Security Bulletin: Anonymous Takes Down Monsanto

by Ciara Hamagishi

The Anonymous group makes headlines with their recent #OpMonsanto mission which claims to have taken down Monsanto’s web assets and mail servers:Security Bulletin

  • Monsanto is a Canadian based agricultural company
  • Anonymous released the names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of more than 2500 Monsanto employees and stakeholders
  • Anonymous states that they intend to set up a wiki to share and organize the stolen information
  • Imperial Oil, Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhilips, Canadian Oil Sands Ltd., the Royal Bank of Scotland have been listed as targets of a larger new Anonymous operation titled “Project Tarmeggedon”
  • All targeted companies play a role in the oil sands industry in Alberta, Canada
  • There has long been controversy in this industry stemming from the negative¬†environmental¬†impacts of the methods used to extract the oil
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