(s) on selected workstations with just one click from the Enterprise Console.
    View Select Columns – Hide unwanted columns. Navigate to View > Columns in the top toolbar.
  • Select by Status – The console summary at the bottom left of the Enterprise Console is now clickable. Clicking each status will appropriately select workstations with that status in the current view.
  • Maintenance Countdown Timer – A countdown is displayed to the end-user prior to a Workstation Task if Show Message is selected in the settings.
  • Change Frozen Drive State – Update the Frozen Drive settings in the Deep Freeze configuration without requiring a reinstallation. Changes will take effect at next reboot.
  • Touchscreen Hotkey – Access the client interface by clicking CTRL-SHIFT-6 or press and hold the Deep Freeze icon in the system tray.
  • Hidden ThawSpace Enhancements – For users using GPOs to hide their drives, select “Honor Group Policy settings for Hidden Drives” under the Drives tab to ensure the ThawSpaces (and other drives) are hidden as expected.
  • Scheduler Enhancements – Can now edit existing scheduled tasks and remove workstations from a scheduled task.
  • More Command Line Options – 3 new commands added:
    – /thawed will automatically reboot into a Thawed State after installation
    – /endtaskwill forcibly cancel any ongoing Deep Freeze Tasks on the computer
    – set /clonewill set the Clone Flag for imaging purposes.
  • New System Tray Icon – Look out for a bigger/clearer white bear in the system tray.
  • Console Log Improvements – Enhancements include:
    – Log when a computer goes Offline
    – Log more console commands like Run Windows Update and Format ThawSpace
    – Export the log file to a .TXT and .CSV file formats
    – Save logs for 7 days instead of 2 days
    – Rearrangeable and resizable columns.
  • Announcements – New announcement bugel will appear in Enterprise Console to display Faronics alerts or notifications.


Version 8.12 (July 2014)

Deep Freeze Cloud Connector

Current customers will see a new cloud button in the Enterprise Console toolbar once a registered license key is entered. Click this button to connect your console to Deep Freeze Cloud Connector is a web-based, add-on subscription service for Deep Freeze Server Enterprise customers to evaluate and purchase. Learn More.


Version 8.11 (June 2014)

  • Login Name Column
    A new column showing the logged in user is now available in Deep Freeze Console.
  • Gracefully End Windows Update Task
    Windows Update Tasks will now end more gracefully when executed from Deep Freeze Console. Any ongoing installation (of Service Pack or other files) will be finalized before the task will end. Any further installations will be aborted.


Version 8.10 (March 2014)

  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Upgrade During Installation
    Automatically upgrade the Enterprise Console, Configuration Administrator, and Deep Freeze install/configuration files (under the Install Programs folder) during installation.
  • Support for Brazilian Portuguese


Version 7.71 (October 2013)

Deep Freeze notification messages are now displayed on all active user sessions on Remote Desktop Server (Windows Terminal Server) and Windows Multipoint Server. This feature is not supported on Windows Server 2012 and Windows Multipoint Server 2012.


Version 7.70 (July 2013)

New Features and Enhancements

  • Manage Faronics-Anti-Virus from Deep Freeze Console
    Enable Faronics Anti-Virus inside the console by clicking on Evaluate Faronics Anti-Virus or enter the appropriate license key. Faronics Anti-Virus includes:
    – Deploy to any workstations with the Deep Freeze seed or client.
    – Update configurations and virus definitions when Deep Freeze is in a Frozen state.
    – Intrusion Detection & HIPS (Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System).
    – Embedded Firewall, Web Filtering & Email protection.
    – Schedule Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and Enable/Disable Active Protection.
  • Manage Deep Freeze Configuration from Deep Freeze Console
    Create and apply new Deep Freeze and Antivirus configurations from the Deep Freeze Console without using the Configuration Administrator.
  • Automatically Apply Configuration Changes
    Configuration changes are automatically applied to appropriate workstations.
  • New Deep Freeze Configuration Column
    View which Deep Freeze configuration or RDX file was last applied to each workstation.
  • Last Configuration Update Column
    New Last Configuration Update column displays when the last workstation configuration update was made.
  • Schedule Windows Updates from Deep Freeze Console
    Schedule Windows updates from the Scheduled Task Wizard in the Deep Freeze Console. Windows updates will be performed on the selected workstation(s) based on settings provided under the Windows Update tab in Deep Freeze configuration.
  • New Operating System Column
    View operating system of each workstation.
  • Detect Touch Screen Activity
    Detect touch screen activity to ensure Idle Time restart/shutdown countdown does not begin if a user is actively using the computer.
  • Lock Touch Screen Activity
    Lock touch screen activity when “lock keyboard and mouse” option is selected from the console or during a maintenance period.
  • Larger Windows Update Cache
    The Windows Update cache allocated by Deep Freeze has been changed from 2GB to 4GB to compensate for the larger Windows 8 updates.


Version 7.60 (December 2012)

  • Servers are supported on Windows Server 2012
  • Enterprise Console is supported on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 Start Screen Enhancements
    – Display Deep Freeze notifications for shutdown, restart, maintenance etc. on top of Start Screen.
    – Display Deep Freeze Administrator and Enterprise Console tiles.
  • Support for Windows To Go
    Deep Freeze can be installed on Windows To Go to boot and run from mass storage devices such as USB flash drives and external hard disk drives.
  • Disable System Refresh and Reset
    Disable Windows 2012 System Refresh and Reset when Frozen. Learn more about the difference between Deep Freeze and Microsoft System Refresh and Reset.
  • Support for BitLocker “Used Disk Space” Encryption
    Deep Freeze is compatible with “Used Disk Space Only” encryption in BitLocker on Windows 2012. Learn more.
  • License Key Activation
    This version will include the ability to activate the license key. Activation is simple and painless and does not require the user to input any personal or authentication information.


Version (September 2012)

  • On-demand Windows Update from Console
    Select workstation(s) in Deep Freeze Console and choose to Run Windows Update. Windows updates will be performed on the selected workstation(s) based on settings provided under the Windows Update tab in Configuration Administrator.
  • Windows Update Command Line Control
    Use “DFC password /WU” syntax to download and install Windows updates locally on the workstation. Optionally, enable keyboard and mouse [/UNLOCK], suppress warning message [/NOMSG], and return the machine to Thawed State after completing Windows Update [/THAW].
  • Windows Update option in Console Customizer
    Create customized console that provides the ability to enable or disable the ability to Run Windows Update. The Console Customizer can be launched from Tools > Console Customizer in the Deep Freeze Console.


Version 7.50 (July 2012)

  • Cache Windows Update
    Windows Updates can now be cached on the workstation even when it is in a Frozen state. Updates will be applied when the computer is in Thawed state. Experience significantly faster execution of Windows Update Task because updates are already downloaded. Learn more.
  • Detect when Windows Updates are finished and automatically end the Windows Update Task. Setting an end time for Windows Update Task is now optional.
  • Protect Master Boot Record (MBR)
    Deep Freeze prevents a virus from injecting into MBR.
  • Support for Hard Drives larger than 2 TB
  • WSUS Restrictions Removed
    All updates downloaded from your WSUS will now be installed on the workstation. The previous limitation of only downloading and applying critical and security updates is now limited to updates downloaded directly from the Microsoft Update Website.
  • Port Exceptions for Deep Freeze Enterprise Console
    Communication ports for Deep Freeze no longer need to be manually configured.
  • New and improved Deep Freeze Workstation and Console Service with Logging
    Enables our Tech Support to help with any corner cases.
  • New and improved User Interface for the Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator
    Usability improvements for Workstation Tasks (Maintenance Schedule). Dedicated Windows Update User Interface.
  • New and improved Graphics for the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console
    User guides are linked online, reducing the size of the installer by half
  • New Utility – Deep Freeze MSI Packager
    This utility is included in your download and allows you to convert the Deep Freeze Workstation Install Program (DFWks.exe) executable file into a Windows Installer (.MSI) file format.


Version 7.3 (March 2012)

Deep Freeze Enterprise

  • Improved Deep Freeze performance on RAID controllers.
  • Improved Deep Freeze functionality with Anti-Executable. Anti-Executable will not disrupt Deep Freeze actions.
  • License key expiry notification displayed (on the console computer).

Deep Freeze Loadin

  • Improvements in Deep Freeze Client. Deep Freeze Client reports to Faronics Core faster.
  • Customization Code in Deep Freeze Loadin increased to 255 characters.
  • Improvements in Deep Freeze WMI Classes to ensure uninterrupted communication with Faronics Core.
  • Deep Freeze Loadin actions are now synchronous. Workstation tasks are fully completed before reporting as “successful” to Faronics Core.
  • Deep Freeze Loadin tasks now conform to the Faronics Core task behaviour criteria. The task returns as “successful” if the workstation is already in the desired state.
  • Action Behaviors in Faronics Core provides “Reboot Thawed and Locked” to specify default task behavior.
  • Multiple Deep Freeze tasks can now be queued via Faronics Core.
  • Improved error messages when Deep Freeze Loadin tasks fail.
  • The Deep Freeze installer file cached at the Core Server is removed once the install/upgrade task is performed and removed from History.
  • Improved Deep Freeze performance related to Terminal Services and Roaming Profiles.


Version 7.2

  • Management of Secure Channel Passwords
    Deep Freeze changes the value of the Group Policy Maximum machine account password age based on the Deep Freeze state (Frozen or Thawed).
  • Lock Keyboard and Mouse in Deep Freeze Loadin
    Lock keyboard and mouse and Boot Thawed and Locked are now available in Deep Freeze Loadin.
  • License Management in Deep Freeze Loadin
    Deep Freeze Enterprise and Deep Freeze Server Enterprise Licensing can now be managed via Deep Freeze Loadin.


Version 7.0

  • Compatible with the Deep Freeze Loadin for Faronics Core.
  • Compatible with Faronics Anti-Virus.
  • Enhanced security.


Version 6.62

New Features

  • Compatible with the forthcoming Deep Freeze Loadin for Faronics Core. Contact for more information.
  • Officially supported on Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Maintenance Mode is now compatible with the Enable Deep Freeze Maintenance Mode Compatibility feature of Faronics Anti-Executable v3.4 (or later).
  • Licensing
    Deep Freeze now employs the same licensing scheme as other Faronics products. Therefore, a valid License Key must be entered into the product in order to prevent it from expiring after a 30-day evaluation period.
  • Wake-on-LAN (WOL) across subnets
    WOL can now be used across subnets on non-class C networks.
  • New Embedded Events Scheduler
    The Embedded Events Scheduler now combines all possible Embedded Events onto a single configuration tab and allows for multiple events to be scheduled on a single day.
  • Customizable warning messages
    Customizable warning messages can now be displayed at the workstation prior to Maintenance, Restart, Shutdown, or Idle Time events and a separate customized message can be displayed during a Maintenance event.
  • Event override option
    Users can optionally be allowed to cancel any Embedded Event (Maintenance, Restart, Shutdown, or Idle Time) prior to execution from the workstation.
  • Windows Updates that are applied via Deep Freeze are now logged to a log file.
  • Multiple ThawSpaces (up to eight) can be created.
  • ThawSpace(s) can individually be specified as Visible or Hidden.
  • Integrated Console Customizer
    Customized copies of the Enterprise Console with limited features can be created for distribution in your organization.
  • Connect via Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)
    Administrators can take control of a remote computer through the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console via Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol. RDC enables easy access, configuration, and control abilities on any networked computer.
  • Remote Execute
    Remotely execute an executable file on a computer. Administrators do not have to visit each workstation to install a program, and reliance on third party management solutions is reduced.
  • Push and Install MSI
    Push and install a .msi file on a computer. This allows administrators to use the Enterprise Console to install applications rather than scripting, GPOs, or using third party tools.
  • Integrated Action Files
    Action Files call an external program or script through the Enterprise Console to reduce the need for third party tools. Administrators can use any scripting language that can be called through command line.
  • Visual indication of selected Remote Console.
  • Simplified Chinese localization added.

Improved / Changed Features

  • Rewritten and expanded user guide.
  • Embedded Maintenance events now take priority over embedded restart/shutdown events if both have been scheduled as overlapping events.
  • The Deep Freeze Windows Updates setting no longer modifies pre-existing registry keys.
  • The ThawSpace file format can no longer be specified—NTFS format is used in all cases.
  • Rewritten password security functionality to resolve a reported potential security vulnerability in which a malicious user may be able to bypass the Deep Freeze password dialog when running as a Windows administrator user.


Version 6.30

New Features

  • Windows Server 2008 support
  • Deep Freeze Console Customizer compatibility; Enterprise Consoles can now be customized with limited features using the separate Console Customizer utility
  • User Defined Groups can now be imported from a Novell LDAP server
  • Workstations can now be dragged from User Defined Groups, network list, or history to schedule a task directly in the network and groups panel
  • Deep Freeze Action Files capability; XML Action Files can be used to extend the Console’s functionality without upgrading the Console
  • Ability to execute a scheduled task immediately
  • Ability to schedule a Send Message task
  • Flexible scheduling options (same as Windows scheduler)
  • Ability to run schedules when the Console is closed
  • Restart on Logoff option
  • Enhanced Novell compatibility; Run batch file with feature compatible with Novell environments
  • Console provides the user with the ability to select the order in which columns will be displayed
  • Console shows the name of the Deep Freeze configuration file used to install Deep Freeze on each client in a column
  • Console provides an option to clear all history
  • Console contents can be exported to CSV
  • Console shows clients available for WOL
  • SSM integrated into Console. Allows multiple ports and ability for Console to “run” as a service when it is closed.
  • OTP Token Generator is accessible from within the Console
  • Improved Active Directory import; individual groups can now be imported
  • Ability to lock keyboard and mouse on demand
  • Ability to override ongoing maintenance periods
  • DFC included in workstation/Seed installs
  • DFC commands are now verbose
  • DFC.EXE syntax returned when DFC.EXE is called without parameters
  • /Version command added to DFC
  • /Lock and /Unlock commands added to DFC; disables or enables keyboard/mouse on machine
  • The Boot Control window provides the ability to Reboot Now
  • System tray icon no longer flashes when machine is Thawed
  • Allow User to Change Clock can be selected even if a Maintenance Schedule is set


Version 6.01

New Features

  • Windows Server 2003 64 bit support
  • Localization to English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese languages
  • Deep Freeze Enterprise Console compatibility with Deep Freeze Server Enterprise

Improved Features

  • Improved Enterprise Console performance and scalability
  • Improved ThawSpace resiliency