Eli Anthony

We wanted a way to monitor the activity and remotely access our public-access library computers. We had already purchased Deep Freeze from Faronics, which works great, so we looked at their product, Insight. Insight is designed for classroom settings to allow a teacher to monitor and/or limit the computer usage of students. We use it for the same purpose but aim it towards our public-access computers. We are able to do many things remotely that used to require a long walk across the library. For example, logging in & out of workstations, monitoring Internet usage, restarting a computer, etc. Also, we can get someone on a website from the circulation desk as we’re signing them in to use the computer. By the time they finish asking for assistance to reach a certain website, their workstation is sitting at that website waiting for them. It also helps with shuffling patrons off & on computers as we can send notification messages that let patrons know their time is up and ask them to make room for the next patron. Insight also makes handling minor IT repair issues easier. I can remotely clean up a machine’s desktop, run updates, download and install new software, etc. We love it.


Aaron O’Neil

I have been using Deep Freeze on my Home PC for the past year and a half, and it has been brilliant! I use my computer for a lot of media-oriented activities—photo editing, games, and television. Before using Deep Freeze, my Windows computer would regularly corrupt itself every two weeks. Since using Deep Freeze though, I have never had to reformat or perform tedious system maintenance operations to keep my computer working. Deep Freeze has saved so many hours of my time, and I have never had to worry about viruses either. Excellent work Faronics!