Faronics Anti-Virus for Deep Freeze Enterprise Release Notes

Alert: v4.21.x.484 released in Nov 2019 addresses an issue where the Anti-Virus definitions will cease to update on December 31, 2019. Please ensure you update to the latest available version.


Version 4.21.x.484 (November 01, 2019)


28005 Resolved an issue where the autostart FAVEProSvc Service has an unquoted path containing whitespace. (Case No. UGA-206-34606)

27967 Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus service (BitDefender Threat Scanner) randomly crashed on Windows 10 machines. (Case No. KFD-854-40778)

27914 Resolved an issue where the message that Faronics Anti-Virus was not integrated in the Windows Security Center popped up when the Policy is applied. (Case No. FDM-221-57586)

Known Issues

23601 Server backups cannot be performed when Faronics Anti-Virus Enterprise is installed. (Case No. HXR-799-10378, BBL-890-78694)

28177 Subscription license key for Faronics Anti-Virus does not get carried over when upgrading to the latest Deep Freeze version (v8.6).


Version 4.20.x.471 (January 24, 2019)


25272 Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus was unable to run a Quick or Deep Scan due to an internal error (Case No. VOB-237-82919)

20914 Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus history and quarantine do not respect the locale. (Case No: SCK-705-39741)

15855 Resolved an issue where AV Firewall is blocking connection between Windows Mobile device and the host machine. (Case No. LUZ-199-12220)


Version 4.12.2100.398 (December 08, 2017)


22115 Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus was unable to update 32-bit definitions on the Cache Server.



Faronics Deep Freeze Cloud en CEV Barcelona

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