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First National Bank and Trust uses Faronics Deep Freeze on our Internet cafĂ© computers that are used by the public. Before using Deep Freeze, public users would come in and download programs, modify settings, etc. The computers would crash and then we would have to rebuild them. Now that we have installed Deep Freeze on these machines, we no longer have to worry about them. It has saved us a decent amount of time since we have a total of 11 locations, each with two or more public- access computers. In fact, we plan on implementing Deep Freeze on our staff workstations during the year as well. InSightec developed ExAblate© 2000-a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system that provides non-invasive treatment for patients. We use Faronics Deep Freeze on the PC controlling ExAblate© 2000 at our customer sites to ensure the mission-critical system is kept running at all times. There were cases before where the hard disk data would become damaged due to 'dirty' shutdowns, user misconfiguration, power loss, etc. It lead to treatment cancellations until the hard disk software was restored. Deep Freeze solved this problem by protecting the data integrity of the computer. Deep Freeze's flexibility even allowed our Insightec service group to write special scripts for it that we use for deployment purposes.
-Amy Malinger, Technical Analyst
First National Bank & Trust
-Rachel Hershko, Software Engineer
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