The Clinic’s Secret To Save Time & Money

By David Anderson & Ciara Hamagishi

Doctor at ComputerFor those who don’t know, all medical institutions must comply with HIPAA standards.  The standards also apply to their technological equipment for medical care.  The Center – Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Care & Research was having troubles with this compliance.   Their workstations were loaded with malware and illegal downloads.  They were looking for a way to clean up their very important servers.

The Center clinic has about 300 employees.  All of these employees have desktop computers with server access.  The IT Manager Jen Blackledge constantly had to take the servers offline for maintenance because of downloads and viruses.  This took 2-10 hours a week out of her time every week and it was also extremely expensive.

Jen decided to try a solution she had seen work for a school district having the same problem.  They had used a server restore solution, known as Deep Freeze.  Jen decided to give it a shot.  In the end, Jen choose Deep Freeze because it was simple as well as easy to use, set-up and maintain.  Many other solutions on the market she found very difficult to use.  She also found that the time commitment the solutions needed meant that she wasn’t saving herself any time or really solving her problem at all.

However, Deep Freeze did the trick for the servers at The Center.  Jen was amazed that it was that simple for her staff to have clean, working computers.  She no longer had to spend time out of her week fixing servers.  Jen was also able to save The Center a great deal of money in the process, a nice bonus.

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