Comprehensive Protection from Malware and Security Threats
Get the award-winning Faronics Anti-Virus security solution and rest assured that your IT assets are in safe hands. It not only provides exceptional virus, spyware and rootkit detection, but also includes a firewall and web filter for comprehensive, rock-solid protection.
Comprehensive Protection
Extremely Light and Fast
Central Management
Integration with Deep Freeze
Faronics Anti-Virus allows you to keep your computers infection-free, secure and fast.
Keeping your organization safe from increasingly sophisticated security threats can be overwhelming.
Absolute Protection

Best malware detection rate with the most advanced technology to combat millions of threats and detect the most complicated malware without slowing down your devices

Prevent Malware Attacks

Top-performing anti-malware engine to closely monitor your active apps and take instance action to ensure no malware goes un-detected, without any false alarms.

Firewall Protection

Harnesses multiple tiers of proactive protection with the built-in firewall that provides protection against potentially devastating attacks that originate from the network or internet.

High Performance Engine

Incredibly powerful and ultra-fast at the same time, offers the most efficient use of memory, disk and CPU usage with complete protection.

Thwart Network Attacks

Built-in firewall can be used to restrict access of specific programs and protocols to certain networks, computers and IP addresses.

Detailed Reporting

Get reports on protection status, scan history, quarantined files, firewall network traffic and much more with an instant click.

Deep Freeze Integration

Out-of-the-box compatibility with Faronics Deep Freeze ensures virus definition files are always updated without having to “Thaw” the machine or put it in maintenance mode.

Central Management

Manage endpoints across multiple locations from a central management console and protect your assets using the best-in-class antivirus solution.

We help you Manage All types of Devices
Classroom & Labs Computers

Provide students with fully protected lab environment, where their learning can be taken to the next level, without any risk to computers.

Small & Large Business Environments

Ensure 100% server and workstation protection to run mission-critical business services, making it a cost-efficient solution.

Public Kiosk Computers

Protect and secure your public computers from malware that could cause data breaches within your organization.

Rugged & On-Field Computers

Make toughbooks even tougher. Keep your computers infection-free, secure and fast with a comprehensive, rock-solid protection.

Faronics Support

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