Shy Kid Insight

By Ciara Hamagishi

Shy Kid InsightStudent performance is always a hot topic.  It’s always at the front of the minds for teachers, parents, and the all the high-ups in education.  There are many boundaries to improving performance.  But a very common one is reaching the kids that don’t want to be reached?  That is without making them feel uncomfortable or discouraging them.  Teachers don’t want the class loudmouth to get all the attention but it’s difficult to know how to reach the withdrawn students.

Being a former “shy kid” myself I have some insights into what it’s like.  I hated being called quiet but I didn’t feel comfortable doing anything to change it.  I had questions in class sometimes but I would never do something as radical as raise my hand.  It just brought too much attention to me.  I preferred writing because you could carefully craft what you wanted to say.  Rather than say something that made me look stupid or ask an obvious question that I couldn’t take back.

This may sound biased, but I honestly could have used something like Insight back in my school days.  Insight software allows a private interaction of online messaging between the teacher and the students.  The student can use their computer to direct message their teacher a question.  I would’ve loved this because there wouldn’t have been a need to spotlight myself by raising my hand.  But I would still get the answers to things I wasn’t getting in class.  More importantly, I wouldn’t have had to spend all that extra time looking things up before I even started my homework.

Sometimes the shy students are dying to say something but they’ve built up such a wall inside so they just can’t.  There are many stories of shy individuals becoming a whole other person they are too scared to be in the real world.  Students today relate to technology and it’s just as easy or easier to talk online as it is in the classroom.  Watch student performance improve and reach all the kids in your classrooms with a little shy kid Insight.

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