WINSelect Enterprise Release Notes

Version 8.22.x.886 (May 2019)


14919 Resolved an issue where onscreen keyboard was not accessible when WINSelect Kiosk Mode is enabled. (Case No. HIP-501-43084)

18343 Resolved an issue where WINSelect blocks printing from Google Chrome when File and Folder Manipulation is disabled. (Case No. GEJ-354-58604, TTQ-707-14917)

23466 Resolved an issue where WINSelect Session Code on time limit does not work in some situations. (Case No. LTJ-857-38707)

25524 Resolved an issue where WINSelect was being flagged as a security vulnerability. (Case No. SID-865-52551)

25762 Resolved an issue where PC Reservation will not start with WINSelect enabled. (Case No. MMU-155-29370)

25768 Resolved an issue where the Windows 10 Timeline feature was accessible while device is in Kiosk Mode. (Case No. GKK-328-72688)

26209 Resolved an issue where Skype would not launch on computer with WINSelect enabled. (Case No. OIC-487-53653)

26597 Resolved an issue where users are unable to print from Internet Explorer File/Print menu if WINSelect is in KIOSK mode.

26600 Resolved an issue where the menu items that were disabled in the WINSelect policy are still accessible when using Firefox browser.

Known Issues

21116 Incorrect right-click and keyboard functions when WINSelect Kiosk Mode is enabled. (Case No. XIY-539-76071)

22738 (Windows 10 Pro 1703) Unable to access onscreen keyboard on Surface Pro when WINselect Kiosk mode is enabled. (Case No. GAI-640-73313)

23778 WINselect print-limiting functionality works with Chrome but not with Firefox and Adobe. (Case No. NMU-331-76740)


Version 8.21.2100.852 (October 2018)


  • Ability to run user session up to 24 hours.
  • Ability to generate number of session codes up to 1000.


11709 Resolved an issue where key combinations that use the ESC key cannot be added to the list of blocked hotkeys. (Case No. WYW-897-87187)

18557 Resolved an issue where random machines are reverting to blank WSD configuration. (Case No. RWI-878-37162)

22839 Resolved an issue where users are unable to switch accounts with WINSelect enabled. (Case No. GOR-790-40108)

23513 Resolved an issue where Zacoustic application is unable to launch when WINSelect is enabled. (Case No. WJM-615-12473)

24846 (Google Chrome version 69): Resolved an issue where Google Chrome is unable to launch when WINSelect KIOSK mode is enabled. (Case No. KWH-698-19886)


Version 8.20.2100.833 (02 June, 2017)

New Features

  • Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Windows 10 Creators Update.


17515 Resolved an issue where WINSelect protection was disabled when workstation was unable to log off the current user. (Case No. ARU-737-50857)

17523 Resolved an issue where the user was unable to access network drives after installing WINSelect. (Case No. PQW-233-58113)

20028 Resolved an issue where an error message was occurring when running WINSelect. (Case No. BRJ-728-50799)

19733 Resolved an issue where WINSelect.exe was crashing. (Case No. UEV-831-89593)

19910 Resolved an issue where WINSelect Kiosk Mode was being bypassed. (Case No. XHC-777-78577)

20387 Resolved an issue where WINSelect was blocking the Windows Store. (Case No. YVA-676-69419)

20653 On Windows 10 64-bit Creators Update: Resolved an issue where WINSelect.exe crashes when built-in Administrator was logged on. (Case No. YVA-676-69419)


Version 8.10.2100.819 (19 February, 2016)

New Features

Windows 10 features that WINselect now allows you to control:

  • Hiding Windows Action Center.
  • Blocking Start Menu items:
    – Control Panel
    – Settings
    – File Explorer
    – Lock
    – Sign out
    – Most used
    – Programs and Tiles on right-hand side of Start Menu panel
    – Run
    – Shut down
    – Start Button Context Menu
    – Taskbar and Start Menu
    – Store Metro App
    – Cortana
  • Limiting functionality:
    – Uninstall of apps
    – Pinning of apps to Taskbar
    – Right-click on tiles and customization of Start Screen


14798 Resolved an issue where, in a particular condition StorageSpace is not mounted when trying to install Deep Freeze 8.30 remotely and locally.

14852 Resolved an issue where WINSelect registry key is not removed after uninstalling WINSelect from workstations.

15761 Resolved an issue where enabling Group Policy Editor crashed the editor after trying to save some group policy setting.


Version 8.0.2100.790 (02 March, 2015)

New Features

  • Control Windows 8/8.1 Charms.
    Block the Windows 8 Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings Charms.
  • Control the Windows 8/8.1 Start Screen.
    The following options are available to control the user experience:
    – Disable the Windows 8/8.1 Application Bar.
    – Disable the Windows 8/8.1 Task Switching Bar.
    – Disable the right-click on Windows 8/8.1 Start Screen tiles.
    – Disable the uninstall of Windows 8/8.1 apps.
    – Disable the pinning of Windows 8/8.1 apps to the Taskbar.
    – Prevent customization of the Windows 8/8.1 Start Screen.
  • Boot to Desktop.
    Option to always boot to Desktop, instead of the Windows 8/8.1 Start Screen.
  • Disable Start Button Context menu.
    Disable the context menu that appears on right-clicking the Start Button in Windows 8.1.
  • Disable Internet Explorer Address Bar.
    Disable the Address Bar in Internet Explorer 9.X onwards (In Windows 8/8.1, the address bar can be blocked in the desktop version of Internet Explorer only).


7560 Resolved an issue on Windows Server 2012 where remote installation of WINSelect failed with an incorrect message.

7562 Resolved an issue where, Drive and file extension > Mapped network drive is disabled after applying “Disable removable drives” setting.

9950 Resolved an issue where multiple tabs could not be closed in Internet Explorer 10/11. (Case No. PNJ-193-78583)

10174 Resolved an issue where trace file is created on the desktop when opening PDF iles in the browser. (Case No. UGU-463-27945)

10247 Resolved an issue where opening Internet Explorer 10/11 in desktop mode gives ‘Internet Explorer has encountered an error’ if “Prevent opening file…” (Case No. ZJB-959-16939)

10261 Resolved an issue where Network Restrictions are not being applied on Internet Explorer 11 (Case No. SFE-108-58122)

10544 Resolved an issue where WINSelect is not blocking any sites regardless of restrictions. (Case No. PTS-948-54858)

11816 Resolved an issue where Traces.htm file is being created when Internet Explorer is accessed on workstation with WINSelect. (Case No. HPD-371-42443)

13015 Resolved an issue where WINSelect “configuration” dialog box was grayedout when canceling WINSelect task configuration dialog box.

12252 Resolved an issue where Apply and OK buttons did not appear in WINSelect Enterprise (Japanese only). (Case No. QXJ-560-65772)


Version 7.60.1111.734 (February 2014)

New Features

  • Support for Windows 8.1.
  • Support for Internet Explorer 11.


7616 Resolved an issue with remote install of WINSelect client where it fails due to ‘WMI Exception’. (Case No. CJI-488-82702)

7861 Resolved an issue where Disable WINSelect for Administrators Switch is turned off if WINSelect is disabled and then enabled through Faronics Core. (Case No. BAV-968-10974)

7890 Resolved an issue where Firefox profiles are blocked unless C: drive blocking is turned off. (Case No. VSF-435-45863)

8522 Resolved an issue where the user cannot launch Roblox once WINSelect is installed. (Case No. KAA-654-10526)

9476 Resolved an issue on WINSelect compatibility with IE 11. (Case No. IUH-727-63506)


Version 7.50.1111.706 (May 2013)

New Features

  • Support for Windows 8.
  • Support for Firefox up to version 20.
  • Support for Internet Explorer up to version 10 (metro Internet Explorer not supported).
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013.


4020 Resolved an issue where WINSelect was unable to apply ADM Template options on a 64-bit Windows 7 system. (Case No. AGP-784-34382)

4157 Resolved an issue where installing WINSelect rendered Jaws 13 inoperable. (Case No. FTD-678-57895)

4714 Resolved an issue where WINSelect did not allow screensaver password request when ‘Disable Task Manager’ setting is enabled in WINSelect configuration. (Case No. XHY-347-68252)

6097 Resolved an issue where WINSelect was reporting that evaluation has expired when a Subscription license was applied. (Case No. NEI-589-97763)

6248 Resolved a compatibility issue with Adobe Acrobat and Flash plug-ins when attempt to view a webpage with flash objects will end up with the browser lock-up and freeze. (Case No. FFG-189-55338)

6715 Resolved an issue with FireFox when enabling “Prevent opening of files or folders from address bar” setting in WINSelect configuration that caused web pages to load slowly. (Case No. RCT-684-17926)

7300 Resolved an issue where multiple user session codes (in thousands) could not be generated on Loadin side. (Case No. FJX-913-21795)

7431 Resolved an issue where RunOnce applications do not run when WINSelect was installed. (Case No. YZU-291-58956)

7496 Resolved an issue where Google Chrome pages did not load. (Case No. COE-902-69687)

7498 Resolved an issue where Network restrictions setting do not prevent access to unauthorized sites if run Internet Explorer 10. (Case No. SNA-831-14888)

7539 Resolved an issue where the Configure WINSelect dialog displayed as ‘Computer is offline’ even when it was online if try to apply setting to workstation in log-off state.

7546 Resolved an issue where the OK button did not work on the Configure WINSelect dialog after changing the settings.

7552 Resolved an issue where the menu items were not disabled in Microsoft Word 2007 even after the Disable executions of VB applications settings was applied.


Version 7.44.2120.675


440 Resolved issue that could cause the inability to save a document to a USB thumb drive from Microsoft Word. (Case No. MIG-575-47018)

441 Resolved issue that could prevent some websites from opening properly when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. (Case No. WWK-378-42969)

442 Windows 7 only: Resolved issue that could prevent some 16-bit applications from running correctly. (Case No. GOZ-738-62415)

443 Resolved issue that could prevent UAC from functioning as expected in an administrator account. (Case No. NRI-216-42567)


Version 7.43.2120.667

New Features

  • Support for Internet Explorer 9.


188 Resolved issue where it was able to open Internet Explorer even after disabling it in the Applications tab.

229 Resolved issue where it was possible to change the size of the Mozilla Firefox window even when Maintain current size and position setting was on.

325 Resolved issue where WINSelect Client install or uninstall could not be scheduled from Faronics Core.

326 Resolved issue where the Japanese translation for Disable WINSelect was incorrect.

327 Resolved issue where the menu item is not disabled as expected in Internet Explorer as expected even when the Recently Closed Tab menu item is disabled in WINSelect.

352 Resolved issue where it was not possible to print to a network printer in Internet Explorer 8. (Case No. 153-37551)

353 Resolved issue where generating codes and applying user session overwrites WINSelect settings. (Case No. 153-38886)

358 Resolved issue where the connection with Citrix is lost when WINSelect is installed. (Case No. 76-33280)

359 Resolved issue where Quick Time streaming video could not be accessed when WINSelect was installed.

370 Windows XP Spanish only: Resolved issue where an invalid character was displayed in the Task History description message for install and uninstall action.

373 Resolved issue where the error message Exception EF open error in module FrzState2k.exe… is displayed when a system drive is disabled through WINSelect and Lock Keyboard and Mouse is applied via Deep Freeze.

374 Resolved issue where the WINSelect Enterprise workstation .msi file is left under ProgramData\Faronics\Faronics Core\Data after uninstallation.

377 Resolved issue where the WINSelect configuration file was located on C:\document and settings\application data\WINselect folder after installation when the Faronics StorageSpace was full.

399 Resolved issue where the volume on the system tray does not work with a right or a left click.

431 Adobe Reader 10.x only: Resolved issue where the Adobe Reader could be closed, minimized or resized in Kiosk mode.

436 Resolved issue where there was no sound or Windows Media Player video file when WINSelect was enabled on Windows XP.

437 Resolved issue where Windows Explorer crashed when copying files from a drive after it is disabled in Drives and Extensions tab.

438 Resolved issue where command prompt will be disabled was present in the user guide which had to be removed.

439 Resolved issue where video and audio files could be run by double-clicking on them even if extensions were disabled in WINSelect extension list.


Version 7.42.2120.661

New Features

  • Support for 64-bit Operating Systems.


407 Resolved issue where WINSelect does not use the same path for installation where Faronics StorageSpace is installed. This occurred if Faronics StorageSpace was installed in a location other than the default path.

408 Resolved issue with WINSelect and Citirx clients. (Case# DMM-470-34022)

410 Resolved issue where WINSelect Client install or uninstall could not be scheduled from Faronics Core.

412 Windows 7 systems only: Resolved issue where Task Manager remained in disabled state even after disabling protection or uninstalling WINSelect client from the computer for a particular condition.

416 Resolved issue where the workstation could not logon with Pharos when WINSelect was installed. (Case# AFB-391-21900)

432 Resolved issue where the new menu Add site to start menu is not present in browser’s menu list. This issue occurred only for Internet Explorer 9.0.


Version 7.41.2120.650

New Features

  • Enhanced compatibility with Deep Freeze Enterprise v7.1 and higher

By providing a seamless integration, IT administrators can now configure and enable WINSelect from the Faronics Core Console without having to Reboot Thawed. This removes steps in the maintenance process and still ensures that workstations can be locked down with WINSelect without altering or disabling the original Deep Freeze configuration.


351 Resolved issue where S: was made visible when WINSelect was installed. (Case# 153- 37063)

354 Resolved issue where the network sharing is removed when WINSelect disables removable drives. (Case# 76-38654)

368 Resolved issue where WINSelect service is not started and WINSelect workstation UI is not launched after corrupt WINSelect configuration file, but it has no side effect on Windows operations.

369 In WINSelect Loadin installer, Faronics Core Server service name is incorrect in Restart core server service message dialog.

390 Resolved issue where the Loadin allowed to change the installation path.

395 Resolved issue where the copyright information was displayed incorrectly.


Version 7.31.2120.635

New Features

  • Simplified Chinese localization added.


Version 7.30.2120.630

New Features

  • Support for Windows 7.
  • Support for Faronics Core v3.1 or higher.


255 Resolved issue that could cause a web browser to crash while filling out a PDF form.

256 Resolved issue that could prevent sound from being played when browsing a site that uses Java in Internet Explorer while in Kiosk Mode.

266 Resolved issue that would cause an existing and valid License Key to be over-written with no License Key when executing the “WINSelect.exe /NoGui /Password= /License=” command.

280 Resolved minor cosmetic issue in the WINSelect title bar on the workstation.

286 Resolved compatibility issue with McAfee Antivirus.

289 Localized the EULA that appears during installation.

317 Resolved issue that could prevent the Undo all edits button from successfully removing all settings for an imported WINSelect template.

319 Resolved minor localization issue in Spanish.

320 Resolved issue that could cause settings to be uneditable if the Edit Action Behavior dialog had been cancelled.


Version 7.20.2120.613

New Features

  • Support for Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Support for logon scripts.
  • Visual indication of menu recording status.
  • Remote computer scanning when selecting which programs can and can’t run.
  • Fast enable/disable via system tray icon shortcuts.
  • Countdown timer that indicates the remaining user session time.
  • Indicator that shows if printing is or is not allowed as well as the number of remaining pages from the printing quota.
  • Warning message can be shown a pre-set number of minutes before the user session expires.
  • Increased control over user session codes.
  • WINSelect Enterprise prevents session code reuse on another computer.
  • Improved session code generation for increased readability.


26 Resolved issue that could cause errors to be encountered when all icons are selected to be hidden under the Hide specific desktop icons option.

42 Resolved usability issue that could occur when Microsoft Word is added to WINSelect in Kiosk mode and multiple files are opened after logging in.

54 Resolved issue that could prevent the Prevent Right-click option from functioning as expected if Google Toolbar is installed.

64 Resolved issue that would generate an erroneous Use Add/Remove programs message when uninstalling WINSelect in some circumstances.

94 Resolved an issue caused by WINSelect incorrectly using Faronics Core Console’s time settings to check if the license on the workstation has expired.

140 Resolved issue that could cause the message Local Profile Corrupted to be displayed when trying to login to Windows. This occurred irrespective of the status of WINSelect.

159 Resolved issue that caused the WINSelect icon to be displayed incorrectly in Faronics Core Console when using Windows Server 2008.

163 Resolved cosmetic issues in the Japanese localization.

179 Resolved issue that prevented the Refresh Key (F5) from working correctly in Internet Explorer 7 in Kiosk mode.

190 Resolved issue that could prevent a user from being able to log in if permissions on the WINSelect folder had been modified.

193 Resolved issue that could result in the Task Manager being launchable in some circumstances, even if it had been blocked in WINSelect.

194 Resolved issue that failed to remove the Kiosk Launcher settings when Kiosk settings were removed.

200 Resolved issue that could cause an erroneous End Task message box to display when a user manually logged off, restarted, or shutdown a computer.

203 Resolved issue that caused incorrect context sensitive help text to be displayed in the UI.

239 Resolved minor localization issues in German, Japanese, and Spanish.

245 Resolved issue that could prevent a user from being able to rename a newly created folder.

247 Resolved issue that would prevent new home page settings from taking effect in Internet Explorer until a user logged out and then logged back in.

248 Resolved issue that caused mapped network drives to be disabled if the Disable removable drives setting had been applied.

251 Resolved issue that could cause an error to occur when launching Microsoft Word.


Version 7.12.2120.591

New Features

  • Support added for the Active Tasks feature of Faronics Core Console v2.42.


Version 7.11.2120.580

New Features

  • Logoff / Logon is not required while applying WINSelect parameters.
  • Context-sensitive help provided via the Question icon located in the top right corner of WINSelect window.


3 Resolved issue for Windows Vista only: Applying changes to a WINSelect configuration sometimes causes Windows Explorer to crash, displaying a message indicating unable to read memory.

41 Resolved issue for Windows Vista only: Microsoft Hearts application did not run and displayed error message if it was added to the Kiosk.

49 Resolved issue for Windows 2000 or machines using Classic Start Menu only: When Start Menu was set to be hidden, it was possible to get the Start Menu to appear by clicking at the edge of the screen where the button would have been; however, the Start Menu that does appear was empty.

50 Resolved issue where Gom Player did not open in Kiosk mode as expected if it was set to launch at startup and maintain the window size.

52 Resolved issue for Windows 2000 and XP only: Hidden desktop icons were shown when the user created new icons different from the default name on the desktop.

61 Resolved issue for Windows 2000 or machines using Classic Start Menu only: When Programs Menu was set to be hidden (under Start Menu > Disable Selected Items), the Programs Menu still displayed. However, the Programs Menu that does appear was empty.

76 Resolved issue where a text file could be opened from Internet Explorer even after enabling the option Prevent opening files or folders from the address bar.

135 Resolved issues where errors appeared in the Event Viewer on workstations where WINSelect was installed. The error displayed MFC dll inside the installation folder. This occurred in the System Log for Windows XP systems and the Summary of Administrative Events for Windows Vista systems.

161 Resolved a cosmetic issue.

177 Resolved issue where, while opening a PDF file from the address bar, Adobe Acrobat Reader dialog pop-up is displayed showing an internal error and Internet Explorer crashes. This occurred when the option Prevent opening files or folders from the address bar was selected.


Version 7.10.2120.555

New Features

  • First release of WINSelect Enterprise.