Be Green & Save Green Like ADT UK

By David Anderson & Ciara Hamagishi

Green Plant Light BulbHow do you reduce your carbon footprint, save energy and save money? ADT UK Fire and Security was trying to solve this problem.  As ADT is the world’s largest electronic security and alarm monitoring company it was proving hard to solve. The lightbulb went on for ADT UK when they realized IT was using more energy than needed daily.  The company decided to look for a power management software solution to help them reach their green goal and fix their problems.

Like most large organizations, ADT UK had many workstations that sat idle.  Employees would be working on other projects, in meetings, or on conference calls and their computers would be on with many programs running. The company realized that if they could power down the computers they could save a lot of money and more importantly, energy.

The company tried to have the employees self-monitor their computers.  However, the program was not sticking as many employees found it unproductive or forgot to turn off their workstations.

Roger Bunting, Computer Services Manager for ADT UK, had heard about power management software that could centralize control of employee workstations.  When researching companies, Roger came across Faronics Power Save and started a trial test. During the trial he immediately saw their energy usage and bill go down which proved power management software could provide the quick ROI it promised.

ADT UK now uses less power and saves money on their energy bill.  They have also met their goal of reducing their carbon footprint by only using energy when they need it.  Read more about ADT UK and Power Save in this case study.


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