Deep Freeze Enterprise a finalist for SIAA Codie Award

SAN RAMON, CA, January 25, 2005 – Faronics Corporation has been named a finalist in the 20 the Annual Codie Awards in the category of Best Business Administration System: Education Enterprises. Faronics is a developer of intelligent utilities for absolute control, and is being recognized for its flagship product Deep Freeze Enterprise. Other finalists in the category include: 4GL School Solutions, ClassLink Technologies, FileMaker, and SciQuest. “We’re thrilled to be named as a finalist along with a household name like FileMaker,” said Jim Thompson, Faronics’ Vice President of Sales. “It’s an honor for our latest Enterprise edition to be recognized as one of the best products in its class, and as one of the best products for the education market, period.” The Codie Awards is the only peer-recognition competition in the software and information industry, and represents a unique opportunity for companies to earn the praise of their peers. The prestigious award program is sponsored by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) and honors the software and digital content industry’s most innovative products. Over 800 companies submitted more than 1000 entries for the 2005 awards, breaking last year’s record. The 331 finalists, judged by a panel of technical and journalistic experts, represent a diverse selection of software and services from corporate, education, and consumer markets. “The 20th annual Codie Awards continue the tradition of honoring the best of the software and digital content industry,” said Ken Wasch, SIIA President. “When one considers the number of outstanding companies that Continue Reading... Read More

See the Whole Picture with Faronics System Profiler

SAN RAMON, CA, May 18, 2005 — Faronics Technologies is proud to announce the release of Faronics System Profiler, a unique software utility that generates a detailed inventory of a workstation’s configuration and properties. The program was originally designed to improve Faronics Technical Support’s ability to troubleshoot computers, but it has proved to be such a powerful asset to the company that Faronics has decided to release the program, free of charge, for all users. “System Profiler drastically reduces the time it takes to find out what is installed on your machine,” says Adam Zilliax, Faronics Technologies Manager of Technical Support. “The program is the only one of its kind, is simple and straightforward to use, and is an excellent tool for identifying the root of a technical issue on a workstation.” System Profiler allows users to quickly view all hardware and software applications currently installed on a computer. The program helps diagnose hardware and software problems, and allows users to keep an accurate list of software programs and hardware configurations. System Profiler is useful when purchasing a new or used PC so users can see exactly what they’re buying, and can easily find out how much room a computer has on it for expansion of RAM or PCI cards. The reports generated by the program can be saved for later viewing, or submitted to Faronics Technologies support for analysis. Faronics System Profiler can be downloaded free of charge at www.faronics.com. About Faronics Faronics develops and Continue Reading... Read More

Faronics Officially Releases Anti-Executable Enterprise & Standard Versions

SAN RAMON, CA, May 30, 2005 — Faronics Technologies is pleased to announce the official release of Faronics Anti-Executable Enterprise, the company’s latest software product to offer increased productivity and workstation security for multi-user computing environments. Faronics Anti-Executable revolutionizes workstation protection and control by preventing any unauthorized program from running or installing. Faronics Anti-Executable stops all unauthorized executables from launching, whether they are downloaded from the Internet or introduced via any removable media. On install, AntiExecutable performs a deep scan of the computer and authorizes every single executable on it. From that point on, all other executables are deemed unauthorized and will not run or install. “Anti-Executable provides a powerful defense against the blended threats that exist in today’s computing environments,” said Guillermo Tellez, the Product Manager for Anti-Executable. “This program will be a huge asset for IT professionals who need to keep expensive computing resources free from illegal software, unauthorized downloads, and other malicious intrusions.” Using a unique whitelist technology, Anti-Executable provides proactive protection against spyware, keyloggers, trojans, viruses, or any other type of malware. “Anti-Executable is a new development in security software, which moves away from the traditional, reactive blacklist approach that requires constant updates and user interaction,” said Dmitry Shesterin, Faronics’ Marketing Manager. “The whitelist technology we use represents a ground-breaking workstation security concept. It dramatically reduces technical maintenance, enforces Acceptable Use Policies, protects workstations from day-zero attacks, and prevents identity theft.” A fully functional evaluation version of Anti-Executable Enterprise is available for a 60-day trial period Continue Reading... Read More

Deep Freeze Mac OS X for Tiger Released!

SAN RAMON, CA, May 30, 2005 — Faronics is happy to announce that Deep Freeze Mac OS X Version 1.8 has been officially released. This version is compatible with both Tiger (OS X 10.4) and Panther (OS X 10.3). A new user guide, brochure, evaluation version, and full shipping version are all available on Faronics’ Web site at www.faronics.com. Customers using Jaguar (OS X 10.2) still have the ability to use Deep Freeze Mac OS X version 1.7, also available on the Faronics Web site. “Due to some fairly major core changes that Apple made to Tiger, this release took a few extra weeks to prepare and test,” said Brent Smithurst, Vice President of Technical Operations at Faronics. “I’m confident that the wait will be worth it for all of our Tiger users.” Deep Freeze Mac OS X provides non-restrictive protection that allows a standard (nonadministrator) user to make changes in their home directory, but restores the entire directory to its exact original configuration after a logout, restart, selected time interval, or on a selected day of the week. Any changes made by a user are temporary, including changes to the desktop, Library, fonts, Dock, or screen settings. Restrictive protection options let users specify read, write, and execute privileges on-thefly and on a per-user basis for any file, folder, application, or system preference pane, no matter where it resides on the hard drive. About Faronics Faronics develops and markets intelligent utilities for absolute control of multi-user computing environments. Faronics’ market-leading Continue Reading... Read More

Deep Freeze 5.5 Now Available!

SAN RAMON, CA, 13 June 2005 — Faronics Technologies is pleased to announce the official release of Deep Freeze Version 5.5 for Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions. Version 5.5 implements several new features, including enhanced compatibility when deployed as part of a master image, the ability to specify login information for executing custom scripts during scheduled maintenance periods, and enhanced password security. This latest version also reflects Faronics’ new brand image, incorporating a fresh look to enhance user experience. Customers with a valid Maintenance Package can visit www.faronics.com to request a secure download of Deep Freeze 5.5. To download the Deep Freeze Enterprise 60-Day evaluation version, please visit www.faronics.com. With over 5 million installations, Deep Freeze has a proven track record of non-restrictive complete Windows protection. Completely invulnerable to hacking, Deep Freeze instantly protects and preserves original computer configurations. No matter what changes a user makes to workstation, simply restart to eradicate all changes and reset the computer to its original state — right down to the last byte. The result is a truly protected and parallel network completely free of harmful viruses and unwanted programs. About Faronics Faronics develops and markets intelligent utilities for absolute control of multi-user computing environments. Faronics’ market-leading solutions ensure 100% workstation availability and have dramatically impacted the day-to-day lives of thousands of information technology professionals and computing lab managers. Our powerful, user-driven technology innovations benefit educational institutions, libraries, government organizations and corporations. # # # For more information, contact: Brent Smithurst (Vice President, Technical Continue Reading... Read More




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