6 Things I Didn’t Know (Until I Worked in Security Software)

By Ciara Hamagishi

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Once upon a time I used the same password for almost all my online accounts.  I never really thought anything of it until I started working at a security software company (Faronics).  After researching all the data breaches, hacks and scams I started thinking maybe this could happen to me.  Or at least I was paranoid enough to change all my account passwords.

The good part about all the research is that I’ve started to notice some of the tricks and trends in the security industry.  I’m sure there are tons of lists out there but if you haven’t read them, one of these points could help you:

  1. The first thing to always do is to look at a link/site for typos and English mixed with other languages. “Click Jaa”, isn’t something Facebook would ask you to do.
  2. Hover over a shortened link if you can before clicking on it. If the link preview shows a redirect to /cookies=true or something weird don’t click on it!
  3. You can report scam content or people sending spam on Hotmail, Twitter, Facebook etc. Do it and get less of that junk in your feeds.
  4. If it sounds too good to be true, it just might be. For example, the free Ipad/free Uggs ads you see on your Facebook sidebar.
  5. Don’t ignore your real Anti-Virus updates when they pop up.  They may be annoying, and you may have to re-start your computer but there is no point in AV if you don’t keep updating it.
  6. Finally, think before you enter your user-names and passwords on forms or e-mails!  Companies don’t ask you for that information unless it’s secure.  If you can, call them or check their website by typing in the URL (not by clicking a link you’re unsure of).  If accounts are being re-set or something is up it will tell you and you know it’s ok to enter your information.

Hopefully some of my insights can help you or someone you know.  Follow us on Twitter @Faronics or join our Facebook page for the latest updates and information.


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