Application Whitelisting & RTP Federal Credit Union

By Braden Cave & Ciara Hamagishi

Application Whitelisting

Denis Graham is the Information Systems Manager for RTP Federal Credit Union. Because RTP Federal Credit Union handles thousands of financial transactions, data security and protection is a very high priority.  Denis was looking to make employee workstations more secure.

Denis was worried about all the new malware threats.  It seemed to him like there was a lot of pressure on his anti-virus.  You see traditional anti-virus solutions can’t protect against zero-day executable worms and rootkits. Denis knew that anti-virus alone was not enough to protect RTP against modern security threats.

Denis was also looking to meet company policies written against employees from downloading unauthorized applications. RTP Federal Credit Union does two IT audits a year and needs to meet requirements under the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act 404 directive.

This concerns our member’s financial assets, our reputation, and the level of assurance we provide to members about security of their assets said Denis.

After researching the marketplace, RTP Federal Credit Union determined that Faronics Anti-Executable’s whitelisting technology was the answer.  They chose it because it was easy-to-use and had an intuitive management console.  It also came with a better price. Denis’ favorite feature is how easy it is to create a whitelist.  He loves being able to just check a box in Anti-Executable to start a PC scan and create a whitelist automatically.

Thanks to whitelisting technology, RTP Federal Credit Union can now say they meet their regulatory and software compliance and have tighter endpoint security.  Denis is happy because he doesn’t need to stress over his AV and his users are more productive.

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