Deep Freeze Enterprise 7.7 is now available!


After listening to our customers, we have made some significant enhancements to how configurations are handled from the Enterprise Console.  We have also seamlessly incorporated our Faronics Anti-Virus solution into the Enterprise Console – making it easier to manage your desktop security from a single interface.

So what exactly have we done?! Here is a brief summary of all the enhancements you can expect in the latest version of Deep Freeze Enterprise:

Configuration Enhancements

Since the advent of the Enterprise version of Deep Freeze in 2003, our customers have been accustomed to using a separate application called the Configuration Administrator to configure Deep Freeze and create workstation installers to deploy it on workstations across the network. While we still have the Configuration Administrator available, we now have a new node in the console panel called “Available Configurations” which allows you to  manage all your configurations. Simply create a new configuration, give it a name, and save it! Once you apply the configuration to selected workstations, that configuration node will display the workstations where the configuration was applied.

We enhanced this functionality further by automatically applying any configuration changes to the affected workstations adopting a policy-type approach. Once the workstation comes online, the new configuration will be applied and subsequently update the new “Last Configuration Update” column. We also added a new “Configuration” column that displays the old RDX file names and now the new

Robot helps students learn from a distance

Schools now have access to technology that uses robots to stream content onto their classroom computers or TVs. The robot, known as VGo, was introduced in 2011 by VGo Communications. Currently, there are a handful of students across the country that use the robot to attend school, and it is being used to teach students at the Pittsburgh Zoo. VGo is also being eyed by medical and business professionals.