Beyond Book Smart: Pittsford Community Library

By Ciara Hamagishi & Dmitry Shesterin

Computer Connected to BooksOnly in a book would librarians want to see computer viruses and malware.  Pittsford Community Library was able to keep it that way.

As you see at most libraries, Pittsford Community provides public access computers.  Unfortunately, there were so many people using the computers and clicking on links they shouldn’t or opening spam e-mails.  Many users were also downloading programs and filling up computer space that slowed down the machines.  This meant that their public access computers were slow, virus-filled or down most of the time.

A select few users were preventing the library from providing the service that they wanted.  The library was also worried about privacy for those using the computers in case they had hidden Trojans or other programs running in the background.  The only protection they had was Anti-virus and it was not catching enough.

The IT team had to manually fix computer configurations, one by one.  This often meant resorting to re-imaging, because the damage was so great.   The IT staff were spending most of their time doing this and they were not happy about it.

Thankfully, the library was introduced to the concept of using an integrated layered security approach which included application whitelisting.  One of the biggest life savers  for the library was Anti-Executable, an application white-listing solution.  This meant the library now had control over what ran or didn’t run on their computers.  They were able to set safe programs and protect themselves from known and unknown viruses as well as other online threats.  This allowed the IT staff to work on strategic objectives rather than technical support tasks.  It also allowed the library staff to feel better about people using their computers.

Pittsford Community Library was able to solve their problem and provide visitors with fast, working computers.  Their IT staff was relieved and the public was now able to use the computers, because they were actually working!

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Ciara Hamagishi

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