Welcome Apple Employees!

As an Apple Employee, you are entitled to a one year extended evaluation of any of our Faronics software available for the Mac. Our solutions deliver total workstation reliability, complete classroom control, and non-disruptive computer energy management. These solutions are also available for mixed OS environments.

Deep Freeze Mac

Deep Freeze Mac with ARD Integration provides a completely non-restrictive working environment where there is no need to be concerned about system misconfiguration or malicious damage to a Mac OS X system; a simple restart eradicates all changes and ensures that the standard system configuration is available at all times.


Insight makes it easy for instructors to monitor user computers, blank user screens, mute audio, remote into user computers, and open, close or block applications and web activity on user workstations. Instructors no longer need to deal with classroom distractions like games, instant messaging, and web surfing when teaching a class. Download the Faronics Insight Teacher’s Assistant from iTunes to utilize Insight’s teacher console for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Power Save Mac 

Power Save Mac offers intelligent power savings for your Mac machine that does not interfere with user or IT requirements. Power Save carefully monitors computer activities to accurately determine when computers do not need to be running and can be powered down. It also offers highly detailed reporting functionality so that you can clearly see how much power and money you are saving with Power Save Mac.

Please complete the form below so we can provide you with the complimentary licenses. Your @apple.com, @filemaker.com, @braeburncapital.com, @asia.apple.com or @euro.apple.com email ID must be provided. Please allow us at least two business days for processing after we receive your application. Licenses are available through our customer care portal Faronics Labs. To ensure safe delivery to your inbox, we recommend that you add faronics.com and faronicslabs.com to your safe senders list. Feel free to direct any questions you may have to apple@faronics.com or fill out the form below.

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